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Some insights into resilience, what it is and what it means. This slide set looks at resilience from the perspective of developing and building resilience within the workplace.

This slide set is available as a series of Lightbulb Moments cards. These have been well received as a valuable resource in education, training and coaching.

Lightbulb Moments are free to download from the Ei4Change website.

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Insights into Resilience - @Ei4Change

  1. 1. Insights into Resilience Ei4Change
  2. 2. . . . the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. . . . the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape — to bounce back — after being subjected to adversity or stress. Resilience is (Traditional view)
  3. 3. An ability to accept harsh reality – to take an objective view of the situation without subjective views, denial or emotion find meaning in adversity – to build bridges from an ordeal in the present to a fuller, better future continually improvise – to put resources to unfamiliar uses and imagining possibilities that others don’t see Resilience is
  4. 4. Resilience enables us to overcome misfortune steer through everyday challenges pick ourselves up and move on when events take us off course reach out to new experiences and challenges towards our potential
  5. 5. Resilience leads to better psychological well-being helps to retain a focus on what matters and supports effective behaviour improves efficiency and effectiveness reduces time off work through sickness increases happiness in work increases happiness in home life The benefits of resilience
  6. 6. Putting resilience to use Viewing problems and challenges as opportunities Learning from mistakes and failures Succeeding despite hardships Seeking out new and challenging experiences Not letting anxiety and doubts become overwhelming
  7. 7. Putting resilience to use Having a sense of humour and realistic optimism under stress Not feeling ashamed or depressed in the face of failure Transforming helplessness into power Moving from being a victim to being a survivor
  8. 8. Resilience is less about who we are and more about how we think Our mind-sets directly influence and shape how we view the world and how we view ourselves in the world Resilience is affected by our perception of the situation Resilience is a mind-set
  9. 9. Resilience relates critically to how we engage with our environment Response to the Environment Environment Behaviours Response to adversity and stress Influencing and shaping RESILIENCE
  10. 10. Optimism “Optimism focuses upon how people explain their experiences in the world.” Professor Martin Seligman The optimist relishes the good times and is unmoved by the bad. The pessimist suffers the bad times and derives little pleasure from the good.
  11. 11. When resilience is useful Rapid changes Pressures to do more with less The need to perform multiple roles, multi task and satisfy multiple demands Increasing pressure to achieve higher levels of performance Work as a part of life Greater workplace diversity
  12. 12. When resilience is useful Changing job descriptions Outsourcing, downsizing Project demands and overload Loss of control over our work Mergers and acquisitions — blending (and the clash) of organisational cultures Uncertainty about the future . . .
  13. 13. At our worst times we can become our best. Resilience is forged through adversity, not despite it. The Paradox of Resilience
  14. 14. Images of Resilience A set of 16 carefully designed and selected images drawn in an attractive cartoon style. The images are metaphors, representing a range of experiences and emotions linked with the theme of ‘RESILIENCE’. They explore different facets of resilience and its connections with stress, change, challenge and learning.
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