A report on nj india investment


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A report on nj india investment

  2. 2. DECLARATIONI ROBIN CHRISTIAN student of the two-year PGDM programme at Indukaka IpcowalaInstitute of Management (I2IM) hereby declare that the report on Industry ExposureSegment entitled “NJ INDIA INVESTS PVT. LTD.” is the result of my / our own work. Ialso acknowledge the other works / publications cited in the report. (Signature)Place: ChangaDate: --.--.2012 (Name of the student)
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI would like to acknowledge the support and contribution provided by managers and otherstaff Members of the organization where the training was undertaken as well as of therespondents who helped me carry out my research work successfully. I am also thankful tomy Project Guide Mr.Arpit Patel for his constant support and guidance. I would like to thankthe Institute and specially our Principal Prof.G Krishnamurthy for giving me the opportunityto take up the training and project work.
  4. 4. INDEX1. About NJ India invests2. NJ Funds‟ Network3. Vision and Mission4. FOUNDER OF THE COMPANY5. BUSINESS MODULE OF NJ6. Values7. Mutual Funds: An overview8. TYPES OF MUTUAL FUNDS9. Description of work assigned during training10. QUESTIONARY
  5. 5. About NJ India investsNJ India Invest Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading advisors and distributors of financial productsand services in India. Established in year 1994, NJ has over a decade of rich exposure infinancial investments space and portfolio advisory services. From a humble Beginning, NJover the years has evolved out to be a professionally managed, quality conscious andcustomer focused financial / Investment advisory & distribution firm.NJ prides in being a professionally managed, quality focused and customer centricorganization. The strength of NJ lies in the strong domain knowledge in investmentconsultancy and the delivery of sustainable value to clients with support from cutting edgetechnology platform, developed in-house by NJ.At NJ They believe in … Having single window, multiple solutions that are integrated forSimplicity and sapience Making innovations, accessions, value-additions, a constantProcess Providing customers with solutions for tomorrow which will keepThem above the curve, todayNJ Funds‟ Network was established in year 2003 as a dedicated platform offeringcomprehensive services and support to the independent financial advisors. The servicesoffered by NJ Funds Network are increasingly recognized as the best and mostComprehensive in nature. The scope, depth, and quality of the services and support areunmatched in the industry. NJ Funds Network is proud to be the pioneers in India inproviding the 360° Advisory platform to independent advisors. With this NJ managed tosuccessfully transform the business of many independent financial advisors, bringing them onequal footing or even better than the strongest competitors in the industry. NJ has over 8,600*NJ Funds Network Partners and over 4,500* normal advisors associated with us. NJ presentlyhas over Rs. 5,050* Crore of assets under advice. NJ has over 130* PSCs (Partner ServiceCenters) in 22* states spread across India. The Numbers are reflections of the trust,commitment and value that NJ shares with its clients.Doing the right thing is a virtue most desirable. The difference between success and failureis often, not dictated by knowledge or expertise, but by its actual application andperseverance. When it comes to successful wealth creation for customers, it is something thatthey believe in & practice. For us it is more than a mission; it is what defines our lives andour actions at NJ India Invest. With this passion, they continue to evolve and make the rightproduct accessions and service innovations in our offerings. To the advisors, we offer a 360°comprehensive business platform with unmatched IT solutions, empowering them to set thebest practice standards and deliver real value to their customers. Over the years, our passion
  6. 6. has seen us grow from strength to strength and expand rapidly, setting new benchmarks in theprocess. But to us, what really matters the most is the number of lives they have managed totransform and we still have a long way to go.Today NJ India invest Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading advisors and distributors of financialproducts and services in India. Established in year 1994, NJ has over a decade of richexposure in financial investments space and portfolio advisory services. From a humblebeginning, NJ, over the years has evolved out to be a professionally managed, qualityconscious and customer focused financial / investment advisory & distribution firm. NJprides in being a professionally managed, quality focused and customer centric organization.The strength of NJ lies in the strong domain knowledge in investment consultancy and thedelivery of sustainable value to clients with support from cutting-edge technology platform,developed in-house by NJ. NJ Funds’ NetworkNJ Funds Network has been playing a pioneering role in India in providing independentadvisors / advisory firms with integrated, comprehensive and practical business solutions forensuring continuous growth & continuity of business. It provides the financial advisors andthe institutions that serve them with insights, strategies and tools to help them significantlygrow their businesses. How do we do it? That‟s because we understand how financial &wealth management businesses work and what is needed to manage, monitor and grow thepractice. Vision and MissionVision:Creating Wealth Transforming Lives Total Customer Satisfaction Commitment to Excellence Determination to Succeed with strict adherence to compliance Successful Wealth Creation of our CustomersMission:They work towards building trusted relationship with our stakeholders, for inclusive growththrough constant process of innovation; time bound implementation & execution of ideas andtechnological developments. They stretch our means and go overboard to make sure that ourclients aspirations, dreams and expectations are met with, through high service standards.
  7. 7. FOUNDER OF THE COMPANY (Directors)Neeraj choksi - joint managerJignesh Desai - joint manage BUSINESS MODULE OF NJ AMC NJ PARTNER CLIENT ValuesAt NJ their service and investing thinking is inspire and shape the thoughts, attitude, actionsand decisions of their employees. If NJ would beliefs, At NJ our Service and investing ideainspire and shape resemble a body; our philosophy would be our spirit which drives theirbody.Service viewpoint:Their primary measure of success is customer satisfaction. They are committed to providetheir customers with continuous, long- term improvements and value-additions to meet theneeds in an exceptional way. In their efforts to consistently deliver the best service possible totheir customers, so that all employees of NJ will make every effort to: Think of the customer first, take responsibility, and make prompt Service to the customer a priority deliver upon the commitments & promises made on time Anticipate, visualize, understand, meet, exceed their customer‟s Needs Bring energy, passion & excellence in everything they do Be honest and ethical, in action & attitude, and keep the customer‟s Interest supreme Strengthen customer relationships by providing service in a Thoughtful & proactive manner and meet the expectations and effectively.
  8. 8. Investing viewpoint:They aim to provide Need-based solutions for long-term wealth creation they aim to provideall customers of NJ, directly or indirectly, with true, unbiased, need-based solutions andadvice that best meets their stated & un-stated needs. In their efforts to provide qualityFinancial & investment advice, we believe that Clients want need-based solutions, which fits them Long-term wealth creation is simple and straight Asset-Allocation is the ideal & the best way for long-term wealth Creation Educating and disclosing all the important facets which the Customer needs to be aware of, is important The solutions must be unbiased, feasible, practical, executable, Measurable and flexible Constant monitoring and proper after-sales service is critical to Complete the on-going processAt NJ their aim is to earn the trust and respect of the employees, customers, partners,regulators, industry members and the community at large by following their Service andinvesting philosophy with commitment and without exceptions.ManagementThe management at NJ brings together a team of people with wide experience and knowledgein the financial services domain. The management provides direction and guidance to thewhole organization. The management has strong visions for NJ as a globally respectedcompany providing comprehensive services in financial sector.The „Customer First‟ philosophy in deeply ingrained in the management at NJ. The aim ofthe management is to bring the best to the customers in terms of Range of products and services offered Quality Customer ServiceAll the key members of the organization put in great focus on the processes & systems underthe diverse functions of business. The management also focuses on utilizing technology asthe key enabler for all the activities and to leverage the technology for enhancing overallcustomer experience.
  9. 9. People & CulturePeople: - Enthusiasm, Enterprise, Education and Ethics form the four pillars at NJ. At NJ onecan witness the vibrant energy, enthusiasm and the enterprising drive to excel flowing freelythroughout the organization. At NJ can also experience the creativity, one-to-oneresponsiveness, collaborative approach and passion for delivering value. At NJ people evolveto be more effective, efficient, and result oriented. Knowledge is inherent due to theeducation-centric approach and the experience in handling different clients groups acrossdiverse product profiles. NJ understands that the people are the most important assets of thecompany and it is not the company that grows but the people. NJ hence undertakes rigoroustraining and educational activities for enhancing the entire team at NJ. NJ also believes in the„Learning through Responsibility‟ concept for its employees. For people at NJ success is nota new word, but is a regular stepping-stone to realizing the one vision that everyone shares.Culture: - At NJ they believe in transforming the lives of their customers. They exist to createa difference – a change towards a better life. The culture at NJ reflects this responsibility, thisdream of transforming lives. And they at NJ are always excited and enthused in doing so.They believe in keeping You First and providing you with products and services that meetyour stated and unstated needs. Client satisfaction and client service is the Mantra theyconstantly recite. This service oriented philosophy runs throughout the organization, from topto bottom. Employees are given ample freedom in their work. The objective is to keep anopen, healthy environment with ample scope for enterprise, improvement, innovations andout-of-the box solutions Their efforts are constantly engaged in improving our existingservices, offering new and innovative solutions that go beyond your expectations. This focushas made them one of the most respected and preferred service providers, especially in themutual fund industry.Service StandardsService in words, service in actionService is the key to unlocking customer satisfaction, which again is Key for sustainability ofany business. At NJ they understand this very well. NJ has set strict processes in place todeliver quality services to customers. At NJ strict quality service standards are set and a well-defined process is established and followed religiously by their quality customer serviceteams. Performance is evaluated on a frequent basis and glitches are ironed out. But qualityservice also involves quality people in addition to processes. NJ gives significant focus to theproper training and development of the people involved in the service delivery chain.Further they, Have well-defined "Privacy Policy" to keep clients. Information confidential & internal audits done on the same at regular intervals Receive various statistics which are analyzed on an ongoing basis to improve the service standardsThey are committed to improve and enhance our services and undertake new serviceinitiatives. Such and other services differentiate us with other service providers in theindustry.
  10. 10. Their Service CommitmentsThe service commitments are to guide the actions of the people at NJ. Clearly stated, advisorscan freely communicate any such actions/events wherein they feel that any of the followingCommitments have been breached / compromised. At NJ they desire to honor theircommitments at all points of time and to all their advisors without any bias. To provide advisor-focused need-based valued services To provide reliable, accurate and timely information To maintain all records in privacy To optimize services/benefits at least justifiable cost To develop and grow the advisors. business To provide constructive after sales service To honor our service commitments
  11. 11. Mutual Funds: An overviewA Mutual Fund is a trust that pools the savings of a number of investors who share a commonfinancial goal. The money thus collected is invested by the fund manager in different types ofsecurities depending upon the objective of the scheme. These could range from shares todebentures to money market instruments. The income earned through these investments andthe capital appreciations realized by the scheme are shared by its unit holders in proportion tothe number of units owned by them (pro rata). Thus a Mutual Fund is the most suitableinvestment for the common strategy.A mutual fund is the ideal investment vehicle for today‟s complex and modern financialscenario. Market‟s for equity shares, bonds and complex and modern financial scenario.Markets for equity shares, bonds and other fixed income instruments, real estate, derivativesand other assets have become mature and information driven. Price changes in these assetsare driven by global events occurring in faraway places. A typical individual is unlikely tohave the knowledge, skills, inclination and time to keep track of events, understand theirimplications and act speedily. An individual also finds it difficult to keep track of ownershipof his assets, investments, brokerage dues and bank transactions etc.A mutual fund is the answer to all these situations. It appoints professionally qualified andexperienced staff that manages each of these functions on a full time basis. The large pool ofmoney collected in the fund allows it to hire such staff at a very low cost to each investor. Ineffect, the mutual fund vehicle exploits economies of scale in all three areas – research,investments and transaction processing. While the concept of individuals coming together toinvest money collectively is not new, the mutual fund in its present form is a 20th centuryphenomenon. In fact, mutual funds gained popularity only after the Second World War.Globally, there are thousands of firms offering tens of thousands of mutual funds withdifferent investment objectives. Today, mutual funds collectively manage almost as much asor more money as compared to banks.A draft offer document is to be prepared at the time of launching the fund. Typically, it prespecifies the investment objectives of the fund, the risk associated, the costs involved in theprocess and the broad rules for entry into and exit from the fund and other areas of operation.In India, as in most countries, these sponsors need approval from a regulator, SEBI(Securities exchange Board of India) in our case. SEBI looks at track records of the sponsorand its financial strength in granting approval to the fund for commencing operations.A sponsor then hires an asset management company to invest the funds according to theinvestment objective. It also hires another entity to be the custodian of the assets of the fundand perhaps a third one to handle registry work for the unit holders (subscribers) of the fund.In the Indian context, the sponsors promote the Asset Management Company also, in which itholds a majority stake. In many cases a sponsor can hold a 100% stake in the AssetManagement Company (AMC). E.g. Birla Global Finance is the sponsor of the Birla Sun LifeAsset Management Company Ltd., which has floated different mutual funds schemes andalso acts as an asset manager for the funds collected under the schemes.
  12. 12. TYPES OF MUTUAL FUNDSMutual fund schemes may be classified on the basis of its structure and its investmentobjective.By Structure:OPEN – ENDED FUNDS: - An open-end fund is one that is available for subscription allthrough the year. These do not have a fixed maturity. Investors can conveniently buy and sellunits at Net Asset Value (“NAV”) related prices. The key feature of open-end schemes isliquidity.CLOSED-ENDED FUNDS: -A closed-end fund has a stipulated maturity period whichgenerally ranging from 3 to 15 years. The fund is open for subscription only during aspecified period. Investors can invest in the scheme at the time of the initial public issue andthereafter they can buy or sell the units of the scheme on the stock exchanges where they arelisted. In order to provide an exit route to the investors, some close-ended funds give anoption of selling back the units to the Mutual Fund through periodic repurchase at NAVrelated prices. SEBI Regulations stipulate that at least one of the two exit routes is providedto the investor.INTERVAL FUNDS: - Interval funds combine the features of open-ended and close-endedschemes. They are open for sale or redemption during pre-determined intervals at NAVrelated prices.Description of work assigned during trainingDuring my training I did different department work like as marketing department, financedepartment, operation department firstly when I started training so I did a work in marketingdepartment. Under Raghav sir and Paresh Sir they taught me how did we work in market howwe sale a product in the market, and how we contact with customers. He learnt basic thingswhich are necessary for a market. Then I did training in finance department where I saw thework of the department, how they entered customer‟s data and in last I do a work in operationdepartment where I learnt how is we do an entry of a form in daily record and which type ofdocument necessary and how we can talk with him via telephone. I and my colleague NaiyaPatel Called 200 people who are LIC agents.
  13. 13. QUESTIONARYAWARNESS OF INDIVIDUAL: I am Robin Christian from INDUKAKA IPCOWALA INSTITUTE OFMANAGEMENT (I2IM) CHANGA. I have taken training for a project from N.J.INDIA INVESTMENT then I have taken a surety of this data will not be misused:1. NAME: ____________________________________________________2. AGE: __________ 3. SEX: _____________4. ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. PHONE NO: ____________________________________________________6 EMAIL ID: ______________________________________________________7. What is your profession? Job [ ] Business [ ] Service [ ] other [ ]8. Your experience in your business? Years:-___________9. What is your total monthly expenditure? Rs. ______________10. Would you save money from your income? yes [ ] no [ ]11. Would you like to investment from your saving? yes [ ] no [ ]12. Which are the products like you invest the money? Real estate [ ] Equity funds [ ] Debt funds [ ] Gold funds [ ] Bank fixed deposit [ ] Post [ ] Other funds [ ] none of these [ ] 13. Have heard about the mutual fund? yes [ ] no [ ] know slightly [ ]14. Will you like to invest in mutual funds? Yes [ ] no [ ]15. How much do you invest from your income? Rs._____________16. What is the procedure of invest the money? Direct Investment [ ] by broker [ ]17. What is your objective for investment in future?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________18. Why are choosing this field for investing the money?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________19. How much do you expect from your investment in future?___________________________________________________________________________20. How much you earn from your investment in current?___________________________________________________________________________