Cover up mystery at the super bowl by peter skaluba


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Cover up mystery at the super bowl by peter skaluba

  1. 1. Cover Up: Mystery at the Super Bowl By: John Feinstein Peter Skaluba Reading-Miss Roche Period 5 May 11, 2012
  2. 2. John Feinstein: Biography John Feinstein was born in 1956 in New York, New York. Heused to workfor Washington Post, but now he is a special contributor to Sports Illustrated and is a commentator for National Public Radio and ESPN.He is a member of the U.S. Basketball Writer’s Association, U.S. Tennis Writer’s Association, Newspaper Guild, and Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association. His books include Last Shot and Vanishing Act: Mystery at the U.S. Open. A Season on the Brink: A Year with Bob Knight and the Indiana Hoosierswasnumber one on New York Times Bestseller List for seventeen weeks! John Feinstein now lives in Shelter Island, New York. <a href=" /Feinstein-John-1956.html">John Feinstein (1956-) Biography - Personal, Addresses, Career, Member, Honors Awards, Writings, Adaptations, Work in Progress, Sidelights</a> (The website requested to mention the bibliography.)
  3. 3. SummaryThis book is about two teenagers that are reporting at the Super Bowl.Susan Carol and Steve Thomas both were co-hosts on USTV’s show “Kid-Reporters.” Steve Thomas was fired as co-host in the beginning of thebook. His journalism mentor, Bobby Kelleher, put him on theWashington Herald list of people going to the Super Bowl. (Co-hosts ofthe show “Kid-Reporters” were already on the Super Bowl list of media.)When Steve arrives Sean MacManus, CBS television executive, offers him ajob. Things go well until USTV has Susan Carol go to a nightclub. TheCalifornia Dream’s team doctor (who was drunk) accidently told SusanCarol that the Dream’s offensive line was taking HGH, a steroid. SusanCarol tells that to her friend, Steve Thomas, and they tell this to theirjournalism mentors, Bobby Kelleher and Tamara Mearns. Will they bringthe California Dream’s offensive line to justice?Read the book to find out!
  4. 4. Characters Main characters1. Steve Thomas: young reporter, Susan Carol’s friend, was co-host on USTV’s show “Kid-Reporters” (until fired.)2. Susan Carol Anderson: young reporter, Steve Thomas’s friend, co- host on USTV’s show “Kid-Reporters” (until fired at the end of the book.)3. Eddie Brennan: quarterback on the California Dreams, helps Susan Carol and Steve Thomas withobtaining documents of the actual HGH testing results of the Dreams. Supporting Characters1. Don Meeker: California Dreams owner, encouraged his offensive line to take HGH and then covered it up.2. Bobby Kelleher: Washington Herald reporter, Tamara Mearn’s husband, Steve Thomas’s journalism mentor.3. Tamara Mearns: Washington Post reporter, Bobby Kelleher’s wife, Susan Carol’s journalism mentor.
  5. 5. Plot Introduction-meet Steve Thomas-Steve Thomas gets fired by USTV.-setting: Philadelphia and IndianapolisRising Action-Steve arrives in Indianapolis-Steve gets a job offer from CBS and accepts it-Steve and Susan Carol get on each other’s nervesClimax-Susan Carol accidently finds out that the Dream’s offensiveline took HGH. Falling Action-Susan Carol and Steve run into Dreams owner’s bodyguards,Mike and Moe who pin them until Darin Kerns, the Raven’sequipment manager comes in with his bodyguards.
  6. 6. Plot Continued-They get the documents from another team doctor.- They print the story and the Dream’s owner is veryangry.- USTV made the Dream’s ownerreceiveeasy questionsduring his interview.- CBS isfair to Steve and Susan Carol and the Dreams ownerin the questions asked during the interview.Conclusion-At the Super Bowl- Jamie Whitsitt, who replaced Steve as co-host, taperecorded the Dream’s owner admitting to the steroidstaken by the offensive line.- The California Dreams win the Super Bowl.- The Dream’s owner is nailed.- Going back to Philadelphia and Goldsboro.
  7. 7. VocabularySnickered- v. to laugh in a covert or partly suppressedmanner. Page 197, Tamara snickered.Incompetent- adj. not legally qualified. Page 251, And ifthese people were so bitter and incompetent, why werethey still working for you---Lingered- v. to be slow to act. Page 253, At Andy Kaplan’sinvitation they lingered into the CBS compound for awhile, not wanting to deal with more media queriesthan they had to.Auxiliary- adj. supplementary. Page 255, The auxiliarybox was huge.Speculate- v. to meditate on or ponder on a subject. Page259 “It wouldn’t be fair to Eddie to speculate that way,”Susan Carol said.
  8. 8. Steve Thomas is played by Taylor Lautner.
  9. 9. Susan Carol Anderson is played by: Jennifer Lawrence.
  10. 10. Starring Actors:Eddie Brennan is played by: Robert Pattinson. Bobby Kelleher is played by: Christian Bale.
  11. 11. Starring Actors:Don Meeker is played by: Tom Cruise. Tamara Mearns is played by: Jessica Alba.
  12. 12. Soundtrack Tunes “Heart of a Champion” By: NellyCmon, uhh, uhhI guess hes back urr derrty, S-T-L derby. Im like Magic to Kareem, man you tell me I aintWorthy I aint speaking bout a jersey, Im speaking bout income. DID YOU HEAR THAT ELIZABETH? HERECOME THE BIG ONE!I put mo money in the community than you got in yo budget. I wipe my butt with yoadvance to the toilet then flush it. My last stance be a stance of a General CustardI hot dog cause I can, I got thecheese and mustard. I got the stats of a hall of famer - in just two records. Thats why Im back up at the Superbowl - with Julius Peppers. I got that cant stop, wont stop, in my veins Thats why they cant stop, wont stop,screaming the name. NELLY! NELLY! Go tell a friend to tell a friend Ima keep the same grin whether I, lose or win.Up, or down ten, Ima fight to the end[breathing hard] Lets go [Chorus: L.U.V.E.] Aint no way they can stop menow Nelly. Cause Im on my way, I can feel my ring coming. Its the blood of a champion, pumping. Deep inside myveins, too much pride to be running. I’maget what I can and more, even if my blood, my sweat, and my tears dontmean nothing. Its the heart of a champion (its the heart of me) (Its the heart of a..) in me [Nelly] Im the first pick,the first round, signing bonus profound. Playing for his hometown, rapping for the home ground. And getting bufferlike Michael Redd, tell em again I gets buffer like Michael Redd, heard what I said? The M-V-P of the game, intensitystill the same. Im shooting out from my reign, with Peyton Manning type aim. Cant stop me from scoring so theyresult to just hacking. So theres, three of us now - me, A.I. and Shaqn. From the look to the as I say Hover man withmore heart than Hallmark on Valentines Day,. Im the one that youve been Raven about, like Ray Lewis I think ithard to go and change your route. Cause you dont know if Im blitzing or if Im sitting and reading. Waiting for youto go and trip, drop back and throw up a brick, man. AINT NO WAY THEY CAN - NO, AINT NO WAY THEY CAN -NOAINT NO WAY THEY CAN - NO, AINT NO WAY THEY CAN – NO [Chorus][ Nelly] Its like a big time decisionmade on how I can twurk it. If hard work pays off then easy work is worthless. My work habit aint no habit man, I doit on purpose. I push myself to the limit so my talentll surface. So now its, curtains and drapes, on anybody whohates. Disliking what Im reciting, biting what Ive been writingIve been dog fighting, scratching and clawing on everyheight.Trying to make you remember me like you +Remember the Titans+Cause Im a WARR-IOR, my daddy was asoldier. A Vietnam vet, lil derrty I thought I told yaIm supposed to, whip up your town in Testarossas. Heating likeFolgers mayne, Im young black and rich. As good as it gets, and giving your point guard fits. He think he done seenpressure mayne, but he aint seen shhhh...AINT NO WAY THEY CAN - NO, AINT NO WAY THEY CAN - NOAINTNO WAY THEY CAN - NO, AINT NO WAY THEY CAN - NO[Chorus - repeat 2X]
  13. 13. Soundtrack Tunes Continued I picked this song because this is the song they play when Ray Lewis comes out in real life. Ray Lewis plays on theRavens who are played against the California Dreams in the Super Bowl. This song also talks about how determined many athletes are to succeed.This is why I picked “Heart of a Champion” by Nelly.
  14. 14. RatingI gave Cover Up: Mystery at the Super Bowl a rating of 4 out of 5 stars I really enjoyed the book. I found Don Meeker’s screaming funny, and I enjoyed the story even though it showed the bad side of football. I did not like the way Mr. Meeker got away with everything by intimidating or paying off people. Overall, I would recommend this book to sports fans.