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Infographic: Broker Dealers Should Back Life Settlement - 3 Hard Truths


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After years of a dealing with a down economy, it may be a great time to make a smart financial move that can help nurture a more prosperous retirement. According to retirement experts at The Lifeline Program, failing to assess your current situation in light of an improved economy would be an error for most investors, homeowners and business owners. If too much of our financial nest egg is tied up in one asset, then we are vulnerable to economic shifts.With life expectancies getting longer and retirement plans strained, consumers may have assets that can work harder if moved and put to work now. Many insurance agents don’t tell their clients that life insurance can be evaluated for possible sale, and the proceeds can be reinvested in other products that build a stronger retirement plan.According to research firm Conning, about $3 billion worth of life insurance is sold into the life settlement market per year, but billions more is allowed to lapse. Unneeded, unwanted or expiring life insurance can often be sold at a sizable profit to the policyholder. The funds, which can sometimes reach the hundreds of thousands of dollars, can then be re-allocated or reinvested to provide for a better retirement.

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Infographic: Broker Dealers Should Back Life Settlement - 3 Hard Truths

  1. 1. 3 HARD TRUTHS “Financial Advisors report that a general ‘lack of knowledge’ prevents them from recommending the life insurance settlement option to their clients. " — Insurance Studies Institute. Life Insurance Settlements Series Edition No. VII Life Settlement companies want my clients to MYTH #1 invest in other people’s life insurance. HARD Life Settlements today are institutionally funded TR-U-TH and not looking for investment play. You and your agent are not required to share MYTH #2 information about Life Settlements to your clients. HARD It is a fiduciary responsibility of agents and brokers TRUTH to make clients aware of all financial opportunities. Life Settlements do not offer any financial gain MYTH #3 for an agent or broker. HARD A Life Settlement helps put money in motion, TRUTH allowing clients to reinvest and increase assets. A current Breakdown of Products that Have Been Sold Following a Life Settlement CC@C Annuities Life Insurance LTCI Other According to the third annual Life Settlement Study, conducted in partnership with the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA). A court case is now pending in California involving Fiduciary responsibility, which states that a life insurance agent “has a Fiduciary role to represent the seller by law. ..the bottom line is that the broker's job is to fully represent the interests of the policy seller. " This may include a life settlement. I I The Lifeline Program“ THE LIFBCHANGING SOLUTION