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Nico Antonelli Hunger Games

  1. 1. Suzanne Collins Nico AntonelliReading-Roche 61 5/11/2012
  2. 2.  Suzanne Collins was born on August 10, 1962 to a U.S. Air Force officer. During her childhood she had lots of writing experience but was constantly moving along the east coast. She graduated from Indiana University with a double major in Drama and Telecommunications. Her career started in 1991 when she was writing kids television shows on Nickelodeon. She started writing novels when she met the children’s author James Proimos. She was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
  3. 3.  The Hunger Games is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who is a 16-year-old girl in North America in the future. In their country there are 12 districts and a Capital. District 1 is the closest to the Capital so it is the richest district and District 12 is the furthest district from the capital so it is the poorest district. Katniss is an archer in District 12. Every year, each district has a reaping which chooses 2 people from each district (1 boy and 1 girl) to compete in the annual Hunger Games. One year, Katniss’s younger sister Prim, was chosen to go for their district, so Katniss volunteered for her. The boy that was chosen was Peeta Mellark. So Peeta and Katniss go to the Capital to compete in the 74 th annual Hunger Games. Before each Hunger Games the contestants get judged on how capable each person will be in the games. Katniss got a score of eleven. At the start of the games, almost half of the 24 people die and the other half go in the woods in different places except for a group that makes an alliance that includes Peeta, who is very strong. The remaining three at the end of the games are Katniss, Peeta, and Kato. The people at the Capital who are in charge of the Hunger Games have an announcement saying that there can be to victors if they are both from the same district. So Katniss and Peeta meet each other. What happens next, do Katniss and Peeta win together, does one of them win without the other, or does Kato win? Read The Hunger Games to find out.
  4. 4. Main Characters Katniss Everdeen- 16-yeay-old girl, lives in a poor place, average size, likes archery. Peeta Mellark- 16-year-old boy, lives in a poor place, very strong, is the town baker’s son. Gayle Hawthorne- 18-year-old boy, Katniss’s friend from district 12, has a big family.
  5. 5. Supporting Characters Primrose Everdeen- 12-year-old girl, Katniss’s sister, afraid of the woods. Haymitch Abernathy- A man that won the Hunger Games when he was nominated, the coach of Katniss and Peeta.
  6. 6.  Introduction • Meeting the people of District 12. • The reaping.
  7. 7.  Rising Action • Katniss volunteers for the reaping. • Katniss and Peeta go to the Capital. • They make their entrance to the the crowds.
  8. 8.  Climax • The Hunger Games start.
  9. 9.  Falling Action • The middle of the Hunger Games. • All of the other contestants getting killed.
  10. 10.  Conclusion • Katniss and Peeta end up winning the Hunger Games and come home to District 12
  11. 11.  Utopia- An imaginary place where everything is perfect. Dystopia- An imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives. Reaping- Cut or gather; to obtain, win. Iridescent- a play or alternative of colors suggestive of a rainbow. Racketeers- A person who engages in an illegal business dealing.
  12. 12.  Katniss Everdeen played by Alexandra Daddario.
  13. 13.  Peeta Mellark played Taylor Lautner.
  14. 14.  Gale Hawthorne played by Luke Benward
  15. 15.  Haymitch Abernathy played by Brad Pitt
  16. 16.  Primrose Everdeen played by Elle Fanning.
  17. 17. A good song for the soundtrack of The Hunger Games would be “Eyes Open” by Taylor Swift because it talks about watching out for yourself because nothing is safe during the Hunger Games.
  18. 18. I gave the book  ★★★★★ Five out of five stars because I enjoyed all of the adventure.