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是的哈看见哈萨克和健康撒 阿达赴哈佛哈看;发哈萨克分 ahfahfklahflkashfklashflakshflk ask 罚款乱收费

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  1. 1. discovery engagement reaction Self Awarness External Influence People having problem in a situation, and they figure out something is wrong Thouugh outter information knowing there are ways make new environment less harsh Acknowledge Purchase • Physical bookstore • Amazon • Etc • Share with community + family + friends • Train newbie • Mention on social media • Soocial media like Linked-in • Ted-talk Online • Poster • Promotion speech • Public signing Offline • Social media, Facebook, twitter, etc. • Quora, Zhihu • Ted • Youtube VUCA CONCEPT BRANDING USER EXPERIENCE MAP THE AUDIENCE • The junior in job market • Freshman in college • Leaders in a varioty disciplines • This product is more like a metaphysical concept, helping people involve into a new environment VUCA • V, VOLATILITY • U, UNCERTAINTY • C, COMPLEXITY • A, AMBIGUITY