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Dark Life by Cecilia Rossi


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Dark Life by Cecilia Rossi

  1. 1. Dark Life by: Kat Falls Cecilia RossiReading-Roche,3rd 5/8/12
  2. 2. Biography Kat Falls grew up in Maryland. She got herinspiration from her son. She based her books on whather son was interested in. She then began teaching atNU. She continues to inspire her students today. Sherecently was hired by Disney to write a script based on apitch. Kat Falls is a great and devoted writer.
  3. 3. Summary Dark Life by Kat Falls is about a young boy named Tywho lives under water. When fooling around by a deepsea canyon, he encounters a girl named Gemma. She issearching for her brother, Robert. Meanwhile, a groupfull of criminals called the Seablite Gang attack Tysneighbors house. Everyone is shocked and willing tohelp, little do they know that only Ty can find and trapthe Seablite Gang. This thriller had an unexpectedending and was a great book.
  4. 4. Main CharactersTy- has a dark gift, about 15, daring, adventurous,helpful, loyal, saves the undersea settlementsGemma- not afraid of anything, loving, determined,committed, optimistic, finds her brother and helps TyShade (Robert)- criminal, scary, cold-hearted, smart,Gemmas brother, robs government submarines, attacksthe Peaveys houseTys parents- loving, protect Ty and his little sister, Zoe,help the PeaveysZoe- helpless, cute, loves collecting rare sea animals,mischievous, Tys sister, helps to electrocute Shade
  5. 5. PlotIntroduction- Ty meets Gemma in the bloody sub. Theyreturn home to find that the Peaveys homestead wasdeflated and that Mr. Peavey was knocked out.Rising Action- Gemma claims that Ty has a Dark Gift,but Ty refuses to believe it. Ty encounters Shademultiple times and Shade threatens Ty. Ty is hot on theSeablite Gangs trail.Climax- Shade attacks Tys homestead in search ofGemma. Shade and Ty are both electrocuted afterbattling with each other. Shade is put into jail butescapes.
  6. 6. Plot (continued)Falling Action- Shade tells Gemma that he is Robert (herbrother). Ty soon figures out that Shade is Robert also.Shade leaves for good and promises not to attack anymore homesteads, however he refuses Gemma.Conclusion- Gemma lives with Tys family. Shade keepshis promise and does not attack any more homesteads.
  7. 7. New Vocabulary Termsmanta- noun, a devil ray that occurs in all tropical seas and can reach verygreat sizes. Page #86, "I slowed the manta."unfathomable-adj., impossible to comprehend. Page #104,"I looked toPa, but when he offered no reassurance, I felt my future sink into the abyss,where it was bleak and unfathomable."pensive-adj, engaged in, involving, or reflecting in deep or seriousthought. Page #203, "Suddenly pensive, Doc rubbed one of his scarredpalms."blanching-verb,make white or pale by extracting color. Page #254,"Illuminated by the spotlight, he advanced toward the second stairladder,blanching with each step as his skin glowed ivory white and his eyes burnedred."threshold- noun, a strip of wood, metal, or stone forming from the bottomof a doorway and crossed in entering a house or building. Page #14, "AsGemma stepped out of the threshold, she saw him."
  8. 8. If this book was made into a movie... Peyton List= Gemma Nathan Cress= Ty
  9. 9. If this book was made into a movie... Margaret Kittredge= Zoe Mark Strong= Shade
  10. 10. Soundtrack I would use John Murphys Sunshine. I would play itwhen Ty is exploring the submarine by the ocean trench. I would use it for musicality because there is nowords and it fits the scene perfectly. Sunshine is scaryyet hopeful at the same time.
  11. 11. Rating I give Dark Life a 4 one-half stars out of 5. I gave itthis because i thought this book was very exciting, nerveracking, and adventurous. It took unexpected turns and inever got bored. I highly recommend this book to peoplewho like adventure, excitement, and a little bit of scarybooks. Overall, I loved Dark Life.