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Catching fire


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Catching fire

  1. 1. By: SUZANNE COLLINS Lauren Austin Reading- Miss Roche Period 3 5-11-12
  2. 2. • Suzanne Collins was born on August 10, 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut. She is a daughter of a military officer. Her family would move a lot during her early life. She went to high school at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. She graduated from Indiana University. Her career began in 1991 as a writer for children. She worked on several television shows for Nickelodeon. After she met with James Proimos, a children’s writer, she wanted to write children’s books too. In September, 2008, the Scholastic Press released the Hunger Games. In September, 2009, Catching Fire was released. On August 24, 2010, The Mockingjay was released. She later accepted to make a movie out of these books. The movie would be directed by Gary Ross. Suzanne Collins is a great author. She is now one of New York’s Best Selling Authors!• Webpage: _Collins
  3. 3. • Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have just won the Hunger Games. Yet, nothing isthe way Katniss wants it to be. President Snow is making her still be in love with Peeta,when she is really in love with Gale, her best friend. If Katniss doesn’t follow PresidentSnow’s orders, the consequences may be terrifying. When Katniss and Peeta were aboutto commit suicide, they showed the capitol that they’re not just a piece in their games,but much more. Doing this, Katniss and Peeta won supporters of some districts about arebellion against the capitol. This angered the capitol. To control their districts, thecapitol started another games called the Quarter Quell. This was used to show theirdistricts whose in control. Katniss realized that she’s going back in to fight for her life inthe games. Peeta volunteers for Haymitch, his and Katniss’s mentor. During this there isseveral rebellions going on in the districts 8, 4,7,5, and11. During the games there is arebellion going on in District 12! What will happen next? You’ll just have to read the bookto find out.
  4. 4. • Main Characters1. Katniss Everdeen: narrator of novel, teenager, dark brown hair, brave, good at hunting, is afraid to stick up for herself and her family against the capitol, and wants to start a rebellion against the capitol.2. Peeta Mellark: teenager, bakers son, brave, encouraging, life saver, shy, loves to cook, and is protecting to Katniss whenever she needs him.3. Finnick Odair: teenager, strong, out going, saves Peeta’s life, one of the youngest victors, tall, athletic, golden skin, bronze colored hair, and is a living legend in Panem (their state).• Supporting Characters1. Haymitch Abernathy: adult, drunk, smooth, lazy, Katniss’s and Peeta’s mentor for the Quarter Quell and Hunger Games, and long blond hair.2. Cinna: adult, creative, artistic, fashion designer for Katniss, gets arrested for making a dress imaging a mockingjay.3. President Snow: old adult, mean, cruel to his capitol, forces Katniss to marry Peeta when she’s older, hates children, and likes watching kids suffer and die in battles like the Quarter Quell an Hunger Games.4. Effie Trinket: adult, loves a lot of makeup, loves colorful wigs, sweet, nice, picks the tributes to participate in the Hunger Games and the Quarter Quell.
  5. 5. • Introduction-Katniss and Peeta go home and be with their family- Setting- Panem ( their state they live in) • Rising Action-Katniss is visited by President Snow saying that she has to marry Peeta even though she isin love with Gale- Katniss wants to start a rebellion against President Snow and the capitol- Districts are staring a uprising- Katniss meets Bonnie and Twill, two women who are from District 8 and are going toDistrict 13- President Snow puts on another game where kids go in and fight for their life called theQuarter Quell- Katniss and Haymitch get picked for the game, but Peeta volunteers for Haymitch- Cinna makes a mockingjay dress for Katniss to wear during the interview and getsarrested for it because the mockingjay dress was a symbol for rebellion against the capitol
  6. 6. -Peeta and Katniss enter the Quarter Quell- Finnick Odair saves Peeta’s life from a force field- Flinnick, Katniss, Peeta, and their tribute friends get chased by monkeys andpoisonous fog- Wiress, Mags, and Johanna, allies of Flinnick, Katniss, and Peeta died fighting othertributes • Climax-In the middle of the games, President Snow calls the games off early because of arebellion • Falling Action- Katniss wakes up in a glass room with tubes in her arms-A fire destroys Katniss’s home and other places she liked- District 12 started a rebellion • Conclusion-Katniss realizes that she has to defeat President Snow before it is to late- Katniss’s family ran off except for Gale who comforts her- Gale and Katniss team up to defeat President Snow and find her family- Katniss realizes what Effie Trinket said, “ May the odds be ever in your favor.”
  7. 7. 1. flawless- adj. clear or without mistake“He disappears with a flawless dive.” P. 2722. warding- v. to protect or guard“ I raise my bow, warding off any attackers from the Cornicopia, but no one seems interested in pursuing us. “ P. 2723. fidgety- adj. nervous; uneasy“ I stand guard, fidgety and hot and raw with the emotions of the day. P. 2884. disengage- v. to release or loosen from something; to release oneself or itself“ Slowly I disengage myself from the wire, step out of its reach, and continue uphill.” P. 3755. disoriented- v. to cause to lose one’s bearings“ On the good side, I am on the right path and have not been so disoriented by the head injury as to lose my sense of direction. P. 375
  8. 8. • Katniss Everdeen played by: Vanessa Hudgens • Peeta Mellark played by: Daniel Radcliffe
  9. 9. • Flinnick Odair played by : Jacob Black • Hymitch Abernathy played by: Tim Allen
  10. 10. • Cinna played by: Philip Phillips President Snow played by: Kevin Chamberlin
  11. 11. Effie Trinket played by: Leigh Allyn Baker
  12. 12. 1. Battle Scenes Taken from Kelly Clarkson Stronger Soundtrack Track 2: “Stronger” To hear song:
  13. 13. I gave Catching Fire a rating of 4 out of 5 starsThis book made me want to keep reading. It showed a lot of emotions and dramathroughout this book. Everything was well placed. What I did not like was that itended in a tragedy and had a lot of sad parts. The book had some far- fetched partsthat I could not accept. Over all, I enjoyed the book and thought it was veryentertaining. I just could not stop reading.