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The new wwf generation the years wwe would like to forget


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The new wwf generation the years wwe would like to forget

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The new wwf generation the years wwe would like to forget

  1. 1. The New WWF Generation: The Years WWE Would Like To Forget Stuart Carapola
  2. 2. Publisher : Release Date : 2015-08-03
  3. 3. The World Wrestling Federation was hitting hard times as the 1990s dawned: the 80s boom had died down, Hulk Hogan and most of the rest of the 80s roster were on their way out the door, and they were faced with a stiff challenge in the form of WCW and Monday Nitro. So what would they do to bring the company back to their former glory and regain their financial success and social relevance? The WWF's answer was the creation of the New WWF Generation, a period of time when they were determined to show that their cutting edge product was light years ahead of the wrestlers and presentation of the Hogan Era. It sounded great, the only problem was most of the ideas they came up with for this New WWF Generation stunk, and this book looks at the many, many missteps the WWF stumbled through in the years before the Attitude Era hit. See their quest to find the next Hulk Hogan, the parade of silly gimmicks given to practically everyone on the roster, the almost criminal misuse of Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and the Undertaker, goofy ideas like Billionaire Ted and the fake Razor Ramon & Diesel, and the stunningly lame early personas given to Steve Austin, the Rock, Triple H, and Mick Foley that almost sunk them all before they had a chance to lead the charge in the Attitude Era. This book also includes the following bonus features: -Shawn Michaels And His Controversial Championship History -The Rise Of Stone Cold, Part 1: Austin vs Hart -The Rise Of Stone Cold, Part 2: Austin vs McMahon -Roy Sullivan: The Human Lightning Rod Download Full PDF Here
  4. 4. ISBN : Author : Stuart Carapola Download Here
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