The hoopster by henry wedienbach


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The hoopster by henry wedienbach

  1. 1. The Hoopster By: Alan Lawrence Sitomer Created by: Henry WeidenbachReading-Roche 5/10/2012Period-5
  2. 2. BiographyFebruary 15, 1967 is when Alan Lawrence Sitomer was born. He was born in New York. As a kid Alan didn’t like reading but now is an author. Alan earned a B.A. degree from the college of USC, a teaching certificate from San Diego State University, and a master’s degree. He taught at a school in Los Angeles. In 2007 he was named teacher of the year by the California Department of Education.
  3. 3. SummaryThis book is about a African American teenager named Andre Anderson. Andre loves to write stuff and wants to become a journalist. Andre meets a girl named Gwen and the two go to a magic show. Andre and Gwen become boyfriend and girlfriend. Andre’s boos Mr. Jarvin assigns him to do a report on racism. On the time period that Andre works on the report he gets attacked violently by a gang of four racists. It started with name calling then the leader of the gang threw a punch at Andre. Then the gang tied Andre in a rope and slammed the car door to his hands multiple times. Finally the gang went into there van and drove away. Andre found himself waking up in the hospital, he had two broken ribs, a bruised kidney, a concussion, and a fractured eye socket. They also broke 23 bones in his hand. Andre returned home and for a long time he was speechless. Andre went to the International Magazine Association’s annual banquet. At the banquet Andre gave a speech about his injury and how he was angry. Andre learned that there is no revenge and the people who beat him up injured him but they did not take away what Andre believes in himself. The audience started to tear up. After the speech he returned home. Will Andre ever play basketball again? Read the book, The Hoopster to answer the question.
  4. 4. Main CharactersMain Character- Andre Anderson, he is a teenager who loves basketball and writing. He is African American, always looking for competition, likes a girl named Gwen, Andre is about to go into college at the end of the novel.Main Character- Gwen, she is a girlfriend of Andre. She is supportive of the things Andre does. She is caring, smart, and good-looking. She is younger that Andre.Supporting Characters- Mr. Jarvin, he is the boss of the magazine company that Andre works at. He assigns Andre the report on racism. He is caring because he was there when Andre was in the hospital.Supporting Characters- Mrs. Anderson, she loves her son, Andre very much. She is supportive and always there for Andre.Supporting Characters- Mr. Anderson, father of Andre. He is sometimes harsh to Andre but he does that because he loves him. He is 53 years old.
  5. 5. PlotIntroduction-• Andre plays a basketball game with his friends.• He meets Gwen who he later becomes boyfriend with.Rising Action-• Mr. Jarvin (Andre’s boss) assigns Andre into writing a report on racism.• At first Andre didn’t want to do it but he got convinced.Climax-• While Andre was working he got assaulted by a gang who didn’t like his story.• The gang broke two of Andre’s ribs, they bruised his kidney, gave him a concussion, fractured his eye socket, and broke 23 bones in his hand.Falling Action-• Andre gives a speech at a banquet.• He talks about his injury and how the gang didn’t take away what Andre believes.Conclusion-• Andre comes home and plays basketball with his friends and swishes a three-pointer he took.
  6. 6. Vocabulary1. inconspicuous-adj.- not prominent or readily noticeable. The Apaches stood up, milled around, and tried to act inconspicuous. Page 512. ventriloquist-n.- a person who can speak or utter sounds so that they seem to come from somewhere else. “And now for our next act here at the Cuckoo Clock, won’t you please welcome the amazing talents of expert ventriloquist Shirley Mackey and Sidekick Sam.” Page 843. surging-v.- increase suddenly and powerfully, typically during an otherwise stable or quiescent period. A surging cry of approval went up from a portion of the crowd, but it was quickly met with a chorus of emphatic boos from from the other side of the gathering. Page 1024. gleam-v.- shine brightly, especially with reflected light There was a gleam in his eye. Page 1255. brow-n.- A person’s forehead. He rubbed his brow. Page 176
  7. 7. Made into a movie Andre played Gwen played by: Brandon by: Keke Palmer Aris Mr. Jarvin played by: Alec BaldwinMr. Andersonplayed by:Will Smith Mrs. Anderson played by: Oprah Winfrey
  8. 8. Song for movieIf this song was made into a movie I would choose the song “Basketball” because in my book it deals with basketball and in the song it tells you about basketball.
  9. 9. RatingI would rate this book a five out of five stars because it involved basketball, romance, and drama. It had parts where I laughed and parts where I felt bad and almost started to cry. The book had emotions of characters. The book was easy to follow and I understood it. It was a great book.