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Transport: a time of change and opportunity - CIHT's Andrew Hugill


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External seminar given on 10 October 2013 at the Institute for Transport Studies ( by Andrew Hugill, Director of Policy and Technical Affairs for the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT)

The CIHT represents over 12,000 members from the highways and transportation sector in over 85 countries worldwide. Members come from a range of professional backgrounds relating to the building, maintenance, operation, design and planning of transportation networks.

Andrew’s talk presented his views of some of the key issues the Highways & Transportation sector faces in the UK, the globalised nature of some of these issues, the role of CIHT and how the sector might respond.

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Transport: a time of change and opportunity - CIHT's Andrew Hugill

  1. 1. A time of change and opportunity Andrew Hugill Director Policy and Technical Affairs
  2. 2. Vision To support the transport and infrastructure community in the development of excellence through professionalism, advice and friendship.
  3. 3. Strategic Aims 1. To be a learned, multi-modal transport institution relevant to all sectors of the industry for the benefit of society 2. To provide services that meet the needs of members 3. To be a leading body in the award of transportation related qualifications
  4. 4. Transport infrastructure: a vital role
  5. 5. The understanding of the value of H&T is fragmented Customers Politicians Government Wider sector Members of CIHT
  6. 6. Availability of resources may limit development Economic growth Funding & Finance Skills Global competition Austerity Waste
  7. 7. Wider trends will affect how the sector works Technology Health/Age Social Sustainability Globalisation
  8. 8. Value ResourcesWider trends
  9. 9. Opportunities & Challenges Unique position to articulate the public benefit of an improved sector Can work across silos to influence and shape Can draw upon a huge range of contacts and knowledge Ideally placed to support members and development of the profession
  10. 10. Current involvement Action for Roads Building a World Class Highways Supply Chain Transport Select Committee Planning Policy World Roads Association UKRLG Learned Society Boards and Panels Corporate Partners HS2 Funding Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme
  11. 11. Implications for the sector •Our sector is well placed • There are some welcome changes underway •To deliver what society needs we need to do more • We will need new skills and resources for the profession to take part in that change •CIHT is taking up those challenges – help us to do it.
  12. 12. 10 Reasons to be a Member 1. Qualifications and industry recognition 2. Local Branch Support 3. CPD 4. A networking community 5. Transport Professional Magazine 6. Members only on-line areas 7. Best Practice & Technical Excellence 8. A voice for the profession 9. Represent CIHT 10. CIHT Awards CIHT Presidential Conference, Brighton 2011
  13. 13. Benefits for Students  Building a Professional Networking  Making good contacts within Branches and Corporate Partners within the UK and Overseas  Technical and social events  Broaden your industry knowledge and experience through CPD events  Raise your profile amongst industry peers and get involved in your local CIHT Branch  Access to information, current thinking & best practice  Keep up to date with industry news via LinkedIn, Twitter, Transport Professional magazine and technical papers on My CIHT  Transport Professional Magazine & Consultants Directory  Transport Advice Portal (on-line technical library)  Access information on job opportunities through our official jobs website  Routes to Qualifications  Chartered Engineer (CEng), Incorporated Engineer (IEng), Engineering Technician (EngTech), Transport Planning Professional Qualification (TPP)
  14. 14. Further Information Membership Department • Tel: 020 7336 1571 • Email: Apply on-line: CIHT Yorkshire & Humberside branch: Join us @ Twitter and LinkedIn CIHT on-line student application form
  15. 15. A time of change and opportunity Thank you Andrew Hugill