Indepentdant bk report 2 mockingjay


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Indepentdant bk report 2 mockingjay

  1. 1. By: SuzanneCollins Grace Ryan Reading-Roche Period-3 5/8/12
  2. 2. About the Author: Suzanne Collins Starting in 1991 Collins has been busy writing for children’s television; including manyNickelodeon shows. Collins also co-wrote the Christmas special, Santa, Baby! She has been thehead writer of Clifford’s Puppy Days and a freelancer on the kid’s TV show, Wow, Wow, Wubbzy.While working on a TV show one of her co-workers convinced her to give writing children’s booksa try. Collin’s most famous teen/preteen trilogy is The Hunger Games which include: The HungerGames, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. She has also written a popular fantasy series called TheUnderland Chronicles. The Underland Chronicles started when she was thinking about Alice andWonderland and what Alice would find after she fell down the hole and did not find a tea party.Suzanne currently lives in the state of Connecticut with her family and kittens.
  3. 3. Mockingjay summary In Mockingjay, it’s rebels against the Capitol. All the districts, except for District Two, are fighting for no Hunger Games and no President Snow. Katniss has decided that she will be the Mockingjay and lead the rebels in battle. During the thrilling novel, Katniss enters many battle grounds. Peeta is being tortured by President Snow. They rescue him but he comes back different and they realize that Snow injected him with Trackerjacker poison so he only remembers bad memories about Katniss and he tries to strangle her. The doctors finally cure him so he remembers Katniss the way he used to. Katniss begins to train for war herself. She goes into battle with Peeta, Gale, and members of her protection and camera crew. They travel through the districts until they reach the Capitol. Will the rebels win? Will they take down the Capitol? Will President Snow live? Will Katniss and Peeta survive? Read Mockingjay to find out.
  4. 4. Main Characters Katniss Everdeen- Katniss is brave, strong and courteous. She cares about her sister, Prim, and does everything she can to protect her. Katniss has long brown hair which she puts up in her regular braid, and she is skinny because of lack of food. She is 17 and her and Peeta are in love. Peeta Mellark- Peeta is strong, sweet and caring. He looks out for Katniss and makes sure she is not in danger. He is a great painter and loves to make Katniss laugh. Peeta has blond hair and blue eyes, and he is muscular from Hunger Games training and working at his family’s bakery. Gale Hawthorne- Gale is strong, careful, and protective of Katniss. He treats her as a sister even though he secretly likes her. Gale and Katniss are hunting partners and he teaches Katniss about snares and traps. He uses a bow and arrow like Katniss. Gale has dark brown hair and is muscular from hunting and working in the coal mines, which is District 12’s industry.
  5. 5. Main Characters(continued) President Coin- President Coin is the president of District 13. She secretly does not like Katniss but loves Peeta. President Snow- He is old and evil. He has white hair and glasses. Snow is the President of Panem.
  6. 6. Supporting Characters  Haymitch- Haymitch was Katniss’s and Peeta’s mentor during both of the games. He is addicted to white liquor. He talks to Katniss through a earpiece and he instructs her in which direction to go and what had been blown up in the area they were in during battle. He has long, ragged, and knotted blond hair and blue eyes.  Plutarch Huckabee- He is a head gamemaker and he works with Coin in Command. He convinces Katniss to become the Mockingjay.  Primrose (Prim) Everdeen - Prim is Katniss’s sister and she works as an assistant nurse in District 13’s Hospital. She is fourteen and has a cat named Buttercup.
  7. 7. Plot Diagram  Introduction- Mockingjay starts with Katniss visiting District 12 after it burned to ashes after the Capitol dropped bombs on it. Prim and her mother are safe in District 13 while Peeta’s family and the bakery perished in the bombing. President Snow is holding Peeta captive. While all this is happening, they are fighting a war against the Capitol, so there will be no Hunger Games anymore.  Rising Action- District 13 sends out a rescue team and rescues Peeta. The Capitol had tortured Peeta with Trackerjacker poison so he hates Katniss. When he sees her for the first time Peeta tries to strangle her. Fortunately, the doctors treat Peeta and he remembers Katniss for who she really is.  Climax- Katniss agrees with Plutarch and Coin that she will be the Mockingjay for the rebels. She will lead the rebels in battle.
  8. 8. Plot Diagram (continued) Falling Action- Katniss, Peeta, and some of their remaining camera crew reach the Snow’s mansion. There are children surrounding the mansion creating Snow’s human shield. Suddenly, a hovercraft drops survival parachutes. The children grab them excitedly trying to pry open to see what lays inside. Then the parachutes explode into fiery balls. Katniss sees a glimpse of a young girl with a blond braid going down her back. It was Prim. Prim’s gaze reaches her eyes. Then the rest of the parachutes go off and Prim is engulfed in flames. It takes Katniss a while to realize that she is also on fire. Katniss wakes up in a Capitol hospital badly burned. Conclusion- Katniss’s doctor informs her that the rebels won the war the day the parachutes went off. President Coin leads Panem now and Snow is being held captive and will be executed. Peeta is alive. Plutarch tells Katniss that she can personally execute Snow. The day of the execution, Katniss pulls back her bow, and shoots Coin dead instead. Snow laughs and begins to cough out blood. Snow bends forward and the blood spews out of him and he dies.
  9. 9. New Vocabulary Pallor- n. Deficiency of color especially of the face. There’s something in his voice that makes me believe him, and the pallor look on Fulvia’s face confirms it. Pg. 48. Influx- n. A coming in. Have these precautions been put in place because of the recent influx of immigrants? Pg. 67. Cease-fire- n. A military order to cease firing. “I want to tell the people that if you think for one second the Capitol will treat us failry if there’s a cease- fire than your deluding yourself. Pg. 99. Subtleties- n. The quality of being subtle. It’s a shade too sincere, but the subtleties of irony are often wasted in 13. Pg. 138 Dubious- adj. Giving rise to uncertainty. The only dubious ray of hope has come from my sister. Pg. 195.
  10. 10. Katniss Everdeenplayed by SelenaGomez Peeta Mellark played by Austin Butler
  11. 11. GaleHawthorneplayed byAston Kutcher President Coin played by Hale Berry
  12. 12. President Snow playedby Clint Eastwood Haymitch played by Leonardo di Caprio
  13. 13. Plutarch Huckabeeplayed by Jim CarryPrimrose (Prim)played by ElleFanning
  14. 14.  I chose the song “Battlefield” by Jordan Sparks for the scene where the parachutes blow up in the Capitol. I thought this was a good choice because Katniss is battling the loss of her sister . Battlefield By: Jordan Sparks Dont try to explain your mind I know whats happening here One minute its love And suddenly its like a battlefield One word turns into a war Why is it the smallest things that tear us down? My worlds nothing when you dont Im not here without a shield Cant go back now Both hands, tied behind my back with nothing Oh no, these times when we climb so fast to fall again Why we gotta fall for it now I never meant to start a war You know I never wanna hurt you Dont even know what were fighting for Why does love always feel like a battlefield A battlefield, a battlefield? Why does love always feel like a battlefield A battlefield, a battlefield?
  15. 15. Final Rating out of Five Five Stars!
  16. 16. Recommendations The Hunger Games (book 1) Catching Fire (book 2) The Underland Chronicles (also written by Suzanne Collins)