A2 coursework part 2


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A2 coursework part 2

  1. 1. Storyboard
  2. 2. Storyboard
  3. 3. Storyboard
  4. 4. Storyboard
  5. 5. Cast- Actors These are the actors that will be featured in the music video. Jordan and Beth
  6. 6. FilmingI filmed today (Sunday 9/10/11) I found it very exciting, I was able tofollow everything on my storyboard; however there where some areaswhere I filmed different parts because I came up with new ideas and Ithought it could work better with the storyline. The actors were very easyto work with; at some points I found it difficult in positioning them withinin the different camera shots, but I was able to over come it and moveon.I when to various areas , to shoot different scenes, I played around withcamera movements and angles. The outcome of the video should tobe interesting and able to portray the narrative in an attractive andclear way .
  7. 7. Need to RESHOOT!In the video there is a female part and a males part. Iupload all the clips on my computer and was able tosee, the female actor turned out great in the video.However the male actor seemed to be smiling a lot andgetting the lyrics wrong; which would confused theaudience. I want my video of be of a high standard, so Iam going to reshoot certain sections in order to create thebest music video as possible. When looking over the clipsthat I filmed, it came to my attention that the males partneeds to be filmed again in certain areas.
  8. 8. Moving onto the designingI have collected the data from and questionnaire and formed plansfor my music video; I have also made some music video research. Sonow I am on to the digipack- for the digipack I am going to do a CDalbum cover and a magazine advertisement , to go along with thevideo . I started researching various album covers first form differentgenre, to understand the different styles used for the presentation ofdifferent artists.
  9. 9. Various CD album covers
  10. 10. Album cover This is the front cover for Empire of the Sun’s walking on a dream album. The front cover research appears to be very chaotic and packed with all different types of imagery. The imagery used is very mystical ; theres images of tigers, ships, futuristic planets & elephants with crowns , set on a misty blue sea with mountains visible beneath. You can tell by looking at the cover that all of these elements do not go together ,its all really surreal . The surrealism used could connote all the different elements of a dream; which relates back to the title “ walking on a dream”; the title also may connote the style of the music, giving an insight to the audience that their music is different and bizarre. The colours used , are light blue mixed with dark blue with some yellow and orange shining through background; again this could connote that “fantasy dreamland “ I think the cover is very interesting and does make you want know more about the band and their music. This a good element to remember when designing my front cover because that what I want, I want the target audience to have a great interest/ attracted in that CD front and enjoy it.
  11. 11. Album cover Research A tribe called quest is an African- American hip hop group , who are very influenced by their ancestors , so they combine that African pride (that black people loved to portray so much in that era) with their urban street “hood” image that was very well respected in that time by music; to create a CD front that will be eye catching and will portray who they are . The CD cover background is of various images of men with “old skool” headphones , at that times those headphones were in style and they were mainly associated with hip hop music. So having the from page covered with these images, it may connote that the group is trying to inform the audience of type of gene and possible at the same time promoting a “hip hop” trend . The woman is an Afro-centric figure placed in the centre of the cover, which not alike their previous work, and which connote that this is essentially the heart of their music. The Album cover takes the same format as The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and could serve as a time capsule of who has influenced the group.
  12. 12. Album cover researchThis is an album cover for Adeles album19;the front cover displays a close up ofone side of her face, her name and thetitle of the album. The use of lighting in theimage highlights a portion of her face,which may connote her innocent as sheis young ; the background is black, whichdraws the audience’s attention to theimage. The title 19 itself tells the audienceher age, so the combination of use oflighting and imagery helps portray thatshe is a new youthful up and coming artistin the music industry.The back of the front carries on the themeof presenting a portion of a body; andthen used bright lighting to create softand clear atmosphere. The list of songtitles are displayed on the right, in ahandwriting front , which could connotethe personal element of the album ; thealbum may be based on her lifeexperiences.
  13. 13. Album cover research This is Kings of Leon’s album Come Around Sundance. The album is presented by bright and mellow colours ( reds, oranges , purples yellows ) which reflects the title of the album “Come Around Sundown”. These colours are used to help of the audience visualise what type music of which the album consists and maybe what type genre the band is . I think its very important is make sure that when I am designing my front cover, I need to take into mind colour schemes so that I may chose the right one for my cover in order for it to be a successful album front cover. This cover does not present a lot of imagery on the front but on the back; the band is captured on the beach and the sun is so bright that only the outline figure of theme is visible.
  14. 14. What I have decidedI have decided that I do not want to feature that band on thefront cover. After searching different cover, I came across manywhere the band was featured on the front and I didn’t I wouldlike to include inside the album. I think it would be moreinteresting , if I was able to capture something ( a model/ or anobject) and place it on the front in order to portray the title of thealbum. I think not having the band featured on the frontcover, would make the cover more interesting because the theiralong ready feature in the video ( they are the actors as well assingers). The xx is a cool and young band, I want something onthe front cover that will portray their creative/ artistic take onmusic.
  15. 15. Ideas for album cover The artists featuring, on the “Breathing out and front cover in”Title: Crystallised could focus on theStar night layered over lips or nose.the image. Title: Basic space Chairs/ sofa in the wood VCR “ enhance on “open Photoshoot The XX space in relation to the featuring the title basic space band member surrounded by tapes Things are getting closer to the sun: the photoshoot could be something be focused Title blood red moon on the sun and there Red ink , illustration , could be a person or a Red lip black&white photos object in the images in front of the sun
  16. 16. Original Images Here are few photos chosen follow a photoshoot I did based on the chosen album title “crystallised”
  17. 17. Making album cover I took this photo of a model looking down as they walk through the woods. The photo is very mystical and very attractive, the reason why I linked this photo with the band, is because of the possible album title “ Crystallised” I am using photoshop to make my album cover, because I want to be able to use the best software to a great cover.
  18. 18. Making album cover After I uploaded the photo, I cropped it down to the right size of a CD cover and then added a white border. The reason why I added on white border on is because it makes the image stands out and it draws all the attention to the model in the image.
  19. 19. Making album cover The next step was to add text to the album cover . I added the title “crystallised” and the band’s name “The XX” Then decided I didn’t like colour of the front, so I played around with the colours, to see what when well together & what looked best
  20. 20. Making album cover I uploaded my image on Photoshop. I took this image of a model shaking her hair in the sunlight. I wanted to use this image because it had a very mystical vibe to it; and I think placing, this sort of image with the title “ c” of the album creates a visual aspect on the album for the audience. That’s what I want, I want the
  21. 21. Making album cover After I cropped it I layered over a starry night and deepen the colour. I wanted to enhance the mystical vibe that I wanted to represent the band’s album.
  22. 22. Making album cover So far so good, the cover appears to be looking great. The only problem is that you can not see that text very well. so I could either change colour, the which I think will be difficult the image is very dark and I’m not sure what would be a great colour to go well with it. So I have decided to find another way. I played around with different tools on Photoshop and found that if I place I dark shape behind the text, then helps it stand out.
  23. 23. Making album cover I placed a black rectangle behind the text, to make it noticeable. I think works very well and looks good. You can see the text clearly, its big & bold and most importantly it stands out making it easier for the audience to read.Finished cover
  24. 24. FinishedCDs CoverI designed a selection of CDScovers. I always think its goodto have variety of designplaced forward, becausethen you can compare andcontrast, in order to find thebest cover
  25. 25. Audience FeedbackQuestionnaireI created various covers for thealbum, so that I could differentopinions from the audience in orderto choose the best possible suitedalbum cover for the band. I think bydoing this I am including theaudience , taking into their opinionsand catering to their needs ; forquestionnaire I asked around 20people, and asked them which dothey preferred.The results are in and everyoneseemed to like the one on the bottomright ( image with girl /black & white)I am very pleased with theresults of thequestionnaire, because thisparticular album cover is myfavourite. I think everythinggoes well together and itlook very artistic andprofessional.
  26. 26. Final piece This is my final design for my CD, which was chosen by the audience. This CD cover was mainly experimental, its totally original, the theme and concept is mostly based on the word crystallised. It was easy to base the album cover the word “crystallized” because there is so much you can get from it; when I thought of the word; I thought mystical, stars, glass and dark cosmic mixed colours. So I brought all these words together and I began to brainstorm and expand on my ideas. For this design , I created an image that was of a dark mystical theme; which I placed behind two black shapes which I then, layered the title of the album and the band’s name. Applying the dark shapes behind text allows the audience to read the album cover and makes stand out & effective. I experimented with different tools on Photoshop to try and enhance the theme, that I was trying to portray to the audience. I liked different effects the images gives off, as it is very artistic and is unlike the iconic representation of an artist on an album cover. I wanted my album cover to stand out and to not be like an other current album covers. I am pleased with this design as it is unique, artistic and eye catching. It is very different to other albums cover the I have research, because the artists are normally featured on the album, so it links with the video and other advertisements. However some artists that have an vision creating album art ( creating something out of the ordinary and artistic , when I saw the concept I, it inspired me to do the same. That why the band the xx do not feature on the front cover . I think the look at I have created will be interesting to make a magazine advertisement .
  27. 27. Photoshoot of the bandI wanted to do a photoshoot of the band, so that their will feature in thealbum pictures inside the album. The reason why I want to add thisimages inside is because I want the album to have a personal aspect toit; the audience are not able to see them on the front cover, howeverfeature in the music video, but I just wanted to draw the audience towho are they as well as their music.
  28. 28. Bringing the album together Designing: playing around with Photoshop, to see what works well and what is the best possible way to present the artists in the album.
  29. 29. Other Back Covers Here I used a different image. I played around with colours of the I layered a starry background front, to see what type of a effect over the image, add that that would create for the back mystical vibe that the front front . Personal I didn’t think it cover seemed to have. For this cover, I deepen worked well. that image altogether . I saw the front cover was a very dark image, and IThese are some other back covers, I decided I waned themade, these covers were made in same for the back cover. Also I dint want thePhotoshop. You can see that the styles models face to standare very similar, that’s because I based out, so deepening thethe design on the front cover that was image removes attentionchosen by the audience. So these are the of the model onto thedesign that I played around with the songs listed. Througheffect s on the Photoshop , I wanted to research I have learnt that all back cover s can beget the right colour scheme and design busy, but somehow designas the front cover. that the main focus is the songs listed on album.
  30. 30. Finished Album Front cover Back cover Front of bookletThese are the lyrics that will feature in the booklet with the album. Back of booklet
  31. 31. Finished AlbumThis is a template of the CD. Here I placed my completed digipack design on a album templateI had found online. I am very happy with outcome of the design, I think it looks very professionaland believable as an album.
  32. 32. Promoting the album on ITunesThis is a print screen of my ITunes showing The XXs song & my album cover; thisis how the song would appear if searched or listen to on the iTunes. Ipresented this in this way to show how it can work as a conventional designon a popular music playing software.