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Logo Development Package

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The Wave Manual Master

  1. 1. Logo Development & Application ForThe Wave Corporation
  2. 2. Table of Contents
  3. 3. Mission StatementA creative colorful, exciting and true to thesurf lifestyle brand of clothing; made to reflectthe lifestyle and vibe to anyone who admiressurfing, especially providing to the surfer whohas no ocean available. We strive to be earthfriendly. Our clothing reflects what touristsknow to be the hip now trendy styles. Classicsare classics, and The Wave is a classic.
  4. 4. Letter From The CEODear colleagues, fellow shareholders, customers and other readers,It is great when a plan comes together, and that’s exactly what happened for TheWave in 2007. This logo development application presentation is the culminationof The Wave’s first year since we announced our Focus on logo development.We believe you will agree, after reading this manual, that 2006 was indeed asuccessful year for The Wave. Not just because of our strong operationalresults, the successful ways some of the hard choices of 2006 were executed,or the imaginative new ways our people found to improve our business, butbecause all these things happened AND we laid the basis for continued success.In other words strategy in action: delivering results and at the same time buildingnew platforms for growth.All this made 2006 a successful year for The Wave. We have many people tothank for their contributions to this success: our customers, our employees, oursubcontractors and other business partners, our shareholders, our SupervisoryBoard members and every other stakeholder who has taken time to help makeour company a better one.With the group in good shape we look forward to the opportunities andchallenges of 2007 with enthusiasm. We consider it our business to deliver yoursRobin PaddockCEO
  5. 5. Logo Development
  6. 6. Beginnings of Development - Simple Sketches Development of the logo began with simple sketches. The use of the an actual wave being included in the design was of essence. The wave is the surfing icon that can not be surpassed. Symbolizing the ocean, and the goal of the surfer.. to ride the ultimate wave. Progressing through the thumbnails, a simple representation of the wave became more important. Simple style and the need for a classic representation became more evident. Simply trying out different styles of waves and their curls, it was important not to make the wave too intimidating, but yet comfortable, and smooth.
  7. 7. Development ContinuesGoing through the process of trying out different possibili-ties, the inclusion of the “w” in wave, felt like a necessarystep in creating a strong mark for the company. Continuing through the development process, the curls of the wave were simply included into the
  8. 8. Simple yet a strong mark, the approach on the final mark was found. Clean, crisp and strong,Modifications were experimented with, and found to make themark much to cluttered, and decisions were made to keep itsimple; a winning combination with logos. Arrival at the finished refined product.
  9. 9. Logo Specifications 10
  10. 10. Black and WhitePantone Process Coated Color - DS Process BlackCMYK - 100% KRGBWeb ColorsThis logo is completely sizeable for all usesThe black and white logos are useful for many applications includinginteroffice paper products, sinage, or any application where you may wish tosave money on color application. 11
  11. 11. Other Black and White Variations Variations of the black and white logo are avail- able and very useful for many different applica- tions. Black center with white outline should be used when the logotype does not need to be as bold as the full black. The black background logo can be used on all black applications, along with situations where a more sleek sophisticated look is needed. 1
  12. 12. Full Color Logo SpecificationsPantone Process Coated ColorDS Process Cyan CCMYK DS-204-1C DS - Process Cyan CRGBWeb ColorsThis logo is completely sizeable for all usesColor logos are useful for many applications including sinage, brochures,promotional materials and on manufactured product. 1
  13. 13. Variations of Color Applications Red - Pantone DS 90-1C Orange - Pantone DS 73-2-C Yellow - Pantone DS 2-4-C Green - DS 274-2-C Blue - DS 239 - 3-C Purple - DS 184-2C Outline - Pantone DS Process Cyan CWhile the color for the logo may be changed to any color avail-able, the outline must remain the standard, and may not bemodified unless logo is used in black and white. 1
  14. 14. Application of Color VariationMany applications of color may be used in clothing logo application. Anycolor can be used, but should follow color theory in there applications. 1
  15. 15. Other Color Logo Applications The logo can be applied to any gear, includ- ing surfboards.The color should be changed and all colorsare available with a simple photoshop paintbucket application. 1
  16. 16. Ride the Wave....... its a classic 1
  17. 17. Logo Do’s and Don’t’s Don’t use the logo in a solid form. Logo must be outlined in all color applications. Black and White is the exception.Don’t skew or rotate the Wave logo. It must re-main at 100% straight view. Do feel free to use the White outlined version of the logo on a black background where necessary.Don’t not use the white outlines application ofthe logo on white background. 1
  18. 18. The Wave Logo 1
  19. 19. Stationary Packages 0
  20. 20. Corporate Package The Wave 1334 North Beachwood Malibu, California 94867 The Wave 1334 North Beachwood c chwood Malibu, California 94867 n nia Phone: 908-123-1235 - Fax: 908-123-1234 - Employee Name e Employee Title ye yeeThe Wave1334 North BeachwoodMalibu, California 94867 Phone: 908-123-1235 - -123-1235 Fax: 908-123-1234 - -1234 av 1
  21. 21. Corporate Letterhead Shown opposite is the corporate The Wave Wave letterhead/continuation sheet 1334 North Beachwood Malibu, California 94867 design. Should be used for all outside company business communications prepared for company mailing. Paper size: 8 1/2 x 11 Paper recommendation Paper type : White, uncoated Paper name : Sweden BondPaper Phone: 908-123-1235 - Fax: 908-123-1234 - weight: 0gsmUsed in conjunction with your Logo Design, Corporate Identity helps to com-plete the image of your company. It continues the idea that was created in thelogo, and carries it through to your marketing materials.Beyond the necessary business cards, letterhead and envelopes, the team usesyour corporate vision to create a range of attention getting products.And once created, the team has the experience and knowledge necessaryto create trouble-free reproduction files, whether that includes customdie cuts, special inks and finishes, or just the right paper stock to enhanceyour image.
  22. 22. Corporate EnvelopeShown opposite is thecorporate Wave letterhead/continuation sheet design.Should be used for alloutside company business The Wave 1334 North Beachwood Malibu, California 94867communications preparedfor company mailing.Paper size:8 1/2 x 11Paper recommendationPaper type : White, uncoatedCorrect use of stationery provides consistency and integrity, supporting our brandmission, its purpose and values. The way we conduct our everyday business provides animportant opportunity to reflect all that we are.For users of all Microsoft Office applications, electronic templates are available todownload from and should be used with all pre-printed stationeryitems.A complete set of Microsoft Powerpoint templates are also available for download and should be used at all times.For ease of use and consistency, electronic templates provide pre-determined typographicsizes, leading and positioning. No other versions should be used.
  23. 23. Corporate Business Card Shown opposite is the standard Wave corporate business card. The Wave Paper size Business card: 1334 North Beachwood c chwood Malibu, California 94867 n nia 2 x 3 1/2 Inches Employee Name e Employee Title ye yee Paper recommendation Paper type :Phone: 908-123-1235 - -123-1235Fax: 908-123-1234 - -1234 White, av Paper name : Sweden BondPaper Weight: 22 gsm
  24. 24. Personal Package The Wave 1334 North Beachwood Malibu, California 94867 The Wave 1334 North Beachwood Malibu, California 94867Phone: 908-123-1235 - Fax: 908-123-1234 - Employee Name Employee Title The Wave 1334 North Beachwood Malibu, California 94867 Phone: 908-123-1235 Fax: 908-123-1234
  25. 25. Personal Letterhead The Wave 1334 North Beachwood Shown opposite is the personal Wave letterhead/ Malibu, California 94867 continuation sheet design. Should be used for all person to person business communications prepared for company mailing. Paper size: 7 1/4 x 10 1/2 Paper recommendation Paper type : White, uncoated Paper name : Sweden Bond Paper weight: 0gsmPhone: 908-123-1235 - Fax: 908-123-1234 -
  26. 26. Personal EnvelopeShown opposite is TheWave personal envelope.Should be used for allperson to person businesscommunications preparedfor company mailing. The Wave 1334 North Beachwood Malibu, California 94867Envelope size:3 1/2 x 3 7/8Paper recommendationPaper type : White,uncoatedPaper name : SwedenBondPaper weight: 0gsm
  27. 27. Personal Business Card Shown opposite is the The Wave 1334 North Beachwood standard Wave personal Malibu, California 94867 business card. Employee Name Paper sizeBusiness card: Employee Title 2 x 3 1/2 Inches Paper recommendation Paper type : White, uncoatedPhone: 908-123-1235Fax: 908-123-1234 Paper name : BondPaper Weight: 22 gsm
  28. 28. Recommended Paper Stocks Alternate ChoicesCapitol Bond Paper - 24 lb. Writing Paper Bright White 25%Cotton Light Cockle Finish 8.5 x 11Long held as the benchmark in affordable, dependable 25% cottoncommunication papers, Capitol Bond truly is the standard for business andpersonal correspondence. Acid Free, Elemental Chlorine FreeHoward Linen Paper - Bright White Linen 24 lb. Writing Paper 81/2 x 11 ReamHoward Linen is the emblem of performance and economical style. Withjust a hint of texture, its attractive linen finish can be used for a wide rangeof applications. Acid Free, Elemental Chlorine Free, Produced with 30%Post-Consumer Fibers
  29. 29. Identity TypefacesThe Wave typeface family is Gill Sans. The font should be used for allprinted communication.Consistent use of the fonts is essential to conveying a unified impression. 0
  30. 30. More Identity TypefacesTypography in electronic media for reasons of practicality the typefacefor use in all Wave electronic media is Amerika Sans.Although a different appearence to the corporate Wave typeface ofAmerika Sans, Gill Sans is clean, contemporary and flexible. 1
  31. 31. Additional Logo Applications
  32. 32. Web Site Application
  33. 33. The Ulitmate in Classic Surfwear Beachgear Covers Menswear Ladies Wear Kids Wear About US Place an Order Corporate Link Information Payment Info 0