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An inside preview into small business of the future.

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  1. 1. Small Business. Tommorrow. Marketing Program 2009 An inside preview into small business of the future
  2. 2. 4 Key Areas of Business 1. Sales and Marketing 2. Operation and Distribution 3. Financial and Legal 4. Team and Productivity
  3. 3. The Success Formula Decisions X Actions = Results
  4. 4. Stuck in the past V Adapting to change Adapt? OR Perish?
  5. 5. Where are they now? + =
  6. 6. Havard Business School – the Law of diffusion of Innovation The OPPORTUNITY
  7. 7. Survival of the FITTEST Its not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, But it’s the most responsive to change Charles Darwin
  8. 8. Digital Disruption – 32% Short fuse, BIG BANG Source: Deloittes
  9. 9. Michael Gerber – The E Myth: Why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it A business requires 3 types of systems to succeed: 1.Hard systems – •inanimate objects like computers, offices, work materials, etc. 2. Soft systems •animate objects (People), ideas, scripts, procedures, etc. 3. Information systems •which provide data about the interaction between soft- and hard-systems
  10. 10. Who’s doing the talking?
  11. 11. Sales & Marketing 1 Do you have a pipeline management system for tracking opportunities & measuring success? 2 Do you have a structured marketing calendar to keep in contact with your existing customers? 3 Do you have a prospect database that is added to every 3 months and all staff know how to use it? 4 Do you have a documented sales process with scripts that is followed by every team member?
  12. 12. Operations & Distribution 1 Do you have a margin management system and do you meet with your team weekly to monitor? 2 Do you track the productivity of each staff member against their KPIs and hold them accountable? 3 Do all of your customers & your TEAM know EVERY single product and service that you sell? 4 Do you have an eCommerce & digital operations plan?
  13. 13. Finance & Legal 1 Are all your payable invoices entered into your accounting system automatically? 2 Do you know the net profit and net variable cashflow position in your business each week? 3 Do you have a documented debtor collection process and is it implemented? 4 Does your POS talk seamlessly to your accounting system?
  14. 14. Team & Productivity 1 Do you have an accurate time & cost system to track hours worked for each job? 2 Does every team member know their 3-5 key priorities they need to focus on each quarter? 3 Do you have documented contracts, performance stds and compliant employment terms for each team member & WHS procedures in place and are they kept up to date? 4 Do you hold 6 and 12 monthly career appraisals for each team member?
  15. 15. So how did you go? •15+…? •10-15…? •<10…? •Ok….so what would you like it to be?
  16. 16. Who’s doing the talking?
  17. 17. What if? XERO
  18. 18. Where to from here? Working On V Working IN
  19. 19. Where to from here? Ability to get things DONE!
  20. 20. The Power of Expert Support R E S U L T S Business Development Support Learning Only TIME
  21. 21. What does it look like? 1. Professional advice, guidance and skills by experts in Systems and Leverage 2. A partner to help you implement change and to help you stay ahead of competition 3. An advisor to help you grow and improve your financial position
  22. 22. Complimentary Discovery Session 1. Systems HEALTH Check – diagnostic tool
  23. 23. Complimentary Discovery Session
  24. 24. Complimentary Discovery Session 1. Systems HEALTH Check 2. Where is your business now & where is it headed?
  25. 25. Growing or GOING? CHOICE POINTS G R O W T H g in v ri Th _ _ _ _ Surviving, Flatline-ing Ex tin TIME ct io n
  26. 26. Complimentary Discovery Session 1. Systems HEALTH Check 2. Where is your business now & where is it headed? 3. What business processes & systems need upgrading/improving or enhancing to help you make more profit through better resource allocation?
  27. 27. Drilling into EACH area of the Business XERO
  28. 28. Small Business. Tommorrow. Congratulations for taking Marketing Program 2009 time out to WORK on your BUSINESS!