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  1. 1. Real Thinking. Real Solutions. Converge Consulting delivers Memorable Marketing with Measurable Results, helping colleges and universities all over the world positively impact student recruitment and alumni engagement. We ask questions, probe for problems, listen intently and then gather our team for brainstorming sessions and deep data dives. We then come back with creative and innovative ideas and solutions. Unlike other higher education marketing companies, Converge Consulting always leads with the web. We help you embrace and enhance your brand through the products on the following pages.
  2. 2. | 2 Digital Website usability, information architecture, content strategy, and design; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM); PPC, LinkedIn, display advertising; and social media plans/implementation and social media monitoring The Converge Approach When you work with Converge, you get a team of experts who truly understand digital marketing and the higher education marketplace. Just as we do with colleges and universities throughout North America, we’ll help you with: Information Architecture (IA): We’ll audit your existing site, help you determine what should stay and what should go, then develop an intuitive navigation and interface. Content Strategy: We’ll audit and analyze your current content, work with you to develop and create content that’s persona-based, and then build a long-term content strategy plan. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We’ll assess the current state of your site, provide recommendations for technical errors, optimize on page, provide keyword research, and implement changes to move your site up in organic searches. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): We’ll develop campaigns that generate ROI, including collaborating on a digital media plan that includes Adworks, LinkedIn, Facebook, Bing and YouTube. Social Media: We’ll develop a strategy that drives activity and response across social channels, then help you understand tools for action and comprehensive reporting. Your website is where you get discovered. Communicate your brand. Tell your story. Engage with visitors. To make your website searchable and memorable takes time, knowledge and resources. That’s where Converge Consulting comes in. We can help you: • Improve user experience • Organize and restructure large amounts of content • Create engaging copy • Optimize for search engines • Develop a Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy • Enhance lead flow through your website • Create and implement a social media plan
  3. 3. | 3 Inbound Marketing Blog development, Google Analytics, SEO, and social media plans/implementation and monitoring The Converge Approach We’ve worked with higher education institutions across the continent so we bring that expertise to you. We’ll help you with: Google Analytics: Through this foundation of the inbound marketing pyramid, we’ll help you understand when people come to your website and what you can do to improve their user experience. Content Strategy and Blog Development: Through newly generated and interesting content, we’ll help you positively impact your SEO. Social Media Strategy: We’ll deliver plans to impact engagement through social sharing, social monitoring and reporting and social media management. Higher education has evolved— especially in the past decade. Converge Consulting not only observed these shifts but jumped in to help colleges and universities develop marketing strategies to address these significant changes. In fact, Converge was one of the first to talk about the power of inbound marketing—at conferences and in blogs. About Inbound Marketing “What’s in it for me?” That’s the ques- tion your messaging has to answer if you’re going to reach prospective students and potential donors. Inbound marketing helps pull your key audiences into your world through a website that has relevant, engaging and personal content. Converge’s approach to in- bound marketing includes: • Developing personas of your key audiences so that your content is tailored to them • Using analytics so you have a solid understanding of traffic to your site • Providing other ways to engage your main constituents online
  4. 4. | 4 Measurement Analytics Google Analytics training, assessments, and dashboards; and custom analytics projects The Converge Approach Converge Consulting works with colleges and universities across North America. We’ll bring that expertise to the table to help you with: Google Analytics Assessment: We’ll determine if your analytics are set up correctly on your site User Experience: We’ll help you gain a clearer vision of user experience and the best areas of your website to enhance. Goal Setting and Event Tracking: So that you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and see what points are converting and how they compare. Google Analytics Training: For beginners and those who are more advanced, we’ll deliver electronic training materials to share across your campus. Custom Consulting: We’re proud to be an iModules analytics partner, assisting a number of iModules clients with Analytics. At Converge Consulting, we’re not embarrassed to admit it. We’re data geeks. We’re so passionate about data that we started a LinkedIn group focused on Google Analytics in higher education. We’ve taken our message on the road, presenting at AMA, ACT, NAGAP, iModules and Case conferences. Our goal: to assist colleges and universities like yours to better use this incredible tool to drive decision-making. About Google Analytics Converge Consulting can assist you in using Google Analytics to: • Track how visitors get to your website • Understand how they engage with your site once they’re there • Set up measurable goals, event tracking and campaign tagging • Gain insightful and actionable answers through reporting • Develop next steps and a how-to plan to achieve them
  5. 5. | 5 Research Consulting Data mining, personas, planning, assessments, alumni research, web surveys, focus groups, and adult student consulting The Converge Approach Converge Consulting works with colleges and universities across North America. We bring that experience to help you with: Academic Program Research: Through secondary research, state-of-the-art job aggregation sources and prioritization of organizational strengths and capacities, we’ll provide a detailed review of the top programs you should offer. Alumni Research: We’ll use research to help you understand satisfaction, perception, attitude and motivation of alumni and identify your institution’s champions, friends and acquaintances. Custom Research: We’ll create custom studies from prospective student focus groups to online adult learners, personal interviews, web-based surveys, secret shopping, competitor communication reviews communication audits and more. At Converge Consulting, we thrive on research. We’ve spent the past decade conducting research projects with colleges and universities across North America. We’ve done it all—from image and perception studies for some of the first brand projects in higher education to online focus group, academic program research to state-of-the-art data-mining and persona building. Converge is proud to partner with the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), which has licensed our national research study on donor motivation. Our white papers on alumni classification and segmentation have been downloaded more than 4,000 times. About Research Converge will put our research expertise to work to help you: • Determine which academic programs to offer, based on market trends and hard employment statistics • Segment and prioritize alumni communications so you can focus on donors with the greatest affinity toward your institution • Determine your institution’s brand image and perception with your key audiences • Train and share best practices with your recruitment team
  6. 6. | 6 Brand Creative Creative concepts, print communications, digital communications, and advertising The Converge approach Converge Consulting helps colleges and universities like yours bring brand to life through: Persona Development: We use your data about demographics, geographic, wants, desires and needs of your target audiences to create a guide to better reach them. Marketing Communications Plans: We prioritize target audiences, allocate resources, and align message and medium with audience delivery and measurement. Creative Concepts: We’ll create design and editorial based on data and strategy to better tell your story. Creative Communications: From print ads to postcards, viewbooks to billboards, web design to Facebook ads, html emails to social ads/campaigns. Dashboards: Created through analytics that report on ROI and what is truly working. Converge Consulting believes your brand is the foundation of who you are, what you stand for and the experience you offer. It’s your history. It’s how you’ve evolved. Your brand must be communicated in different ways to different audiences. Converge Consulting helps you do just that. About Brand Creative At Converge, we differentiate ourselves in the way that we look at brand. We marry science and data with powerful, impactful creative to clearly, effectively and passionately tell your institution’s story by: • Providing insight into your key audiences • Using your resources to strategically communicate • Telling your brand story • Consistently telling your brand story across mediums • Measuring the impact of your multi-channel communications
  7. 7. Contact us today to see how Converge Consulting can help you! | 319.804.5580

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