A2 coursework part 1


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A2 coursework part 1

  1. 1. Media A2 CourseworkMUSIC VIDEO By Rochelle Bayeto
  2. 2. IntroductionThis is the introduction to my A2 media course. The class were given anumber of different options for the A2 coursework.; out of the options Ichose to make a music video ,a cover and magazine advertisement for adigipack. The choice was not a difficult one for me as I love music ; alldifferent kinds of genres from neo- soul to indie rock .I thought it would be exciting to try and create my own music video to asong of my choosing and aim to portray what I think that song conveys. Ofcourse creating the video and other media pieces will be time consumingand will need a lot of research for the project to be successful; but I’mready for the challenge and hoping for a flourishing project.After going through my iTunes and scouring through all types of diverseartists; I narrowed my decision down to a relatively unknown indie song:“Delta Spirit – Bushwick Blues”. My choice was based on the visualisationof what the video could become. I am very happy with choice; the nextstep is to brainstorm ideas and formulate those ideas into a cast anddirection for the video.
  3. 3. Who are Delta Spirit?A bit about the band•They origin form San Diego, CaliforniaUSA• The genres they produce through theirmusic are Indie Rock, Americana & Soul.•Active years- 2005-present•Labels- Rounder Records, DeccaRecords & Dew ProcessTaken from Wikipedia-“The as trash canslids and orchestral bass drums, multi-instrumentalism and spiritually thegroupcombines unconventional instrumentssuch med lyrics into a hybrid of rock andnorthern soul. The group consists of JonJameson (bass), Brandon Young(percussion), Matthew Vasquez(vocals/guitars), Kelly Winrich (multi-instrumentals) and Will McLaren (guitar).”
  4. 4. More brainstorming for a different song- initial ideas ( back up song)
  5. 5. What is a music video? “ A music video is a short film in combine a song and imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes. Modern music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale of music recordings. Although the origins of music videos date back much further, they came into prominence in the 1980s, when MTV based their format around the medium. Prior to the 80s, these works were described by various terms including "illustrated song", "filmed insert", "promotional (promo) film", "promotional clip" or "film clip". Music videos use a wide range of styles of film making techniques, including animation, live action filming, documentaries, and non- narrative approaches such as abstract film. Some music videos blend different styles, such as animation and live action. Many music videos do not interpret images from the songs lyrics, making it less literal than expected.”Taken from Wikipedia- I research what is a music video is , to understand more whatthe audience will aspect of the concept “music video”.
  6. 6. Music Video Research Coldplay- The Scientist• Opening scene; we are introduced straight into the song- extreme close up used of to show character. The camerahere is slowly zooming out to reveal more about the character and his the location•Character appeals to be on a mattress on the floor ( in the streets)- this could connote that the characters personalspace is out and in the open; which indicates that we are welcome to have an insight into his dilemma.•As the video goes on, we understand that the video is actually presented backwards; we know this because of thecharacter’s body movement and also the whats going on behind with the scene. However his mouth seems to bemoving insync to the music (words) playing aloud. I researched this, and it said that it took the lead singer of the band amonth to learn the song backwards in order to play it whilst filming ; to get the lines right ( since the song is sangbackwards in a backwards videos; when you play it back it becomes clear and reversed.•A arc shot is used to swoop around the character as he stands still; as sings his lyrics. With use of the arc shot, I suggestthat it indicates that something going on. then cross cutts to a boy on his boy doing a trick where his bike wheels arespinning around in the air. I think with both of the different scenes inter- linking together ;this may connote the time thathas gone or the time that he has.•We follow the character as he walks backwards meaning he facing the camera as he sings- its like the audience is overseeing his “ previous journey”. We come by some interesting movements within the shot, that really make the video seemalive and authentic. Things like; the character going up and down the stairs, jumping over a wall; I think these thingsreally create an effect to the video.•Throughout the video the audience is shown everything happen step by step. It feels like the audience is like a jury andwe are reviewing the evidence being shown given to us. Tracking is used throughout the video as we able are followingthe character around.•Mid close s ups on his feet reoccurring- this could indicate that we are on the way/ getting step by step.•The character is seen walking on train tracks; this could connote that where he is coming from is far from where startedfrom in the beginning ; as he sings ”oh that’s go back to the start”•Edited- black out & fade in; him entering into the forest appeals to be very dark compared to all the previous settingsthat we have been taken to. This may connote that there is something in the forest something dark/ bad hashappened. It become night time when he enters the for est.•It is then revealed that he walking back ( at this point he sings again “ oh lets go back to start” to his partner laying onthe floor in the forest, because there seems to have been a car accident.•As the video carries on the audience is show how the accident occurring and what cause it.•The ends with he back to the start; him in the car with his partner and they are laugh and joking as he drives down theroad.•I think the video reflects a lot of what the song means, and I think the whole narrative of him going back to the startthroughout the video before the accident. Connotes that he wishes that he could have been things different in therelationship before it ended.•http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqWLpTKBFcU&ob=av2n- The Video
  7. 7. Music video researchKanye West- Heartlesshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co0tTeuUVhU•The video is animated, which gives the audience something new & morden to watch on Tv-shows individuality• Through my research, I understand that the director wanted to present the video throughanimation , in order to show the narrative from a different point of view•Some of the video scenes are like the typical hip hop videos of today ( lots of different girls,the artist seen in the clubs and their grand home/ apartment)•Set in different areas, his home , the city & on the bus• In of the scenes we follow him on a bus journey , and its like hes confiding in us, as heidentifies the audience with questions , which he then answers himself. ( there a great use ofclose ups here ) “Why does she be so mad at me for? Homie, I dont know, shes hot and cold”•Very artistic; the video shows relation to the artist Andy Warhols pervious ( his work features inthe video) work ; which may indicate hip hop artist trying to break the barriers of thestereotypical hip hop trends.•Throughout the video it feels like the audience is being taken thought a journey; we followthe character as he speaks about his pervious relationship , which is projected throughanimation•The colours portrayed in the video are bright, which makes the video very light and eyecatching. ( draws the audiences’ eye to the bring lights; keeps them interested andattracted)
  8. 8. Music video research Chase and Status- Time•Opening scene the audience is introduced to a family sitting in the living room, a fatherplaying with his youngest daughter, closes ups used to show audiences that is it a key shot inthe video ( it has meaning) his oldest sitting on the far left texting on her phone away the fun-a conventions of partner spend more time with youngest then their with oldest•Cross cutts to a close up woman singing in a car as it raining outside(pathetic falacy toforeshadow her feelings.)- you can tell the two scene were shot at different time because itthe weather, in the house were the family were there was a lot of natural light coming inthrough the windows ( sunlight) and the woman in the car its very dark and its raining, this mayconnote her looking into her past or a death may have occurred , so she looking into herwhere thing were not and dark as now .•Cross cutts to the oldest girl again on her own but this time in the park on the swings on hernow, then cross cuts to her parents on the sofa together, then reveals her sitting on the otherside of the room again on her own. I suggest the video trying to show the audience theneglect that she is receiving form her parents•Her alone in her room again- keeps on cross cutting to the other women sitting in the carsinging. then cross cutts to her father drinking. All t all that is going on between the child beingignored and the “loved up” parents a fight starts between the parents and I suggest itbecause of possible alcohol problem the father may have. I suggest this because he startspushing the wife and its cross cutts to the oldest in her bedroom putting in headphone ; toalmost like bloke out the sound of shouting , from her parents fightingthe video continues and shows that this is not the first time, him has hit her before and theoldest daughter who seem to been forgotten throughout the video ; she is the one who callsthe police; after the mother is pushed down the stairs.•Close ups of the oldest child crying on the phone as she calls the police .•Throughout this video there are a lot of crosscuts used to show how the member of the familyare dealing with the issue of domestic violence . I like the way the video is presented becausehelps you to understand not only what they feeling , but how easier these types of situationscan come around ( father drinking a lot of alcohol , leading a results of violence.
  9. 9. Music Video ResearchBurno Mars – Grenade •Opening scene shows the audience that there has been a break up- the character ( male) is placed in a room on his own sitting on a bed. Its raining outside – indicating that hes in a horrible state -pathetic falacy to foreshadow his feelings. •Closes ups on a image of him and a girl which I’m guessing is not his ex- girlfriend? •Character seems to be very hurt as we (the audience) follows him around though the video •Piano connotes – heavy load – hurt carrying around this baggage •In the video he seems to be pulling a heavy piano around everywhere he goes, this could indicate the hurt and the burden that he is carrying around from the break up; the size & weight of the piano- tells the audience- that everywhere he goes hes carrying this heavy load around, which is in fact his broken heart and it’s seems to be a burden to him everywhere he goes. • The shots focus on his feet and the pulling of the rope from the piano # •He arrives at her house, pulling the piano and there is a close up shot of “his ex” at the window with another guy. At this point the character is heart break; but it like a “wake up call” and he walks still pulling the piano •A wide shot is used show the audience that he is now piano up a hill which is causing him to struggle up hill,( this is towards the end of the song) •Cross cutts to a close up of his face ( this shows us his face expressions) its here where we see a sense of revelation. •As the story goes one he lands at a train rails and he stands in the middle railway and get hit by a train. I suggest that this connote that pain of seeing his ex move on while hes still in love – it killed him inside ( emotional). •The actions throughout in this video serves as a metaphor, the use of visual media is very power because its indirectly speaking out the audience about relationships and how issues built and how people deal with them; the video portrays an artistic interpretation of the song.
  10. 10. My target audienceFor my music video, I want the target audience to be between theages of 16-22. I think at this age theres a lot to cover, so this it givesme a wide range of different topics and issues ,I could use to createa storyline for the music video. I want the video to be of a high-quality , interesting as well as eye catching & appealing to the targetaudience. In order to do this I will need to make sure that thenarrative is easy to relate and understandable to for target market (16- 22)A positive aspect of the music video is that ,it is aimed at both maleand female ;which in my opinion gives me a wide things to includein video. Now I need to do some market (target audience)researchbefore my I put forward my ideas for development.
  11. 11. Changed my mind!!!I changed my mind on creating a music video for Delta Spirit’s”Bushwick Blues” simply because I had developed this complexstoryline which I did not have the correct equipment or actors toact out the plot. I had difficulty in finding a cast, I was limited toonly 3 people. I understand that 3 people can be enough tofeature in a music video, but it is not enough to portray for myvideo and its storyline. So I took the 3 cast members and whenback to brainstorming . I started off by choosing another song – Ilooked through my iTunes and by visualisation , I was able tochose a song ; which was “The XX- Heart Skipped A Beat”. I lovethis band, I think their music is very out of the ordinary, itsdifferently something I havent heard before; I believe that’s whyI like them so much. Their music is like “soul meets indie”, themusic is a mixture of different paces and sounds; techno drumbeat to the funky guitar solos. I am very happy with this song,have got a few ideas which I hope to develop and go throughwith.
  12. 12. Who are The XX?A bit about the bandGenre: New Wave /Dream Pop / Soul/IndieLocation SOUTH WESTLONDON,Been a The XX since2005Website thexx.infoRecord Label YoungTurksType of Label IndieIn 2010 they won theBarclaycard MercuryPrize for their debut The band influences: Aaliyah to CocoRosie,album xx, Rihanna to The Cure, Missy Elliott to Chromatics, The Kills to Ginuwine, Pixies to Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake to Tracy + the plastics- Their influences defines the mixed genre they portray.
  13. 13. Asking for permissionI sent out an email tothe band ,asking forpermission if I coulduse their song for myA2 media coursework.I when on to the “TheXX” band website andclicked contact,where I was able tofind the allocatedemail address forlicensing relatedquestions. The emailaddress:emmalomas@beggars.com
  14. 14. Asking permission This is the email I sent asking for permission: Hello , my name is Rochelle Bayeto and I am a media Student. For our A2 coursework we have been assigned to create our own music video & since The XX is one of my favourite bands; I have chosen their song “Heart Skipped A Beat” . I writing this email to ask for your permission to use that song for my media project. Thank you Rochelle BayetoI sent the email off onthe 4th of September .Hopefully they will getto me as soon aspossible; so I can startpreparing for themusic video.
  15. 15. Asking for permission- replyThis is the reply, fromemmalomas@beggars.comShe has confirmed that Iam able to use the song formy A2 music video.The email says:Hello Rochelle, we havereceived your emailregarding permission for thelicensing of The XX’s song“Heart skipped a beat”. wehave acknowledged yourrequest and are allowingyou to go ahead with theproduction Good luck inyou’re a2 Media project.
  16. 16. What’s NextNow that I have permission from The XX to use their song, I am nowgoing to start brainstorming and developing ideas for the musicvideo. From researching I have decided that I want the music videoto have a storyline throughout the song, I want the audience to feellike their on a journey ( the same one as the characters featured inthe video) Hopefully I will be able to portray the narrative of thesong very well.
  17. 17. Brainstorming Editing Effects- add a vintage effect More –editing to the video- just for The lyrics are very uniqueness. As I have seen in meaningful. The song it selfflashbacks, layering some videos (arctic monkeys tells story, I so must find theover images to hellcat spangled shalalala best way to ensure that create a blurred memory type effect- video) its looks very retro and narrative is clear and adds precise. Or black and white to create Possible locations a certain mood to the video. -Park -Café The XX Bright colours will convey “Heart skipped a the mood of the song. The -Pub beat” song is not of a dark genre -Woods -Streets -House Possibly part of the songThe XX is very “cool” band- their very in black and white – tomodern and they portray for their represent the past.music through mixed genres. Their Cast -the actors in the music Go to a gig and maybe filmimage is fashionable and they arevery popular among young people video need to be suitable for some scenes there. I think this(16- 23) the genre chosen. I want type of mise en scene may them to have a certain look portray the genre of the in order to bring the alive. song well.
  18. 18. Further ideas The song Heart skipped a beat by The XX, speaks about a relationship between two people. Both a male and a female sing about their perception of the relationship ; so I thought it would be great if ,I could keep that same idea but expand on it. To do so I would like to create two different stories that will be, edited to play against each other in the video; as if the two different perspectives were being presented in way that the audience can view them at the same time. Like “Rhyemfest feat. Kanye West’s song Brand New” throughout this video we are shown the contrast between the poor and the rich using the effect of “spilt screen”.I think this is actually a great idea because when you watch the video hopefully,you will be able to see the meaning of the song from the male’s view as well as thefemale’s. Also showing the two perspectives so clearly helps the audience to notonly to understand the characters, from a visual aspect but to also understandwhat the song connotes. The song itself is a great song and there is a steady pacewhich is portrayed by many different instruments throughout the song . This givesme a lot to play with because then I will able create and develop the right type ofscenes, that will go in the video along with “different sided perspectives" scenes.
  19. 19. Primary questionnaireAt this point in my research I have come up with some ideas forthe video that I am really pleased with, but I need to include mytarget audience, to ensure that I am getting enough feedback ; inorder to create and develop a music video of a high standard,that will appeal to the intended audience. I have created aquestionnaire that will be sent out to 20 people between the agesof 16 – 22; which is the age group, that my music video willappeal to.
  20. 20. QuestionnaireThis is the questionnaire Icreated for the public inorder to get somebackground information onmusic videos. ( includesgenres, what the audienceexpect in a music video & ifthey know the band) In thequestionnaire, I made surea listed a wide selection ofanswers to choose from;which I will use to study anddevelop ideas for my musicvideo to ensure that it willappeal to the targetaudience. On thequestionnaire I used imagesto give audience avisualisation of how somethings may be portrayed i.e.fashion & colour (edited). Questions asked:Hopefully I will get lots of What type of genre do you like?feedback which I will use, to What draws you to the art forms of a music video?make it easier to relate my What type of fashion would you want to shown in the video?ideas with the audience What type of colour (edited over) do you find most appealing to a music video?want. You want the music video to be Have ever heard of the band The XX? Do you like Delta The XX music?
  21. 21. ResultsFrom my primary research ,I found that the majority of the public listen to indiemusic, they would like band/singer/ storyline combination in the video in order tokeep them interesting and attracted. Fashion shown in the video should be acombination of trashy vintage / all black. Also the audience seem to like both thenormal and black and white effect; when editing my video I will decide whichlooks better since there is a equal request on both.
  22. 22. Results From in this primary research , you can see that I have asked if the audience have ever heard of the band that I am using for my music video. The a lot of people that I asked has said yes they have. Then I went on to ask if they like their music, 60% like music, 30% said sometimes and 10% said they did not. From asking these questions I understand what type of audience will be watching the video.
  23. 23. What I understand from my results I will need to create a music video that shows the band/singer; in order to give a face to a name; for the audience, along with a storyline; so the video should not just focused on the band playing their instruments. A music video is very visual and the audience are going to be looking at every detail, so I need to make sure everything to the costume ( trashy vintage – which was chosen) to the effects ( black and white & normal – which was chosen) need to be highlighted . Both the black and white & normal were chose, so I was thinking of either balancing it out when it comes to editing , so using both effects. Or just one effect depending on what worked best with the storyline. The majority of people I asked ( for the questionnaire) liked The XX and their music ; this shows that there are high expectations and a few to win over. I understand through my research and results that the music video will need to be simply but meaningful; so need to have a storyline but not an over complicated mise en scene, should cater to the audiences needs.
  24. 24. Possible Locations I went around London and photographed the different places, that I thought would be great to shot the certain scenes in.A graffiti background, could have ainteresting in take on video. The bus stopcould, be great for show the audiencethat their on a journey. Urban areas, streets markets etc… Shooting on a train journey, could be I love this , it looks very beautiful and I interesting, because it could connote think maybe following the character along with time ; at a different speed. here – could set the mood
  25. 25. Possible Locations Again that sense of journey &A bridge, could feature in the video, it is a very adventure; bus journey.beautiful Beautiful simple scene, the use natural light- to portray or enhance Some shots inside or outside a something. house.
  26. 26. Camera Shots Images taken from GoogleThese are the camera shots that I will use in my music video. I am hoping that I will be able to usethem in the right way, in order to portray that narrative of the video properly. Long shot Tracking Wide shot Extreme close up Medium shot