Diet Coke Social Media Campaign Study


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This is an analysis of the Heart Truth campaign. This is for educational purposes as part of an assignment for a Public Relations and Advertising class at DePaul University. I do not own any rights as an author of this campaign.

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Diet Coke Social Media Campaign Study

  1. 1. Engaging Components of the Heart Truth Social Media CampaignRocio Isaac. DePaul University
  2. 2. Overview of Campaign• Sponsored by the Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI).• The nations leading organization to promote heart disease awareness: "The Heart Truth" concept is that one in four American women dies of heart disease."• Goal: Bring awareness about heart disease among women.• Targets women ages 40-60.• Red Dress is the symbol for the cause.
  3. 3. Overview: Brief Research• Diet Coke Partnership.• The Heart Truth logo on can.• Red Dress o It is a symbol to express urgency in women pertaining to heart health.
  4. 4. Why do a Heart Truth Campaign?• The Heart Truth campaign began in response to recommendations of more than 70 experts in womens health who met in March 2001 to develop a national action plan to reduce the toll of heart disease on American women. o A lot of focus groups done across the country.Why Diet Coke? o A lot of women drink Diet Coke. o Very recognizable brand.
  5. 5. Heart Truth 2011 Campaign• Heidi Klum, Diet Coke and the NHLBI partnered to create a national campaign.• Diet Coke virtual game of "Capture the Flag” Each virtual flag captured = a donation from Diet Coke to heart health programs.• Lunch event: Two UCLA teams competition to raise funds for heart health research programs.• Sponsored more games in Chicago, Boston, Seattle, etc• All together Diet Coke donated up to $300,000.
  6. 6. Engaging Components- 2013 Campaign• 2013 Campaign- #ShowYourHeart Photo Contest- could post creative photos of hearts via Twitter and Instagram (#ShowYourHeart) and The Heart Truth selected five entrants to attend the Red Dress Collection Fashion Show NY o Easy concept and way to gain awareness of the campaign o Easy to share- "Join @DietCoke and #ShowYourHeart to help spread awareness of womens heart health programs"- could add your #ShowYourHeart picture with the link.
  7. 7. Engaging Components- 2013 Campaigno Showcases creativity.o Could share your picture and link (quoted before) to #ShowYourHeart via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.o Follow button- easy way to follow Diet Coke on social media.
  8. 8. Engaging Components - 2013• Found engaging: o Picture contest to go to NYs Fashion Week vs. 2011. o $1 donation for each photo shared on Instagram or Twitter with #ShowYourHeart after the contest was over.• Diet Cokes Heart Truth created great buzz on Twitter and Pinterest.
  9. 9. Engaging Components - 2013Heart Truth Facebook posts andcomments’ sentiment analysis:
  10. 10. Additional Research• truth/about/campaign-background.htm• Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter Heart Truth Page• Facebook and website from Diet Coke Heart Truth