2How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts


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2How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? From close study and analysis, we strategically combined the main production task with the ancillary texts in order to develop our skills and knowledge as well as to successfully complete our given task: To create a marketing package for an unsigned artist in which you make a music video for one of their songs as well as a Digipak for the Album’s release and a magazine advert. We opted for a Soul/R&B female singer since we was aware that this would increase the chances of the artist’s marketability. Our main production widely helped us to market this new artist as we were able to build an image within this, not only by conforming more to the Pop genre although she is entitled as being a Soul/R&B artist, but also by using camera angles that highlight her quirky, confident and rebellious character. Institutional experts try to bring something ‘new’ to the music industry in order to increase their chance of gaining profit. In creating an image different to those which already exist within the music industry we have increased the likeliness of the success of her new single. The female artist whom we are marketing comes across as being almost inspirational as her rebellious character sings and dances in confetti as she forces her self to forget about her lover whom she doubts and so she moves on with her life. The music video allows viewers to sing and dance along because of the catchy soundtrack which would most certainly work in the music industry as the most popular singles are usually those that people can remember. The style and costume chosen for the artist within the music video looks extremely glamorous despite the low budget used whilst making it. This is one of the many reasons why I feel this production has potential to compete with those that already exist within the music industry, as they almost mimic these, just like the locations used which highlight her confidence, as although she appears to be isolated in all locations she still appears happy and at one point the theatrical element that we have incorporated seems to add satire to the situation. This and the other motifs created within the video, also makes it a memorable one, again increasing the chance of its likeliness within the industry. These are not only comical at times, but also differ from real music videos which don’t use props to this extreme. In addition, the fact that our production is very professional and completely original increases its likelihood of being distributed by big companies. As well as attracting a huge audience in the real world. The music video also has potential to be shown on successful platforms like MTV, which would help it to grow to play a central role amongst the many popular videos being marketed. A mainstream institution might distribute our production because it appears very professional with experimental camera angles and titles that mimic those used on music videos in the real world. The media institution that might distribute the production will also be a successful one because of the likely market and potential financial success. Rochelle
  2. 2. Understanding that the artist is a product in the music industry as well as the fact that marketing is done so for profit was a key factor in understanding what ancillary texts to create as well as how to do so. One of our ancillary texts as well as our chosen medium to support the given task is a Digipak. This can be seen as an effective combination with the main production as it serves its purpose in delivering the artists music on a Compact Disc as well as presenting pictures which link to the music video. The ideologies chosen are effective in promoting the concept of creating a marketing package as well as linking this with the main production, particularly on the front cover which shows the artist looking directly into the camera and so also straight at the viewer. This not only brings something original to the music industry as those CD covers that are currently being sold show more subtle images. But, it also supports the idea of our artist being quirky and rebellious, also shown through her stance, she almost breaks the conventions of this medium. The colour scheme chosen which includes bright neon colours, also supports those shown within the music video as well as reflecting her eccentric character. This creates a memorabilia to the audience and therefore increasing the marketability of both texts. The font used for the album name is playful and bold, again reflecting the singer’s personality. I have also tried to increase the Digipak’s marketability by following the Rochelle
  3. 3. conventions used by institutional experts. These include the bar code shown as well as the artist’s web site address and the copyright information. In addition, the combination of the magazine advert (the second ancillary text) and the music video are also very effective in following the purpose. I wanted to create an advert which would successfully advertise the artist’s album release. Rochelle
  4. 4. I done this by sticking to the colour scheme used in all three texts, which almost give the artist a ‘signature’ look, one which her audience can remember. I have included the album’s front cover, here following institutional experts, which could essentially increase the albums marketability as if they know what their looking for when they go in to music stores they would possible but it. Big, bold writing has been used in order to successfully get my message across, as well as including the title of the song which the music video has been made for again obtaining recognition. Overall, I believe that the combination of the three texts is effective in promoting the concept of advertising this new artist. This is particularly through using mediums which would appeal to my target audience of 13 years and older. The music video would be shown on successful platforms like MTV, a common viewing channel for this age group and the advert will feature in a magazine called RWD Mag, a magazine which includes artists from the Pop, R&B and Hip- Hop genre: I believe this combination not only allows the artist to become marketable but also allowing a lucrative outcome. Rochelle