Sydney Relihan-Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children


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  • Sydney Relihan-Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

    1. 1. By: Ransom Riggs Sydney Relihan Reading-Roche Class Period 3 5/11/12
    2. 2. Ransom Riggs was born on a farm in Maryland where hedecided that he wanted to be a farmer so he could drive tractors.His mom then moved his family to a boring village in Floridawhere he started to make up stories to pass the time. Afterspending time with friends making videos in his backyard, Riggsdecided he wanted to be either a writer or a person who makesmovies. Today, he lives in Los Angeles, California where he doesboth: he makes movies and writes novel of all different kinds.
    3. 3. When Jacob Portman was a young boy, his grandfather used to tell him about amagical orphanage that he used to live in with his friends and the Bird. As Jacob grew up,he no longer believed his grandfather’s stories. Jacob had to unravel the mysteries of hisgrandfather’s past when Grandpa Portman was mysteriously murdered in the woods one day. Following his grandfather’s last words, Jacob went to the island where Grandpa Portmanused to live when he was a child. Jacob went back in time and met peculiar children withmagical abilities. He became good friends with Emma, a peculiar who could conjure fire withher bare hands. The headmistress, Miss Peregrine, got captured soon after. Jacob tried tosave Miss Peregrine using his newfound peculiar ability and the help of his friends. Willthey succeed? Will they stop the evil wights and hollows? Read this exciting adventure novelto find out.
    4. 4. MAINJacob Portman was a sixteen year old boy who was very close to his grandfather. When hisgrandfather died, Jacob went to where his grandfather used to live to discover his secret. Jacob laterfound out that he had the peculiar ability to be able to see wights just like Grandpa Portman did. Emma Bloom was a peculiar who could conjure fire with her bare hands. She had been living with MissPeregrine for a long time. She was 88 years old, but even though she was very old, she looked and actedyoung because of the loop. She was a good friend of Jacob’s grandpa and was kind to Jacob while hestayed with the children. Miss Peregrine was a ymbryne who could manipulate time and turn into a Peregrine Falcon. Shemade the loop the children lived in and was the Headmistress of the home. She helped Jacob get throughtough times and was very caring towards her wards. SUPPORTING Millard Nullings was a peculiar who was invisible. He was 87 years old and had lived with MissPeregrine for a long time. He was kind to Jacob and was very useful in helping catch Dr. Golan and thehollow. Dr. Golan was a wight. A wight was a person who helped hollows (evil monsters). They had white eyeswithout pupils. Dr. Golan started out as Jacob’s bus driver, yardman, and psychiatrist. Dr. Golan triedto kill Jacob and Emma when they atemped to stop him. Golan also captured Miss Peregrine and otherymbrynes. Bronwyn was a peculiar who was super strong. She could lift almost anything and was Emma’s a goodfriend. She helped to stop Dr. Golan and was nice to Jacob when she first met him.
    5. 5.  INTRODUCTION• Grandpa Portman told Jacob stories about the Peculiars and the orphanage.•Grandpa Portman was mysteriously murdered in the woods.•Jacob andACTION went to Cairnholm Island where Jacob searched for the old orphanage.FALLING his father  Emma, Bronwyn, Jacob, and Millard battled Dr. Golan.•RISING ACTIONby Dr. Golan.•Millard got shot•Jacob found the orphanage but was very disappointed because it was empty and run down.•Jacob killed Dr. Golan.•Jacob accidently stumbledMiss Peregrinewherethe went back in time.•Emma and Jacob rescued upon the loop from he wights, but the headmistress could not turn back into a bird so•Jacob became good friends with the peculiar children who lived with Miss Peregrine in the loop. Peculiars werethe loop stopped resetting itself.people with magical abilities. •Jacob learned that there was a murder.CONCLUSION•Jacob the loop about hollows the house was destroyedpeople who worked for them called wights.•Since learned did not reset, (evil monsters) and the by a bomb.•Jacob discovered his peculiar ability – he decided tohollows. the children.•Jacob said goodbye to his dad because he could see stay with  The children decided to go out into the normal world to try to stop the wights. They would leap frog to past loops•CLIMAXfind where the wights were try to•Miss Peregrine was captured by wights and Jacob, Emma, Enoch, Bronwyn, and Millard went to stop them. Thegroup encounterd Dr. Golan, Jacob’s former psychiatrist who was actually a wight. They also fought and killed ahollow.
    6. 6. inoculating – (v) to treat (a person or animal) with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease: “I think they worried that my grandfather would infect me with some incurable dreaminess fromwhich I’d never recover – that these fantasies were somehow inoculating me against more practicalambitions. . .”page 8. lanai – (n) a porch or veranda: “He pushed back his lawn chair and went into the house, leaving mealone on the screened-in lanai.” Page 10. moniker – (n) a name: . . . “[I]n those humiliating seconds I foresaw the moniker “fairy boy” trailingme for years and, rightly or not, I resented him for it.” Page 16. banal – (adj.) so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring: . . . “[T]hey were monsters withhuman faces, in crisp uniforms, marching in lockstep, so banal you don’t recognize them for whatthey are until it’s too late.” Page 17. purge – (v) rid of an unwanted feeling, memory, or dondition, typically giving a sense of catharticrelease: “Dr. Golan was convinced that understanding them might help purge my awful dreams.”Page 41.
    7. 7. Dr. Golan: Christian Bale Miss Peregrine: Maggie SmithMillard Jacob Portman: of Alexander Gould Nullings: Voice Cameron Bright Bronwyn: Isabelle Fuhrman Emma Bloom: Skylar Samuels
    8. 8. I think the song “People are Strange” by The Doors is a good song to describe the peculiarchildren in Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. The song talks about strangepeople and strange is a synonym for peculiar. It also says that when people are strange,no one remembers your name, just like how since the loop resets itself everyday and thetownspeople do not remember anything that happened ‘yesterday.’ It also talks abouthow faces look ugly when you are strange and not all the peculiar’s have pretty abilities.This song is a good song to describe Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. Click here to play “People are Strange”
    9. 9. Final Rating: 5 stars I rated Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children a 5 out of 5 stars.It was full of mysteries, adventures, and fun surprises. It also had greatcharacters, a creative setting, and an exciting plot. Overall, I wouldrecommend Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children to any readerwho enjoys a good fantasy book with exciting surprises.