Hero By: Mike McCabe


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Hero By: Mike McCabe

  1. 1. HERO By: Mike LupicaMike McCabeReading-Miss RochePeriod 54/8/12
  2. 2. Biography Mike Lupica was born on May 11, 1952 in Oneida, New York. His young life was not very exciting even though it had its ups and downs. Mike started his career as a sports columnist at age 23, for the New York Post covering the New York Knicks. He was New Yorks youngest news reporter. Mike has written about 16 books and has co- written about 5. Almost all of his books have reached the New York Times Best seller list. Columnist and author is not enough for Mike he also is a co-host for ESPN and has his own show called the Mike Lupica Show on ESPN 2. He now lives in New Canaan, Connecticut with his wife, 3 sons, and a daughter.http://www.mikelupicabooks.com/mikelupica.html
  3. 3. SummaryMy book HERO starts out with Zach Harriman’s dad tomHarriman about to break into the “Bads” secret building.He captures the leader and escapes to his plane. Afterthat Zach is walking home from school in New York Citywhen he gets this tingling feeling. When he gets home hesees everyone crying and knows his dad has died. Theytell him he died in a accidental plane crash but Zachknows it was on accident. The story continues with Zachgoing back to school and he gets bullied by someonenamed Spencer. Once while he was getting bullied he didsomething he has never done before, fight back. A fewdays later Zach and his best friend Kate are going to aCeltics game when Zach decides he is going to the crashsite while Kate stays he goes to the crash site 3 hours bybus and there he sees the crash he is about to leavewhen an old man named Mr. Herbert comes and startstalking to Zach. When Zach starts running after him heends up at the Celtics stadium. Several things starthappening to Zach such as fighting adults, seeing the oldman and getting that strange feeling. As the storycontinues he gets suspicions about Mr. Herbert and avery close family friend he calls Uncle John that one ofthem had something to do with his dad’s death . DoesZach find out who killed his dad and does he get powers?Read the book to find out.
  4. 4. Characters•Main CharactersZach Harriman- 14 years old , swift, agile, not to smart, small, Kate’sbest friend, son to Tom and Elizabeth Harriman, is the one who receiveshis dad’s powers.Mr. Herbert- Surprises Zach at the crash site, mysterious man whokeeps showing up in Zach’s life, Uncle John’s enemy, Zach’s unknowngrandpa.Kate- Tall, smart, kind, helpful, best friend to Zach, daughter to Alba.Uncle John- Zach’s family lawyer, Tom’s old best friend, very closefamily friend.•Supporting CharactersTom Harriman- Zach’s dad, worked for president, John’s old best friend,had special powers.Elizabeth Harriman- Zach’s mom, and Senator Kerrigan’s campaignleader.Senator Kerrigan- family friend, New York’s senator, and is running forpresident.Alba- The Harriman’s house keeper and mother of KateSpencer- A school bully that enjoys picking on Zach especially.
  5. 5. Plot Diagram Introduction Tom Harriman fights the “Bads” and captures their leader Zach comes home and finds out his dad has died When he was supposed to go to a Celtics game with Katehe goes to the crash site of his dad. Rising Action That is were Zach meets Mr. Herbert and is told about hispowers. Zach runs after Mr. Herbert but finds himself back at theCeltics stadium.Zach stands up for himself and that makes Spencer bullyhim lessMr. Herbert keeps appearing and has his men train ZachZach’s mom is with Zach less because she is helping withSenator Kerrigan’s campaign Zach is told by a voice in his head to look up and sees asniper about to shoot Senator Kerrigan
  6. 6. Plot Diagram (continued) ClimaxZach pushes Senator Kerrigan out of the way of the bulletand Mr. Herbert appears out of no where and pushes Zachout of the way of another bullet. Falling ActionMr. Herbert tells Zach that he is his grandfather Zach confronts Uncle John for killing his dad ConclusionZach is thanked very sincerely for saving SenatorKerrigan’s lifeZach decides he is going to chase the “Bads” Falling ActionMr. Herbert tells Zach that he is his grandfather Zach confronts Uncle John for killing his dad
  7. 7. DefinitionsThug – N. A cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murder.There were four thugs in front of the house with their rifles and theirnight-vision goggles Pg. #1Slaughtered – N. the brutal or violent killing of a person.He was known to governments around the world and decent peopleeverywhere as Vlad the Bad because of all the innocent people he’dslaughtered when he was in power, before he was on the run. Pg. #3Splayed – V. to spread out, expand, or extend.It was over quickly, the four of them laid out in the snow, arms splayedlike snow angels. Pg. #6Kevlar – N. A brand of aramid fiber. I pulled him in front of me, like oneof those Kevlar vests you see on cop shows. Pg. #8 Shimmying – N. excessive wobbling in the front wheels of a motor vehicle. The plane was already bumping down the runway, shimmying on the ice and snow. Pg. #11
  8. 8. ActorsZach Harriman played by: Kate Played By: Colin Ford Elle Fanning
  9. 9. Actors (continued)Mr. Herbert played by: Uncle John played by: Morgan Freeman Ben Stiller
  10. 10. Actors (continued)Tom Harriman played by: Elizabeth Harriman played by: Nicolas Cage Megan Fox
  11. 11. Actors (continued)Senator Kerrigan played by: Alba played by: Spencer played by:George Clooney Betty White Leonardo DiCaprio
  12. 12. Song If I were to make a movie the song I would choose is Heaven got Another Angel by Gorden Garner. This song would be good for when Zach finds out his dad died in a plane crash.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppGPzQOnrpY
  13. 13. Rating My rating for this book is: 4 and a half starsI rated Hero 4 and a half stars because itwas a great book. It had lots of action andwas very intense. This is the types ofbooks that I enjoy and I think many otherswould too.