Bruce vandevender among the betrayed


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Bruce vandevender among the betrayed

  1. 1. - Margaret Peterson Haddix was born on April 9th, 1964 in Ohio. She grewup on a farm, just like Luke, in her book Among the Imposters, with herparents and three siblings. She fell in love with reading and decided tobe an author at a young age. Margaret graduated from Miami of Ohiowith a creative writing and journalism degree. She wrote her novelswhile working as a community college teacher and newspaper reporter.The Shadow Children series includes seven books, and has won manyawards, such as the ALA Best Books for Young Adults Awards. She ismarried and has two kids and lives in Columbus, Ohio.-
  2. 2. SUMMARYAmong the Betrayed is the third book in a series by Haddix. The storybegins with Nina Idi, the shadow child from the previous book, gettingarrested by the Population Police while at the Harlow School for Girlsand thrown into a cold and dirty jail cell. The Population Police make adeal with her to find information from three young children in anothercell. They are Matthias, Percy, and Alia, other shadow children arrestedand together in a jail cell. The story continues with Nina getting to knowthe children and struggling with herself as to whether to betray her newcell mates and live or not. She is given an opportunity to save herselfand her new friends by escaping the prison. They encounter obstaclesalong the way outside the prison hiding in the woods from the PopulationPolice. Nina runs into other characters from the book previous. Keepreading, the ending is not what you would expect.
  3. 3. Main CharactersNina Idi – A thirteen year old shadow child who lived at the Harlow Schoolfor Girls until she was arrested by Population Police who wants her to assistthem by betraying other shadow children. She has medium height andmedium weight with a strong personality and a kind heart.Matthias – A ten year old boy who is a shadow child, arrested with hisfriends, Percy and Alia and put in jail where he meets Nina. He has brownhair and has a worried look on his face. He is the one in charge of Percy andAlia and is very independent with decisions and survival skills.Percy – A nine year old shadow boy arrrested with Matthias and Alia whileliving on the streets. He has sharp facial features and dark hair. He isprotective of Alia and waits for Matthias for advice.Alia – A six year old little girl who appears sweet and cute, but yet veryindependent and resourceful. She has light brown hair and is the youngestamong her group, Matthias and Percy.The Hating Man – Nina refers to the main Population Police person as TheHating Man because of his cruel ways and looks. He is an older man and isthe man who interrogates Nina while in jail prying for information aboutMatthias, Percy, and Alia.
  4. 4. Supporting CharactersMr. Hendricks – The man in charge of the Hendricks School for Boys. He is ina wheel chair and has thick white hair, looking like a man in his later years.He seems to be understanding and kind when Nina is brought to him whendiscovered in the garden of his school.Trey – He is a boy who lives at the Hendricks School for Boys and his friendswith Lee at the school. He and Lee met Nina in the previous book as shadowchildren and were once considered friends. He finds Nina in the garden andseems mean when he brings her to Mr. Hendricks.Lee – A boy who lives at the Hendricks School for Boys and friends of Trey. Hediscovers Nina in the school garden stealing vegetables and brings her toMr. Hendricks. He is stern in this book and does not acknowledge Nina assomeone he once knew as a fellow shadow child.
  5. 5. Plot Introduction• Nina Idi hopes she is merely having a nightmare when she awakens onthe floor of a concrete jail cell. She remembers she was arrested by thePopulation Police at the Harlow School for Girls the day before. Rising Action• The Hating Man is the man in charge at the prison and he makes Nina aproposal to obtain information from three children ( Matthias, Percy, Alia)that share her jail cell and betrays them or she will die.• The Hating Man tells Nina that her friend Jason betrayed her and is dead.•She is interrogated daily by the Hating Man, but has no information forthe police about the children, since the children keep to themselves.•Nina begins to feel sorry for the kids and steals food from the policeduring the interrogations and hides it in her clothing with intentions toshare. Climax•While Nina is out of the jail cell and is being interrogated by The HatingMan, another guard comes into the room and collapses saying he waspoisoned.•The poisoned guard drops his keys when he falls and Nina take his jailkeys and hides them in her clothing.•Nina, Matthias, Percy, and Alia escape from the prison to the woodswhich lie between the Harlow School for Girls and the Hendricks Schoolfor Boys.
  6. 6. Falling Action•Nina realizes that she needs Matthias, Percy, and Alia to stay alive in thewoods since she lead a sheltered life with her Gran and Aunts.•Nina and Alia go into river to clean themselves off and Nina looses herfootage in the river and almost drowns, drifting downward toward a bridgewhere there are local cops.•The local cops see Nina and ask for her I.D. Alia arrives and shows I.D.’s tothe cops and they tell the girls to go home to their parents.•The children realize they are out of food and think about making a garden.•The kids share stories of where they are from and how God will provide forthem, confessing they are third children.•Nina tells the kids that a boy named Lee Grant from the Hendricks School forBoys knew how to create a garden and she was going to disguise herself asa boy and sneak into the school in search of him.•While in the school, she gets nervous and leaves tripping on the schoolgarden. Conclusion•Two boys, Lee and Trey from the school catch Nina while in the gardenpicking food .•Nina is brought to the man in charge of the school, Mr. Hendricks.•Nina fears that Mr. Hendricks will call the Population Police to take her backto prison or kill her.•Nina flips over the wheel chair Mr. Hendricks sits in and escapes out of theschool and back into the woods to warn Matthias, Percy, and Alia.
  7. 7. Vocabulary WordsCower – verb; crouch down in fear.Nina opened her eyes a crack because it was better to see her killer than tocower sightlessly, expecting a gunshot at any moment. Page 7Harangued – verb; lecture someone at length in an aggressive and criticalmanner.She’d lain down in filth, she’d stumbled along behind the guard, she’d sat withher head bowed while the hating man harangued her. Page 69Sentry – noun; a soldier’s station to keep guard or to control access to a place.“I think it’s safe for us to rest for a while. We can take turns sitting sentry.”Page 93Indoctrination – verb; to teach.Surely she could spy on the indoctrination session, locate Lee Grant, and pullhim aside as everyone was leaving. Page 120Swaggered – verb; walk or behave in a very confident and typically arrogant oraggressive way.This boy positively swaggered---he seemed as overconfident as the hatingman. Page 125
  8. 8. Main CharactersSelena Gomez as Nina Idi Greyson Chance as Matthias Joel Courtney as Percy Bailee Madison as Alia Tom Hanks as The Hating Man
  9. 9. Supporting CharactersRico Rodriguez as Christopher Plummer Jimmy Bennett as LeeTrey as Mr. Hendricks
  10. 10. SoundtrackThe book Among the Betrayed is about the Population Police ordering Nina to betrayMatthias, Percy, and Alia. This song is all about deception.“One of Us” from the Lion King 2 But do not forgetDeception, Disgrace What we cannot forgiveEvil as plain as the scar on his face And he is not one of usDeception (An outrage!) He has never been one of usHe cant change his stripes! He is not part of usDisgrace (For shame!) Not our kindYou know these Outsider types! Someone once lied to usHe asked for trouble the moment he came Now were not so blindDeception (An outrage!) Disgrace For we knew he would do what hes doneTraitor, go back with your own! And we know that hell never be one of usHe asked for trouble the moment he came He is not one of usBorn in grief, Raised in hate Deception, DisgraceHelpless to defy his fate Deception, DisgraceLet him run, Let him live Deception, Oohh...
  11. 11. RatingI rate this book 4 stars out of 5 stars because the book wassuspenseful from the beginning to the end. I like the wayMargaret Peterson Haddix described the characters and theevents in the book. I would recommend the book to anyone wholoves the Shadow Children series.