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PowerPoint for Barnet schools and parents supporting autistic children.


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This presentation was delivered in barnet on 30th jan 2019, you can book me to speak at your

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PowerPoint for Barnet schools and parents supporting autistic children.

  1. 1. Autism from a person not just a textbook By Robyn Steward
  2. 2. School from a person not just a textbook
  3. 3. Who I Am -Trainer -consultant -Author -Artist -Musician -Broadcaster
  4. 4. Visuals in action
  5. 5. How to get to the hub DRAFT 5
  6. 6. Things I learned 1. plenty of autistic people have qualifications including bachelor degrees and phd’s but are unable to hold down A job , If more time was spent on the skills you actually need and documenting them this would help. 2. Doing things differently is ok , buses on diversion manage! 3. Asking/exploring what meaningful listening means to your child , eye contact may not signify to them you are listening, ( and Might be painful) 4. It is not helpful to pretend you don’t have a disability when you do , because more and more energy gets spent on trying to “pass” verses using the skills the person naturally poses. 5. Work experience is vital it’s a good way of learning your limits. 6. If it helps it really doesn't matter if others perceive it as for younger people ( I still use symbols) 7. Its all very well telling kids what you want them to do when they get bullied e.g tell a teacher, walk away but is this what typica Kids do , does it work?
  7. 7. Stimming
  8. 8. Reduce anxiety CalmDown Reduceanxiety Overstimulatedsenses HelpsConcentrate/Focus Communicateanxiety Confused Bored Communicate excitement Understimulated senses communicate Fear Communicate Happiness Don’t Know Othersensory Why people said they Stimmed.
  9. 9. periods
  10. 10. Contact details Twitter : @robyn_steward