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  2. What is poor training and communication costing your organization? Financial Loss , competitive edge, talent retention, or inability to execute on business or technology strategies? Is it worth the risk? Global Leaders2 “Talent and leadership shortages” is considered the #1 business challenge amongst 65% of global leaders 65% Out-performance3 “Companies with engaged employees outperform others with disengaged employees” by 202% 202% Annually1 Companies with an avg. of 100 employees cited losses of $420k / yr as a result of inadequate communication $420,000 Employees2 Employees are 12x more likely to leave the company when they can’t develop skills or meet career goals, while 42% are more likely to stay with proper training 12x A CASE FOR CLOSING LEARNING GAPS 1. Excerpted from Patricia M. Buhler and Joel D. Worden, Up, Down, and Sideways: High-Impact Verbal Communication for HR Professionals 2. IBM The Value of Training Survey TheValueofTraining.pdf 3. Gallup Poll:
  3. End-to-End Training Our instructor-led training programs offer highly relevant, custom-tailored content and scenarios that meet your unique organizational pain-points and requirements. Customized Programs We design comprehensive, metric- driven programs inclusive of a continuous learning path to support training “stickiness” and to foster emotional buy-in within your organization. Interactive eLearning Develop branded training programs (low-to-high complexity) that activate and engage the audience using interactive methods and technologies. Our solutions are available onsite, offsite, and web-based. Paired Communication Blend training programs with organizational change management and communication strategies to drive consistency across the organization and reinforce your company’s commitment to talent development and advancement. We leave no stone unturned. Our comprehensive, tech-enabled and tailored training programs center around corporate training objectives and employee training needs. KEY FEATURES- L&D SOLUTIONS
  4. Increase Productivity Untrained staff often means underutilized staff. We power productivity by arming your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to work smarter and accelerate task completion. Ramp Up Resources/ Increase Bandwidth Hiring all new in-house developers/trainers may not make sense when a project has a defined timeline. Our L&D solution reduces fixed overhead costs while fulfilling your short-term, long-term, or project-based training needs. Reduce Overhead Costs In-house training programs can require specialized expertise and may pull staff away from their core duties. Our L&D solution enables training on complex or specialized topics with no ramp up time. Our L&D programs catalyze strategy implementation and execution, reducing bottlenecks and set-backs caused by knowledge limitations or communication mishaps. WHY CONSOLIDATED ANALYTICS? We view training as an investment versus an expense. Learning and Development is an investment in your company culture that brings significant returns such as employee retention and loyalty, recruitment effectiveness, brand ambassador development, regulatory compliance, enhanced market reputation, and competitive advantage. Implement and Execute Strategy
  5. MORTGAGE INDUSTRY TRAINING We can deploy learning and development teams for any mortgage related training need. General Mortgage Operations & Processes From origination through servicing and secondary marketing, we help your new recruits grasp how their role fits into the larger mortgage lifecycle. We help your employees align with established processes and procedures to improve operational efficiencies and reduce mistakes. From data integrity through full system training, we deploy experienced tech trainers and developers to ensure effective adoption and use. We cover all regulator and agency requirements affecting your business. Our highly tailored approach is one that can’t be matched by large training vendors. Our specialists train your employees on complex, critical, or time sensitive functions essential to operational execution accuracy and effectiveness. We facilitate knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer, and cross-training to enable better cross functional communication and team effectiveness. Mortgage Technology Compliance Critical Functions Skills Development
  6. ABOUT US  Relentlessly driven toward outcomes  Multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts  Client-focused innovation & advancement  Pair process, technology, and consulting expertise with thoughtful, intelligent business solutions
  7. About C Consolidated Analytics provides the real estate finance industry with an end-to-end mortgage services platform that delivers value to its customers, from asset-level analyses through enterprise optimization. By harnessing the power of data and technology –and by tapping into the expert insights of our multidisciplinary team— we help forward-thinking companies unlock loan and operational quality, efficiency and performance. Consolidated Analytics serves clients in mortgage lending, servicing, and capital markets. Its solutions span across the mortgage value chain and include due diligence, valuation services & analytics, business process services, consulting & advisory ABOUT US
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  1. Excerpted from Patricia M. Buhler and Joel D. Worden, Up, Down, and Sideways: High-Impact Verbal Communication for HR Professionals (SHRM, 2013). IBM The Value of Training Survey Gallup Poll: A study by the National Center on the Educational Quality of the Workforce (EQW) supports this with its finding that a 10% increase in educational development produced an 8.6% gain in productivity. [6]