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Sharing the Inspiration with Robot Kits


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Presented at Open Hardware Summit 2012

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Sharing the Inspiration with Robot Kits

  1. 1. Sharing the Inspiration with Robot Kits!
  2. 2. Why you should make your robot into a kit instead of repairing your beloved robot for the 1000th time please repair me! *ting!*Walter the robot - Chris the Carpenter
  3. 3. Robots start out as small contraptions that do one thing and they work. (yes, actually work)uBipeduino - Ro-Bot-X
  4. 4. Then we add on more to it it breaks, owch! we fix it! my legs!23:59 - robotgoldfish
  5. 5. Needs to be rewired Why?To add on more to it! Rewire the robot, add on more to it
  6. 6. Sweet! It’s finally done! And works just great! Robot dance party! Document robot,people want to build it! Cool!
  7. 7. They try, but get stuck because it is too complicated aww! stuck in a maze again! Do two things: 1) Help themSr. M Maze Solving Robot - patrickmccabe 2) Create a simpler version
  8. 8. *idea!*Make the simplified version a kit
  9. 9. Why go to the extra effort? Help others get started!BunnyBot - CIIDderived from: SERB - oomlout
  10. 10. Shared forest of robotic knowledgeOstrich Eggbot
  11. 11. NEW PEOPLE?!?! SWAAAAAAARM!Where’s WALL-E? - Richard Sargent
  12. 12. Robot kit as a stepping stone
  13. 13. Ignite more robot builders“Puff” The Magic Fire-Breathing Dragon - Gareth
  14. 14. “Robots teach us about ourselves”Rampage Robot - Jose Torres