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Tronic Solutions strives to deliver comprehensive digital marketing solutions, with result driven approach and experiences as its core experiences. We have been serving our clients globally with quality digital solutions. Be it online media planning strategy, we are prepared with perfect blend of experience, strategic thinking and innovative approach.
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Tronic Solutions: Next Step to Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Next Step toDigitalMarketingTronic SolutionsBuild Your Online IdentityCopyright © Tronic Solutions
  2. 2.  Social Media Optimization (SMO) Google AdwordINDEXCopyright © Tronic Solutions
  3. 3. What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) ?SEO or search engineoptimization is the processof developing and boostingthe quality and volume oftraffic to a given websitevia search engines.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  4. 4. SEOOn-PageSEOOff-PageSEOCopyright © Tronic Solutions
  5. 5. On page SEO is the process of optimizing thecontent of your website. This includes the text,images and links on your website. Anythinguploaded to your sites domain is considered onpage.What is On-Page SEO ?Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  6. 6. Components of On-Page SEO Site analysis, Understanding of Existing Promotional Activities (if any)& Web Site Architecture Assessment. Clients business analysis & understanding, Target Audience etc. Goals Assessment & Understanding budget constraints. Keyword Research: Collection of keywords and finalization inconsultation with the client.Continue on next page……..Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  7. 7.  Competitors Research& Analysis - Analyze top three competitors’websites that rank higher in search engines. Take care of canonical issue Improve the existing on-page copy to convey a ‘theme’ about eachpage of the site to search engines crawlers. Meta Tag and Description Tag Optimization Page Title Tag Optimization Broken Link CheckContinue on next page……..Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  8. 8.  Alt Tag Optimization HTML Optimization & Modifications Create XML sitemap and submit to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing Optimize anchor text of the links to include core keywords in them Modify robots.txt file to prevent search engines from indexing pagessuch as admin directory & pages. Integrate Google Analytics to track visitor activity.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  9. 9. What is Off-Page SEO ?Off-page SEO are activities to promote and popularizeour website. The most important reason that off pageSEO is essential is that it generates links to yourwebsite. The better the quality of content displayed onyour website, the better the chance of your websitegaining a high ranking on any search engine.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  10. 10.  Directory Submissions Social Bookmarking Search Engine Submissions Article Submission Forum Postings Question-Answers Classified Posting Blog Creation Business Listing Content SharingComponents of Off-Page SEOCopyright © Tronic Solutions
  11. 11. Directory SubmissionsDirectory submission refers to the process of adding your website to a webdirectory. The directory submission process involves submitting your websiteURL along with other details of your website to the most appropriate category.Social BookmarkingSocial bookmarking is an easy way to get backlinks to your site. You just submita title, URL, description, and tags = 1 easy backlink to your website. And alsobookmarking allow you to specifically target what you want to see.Question-AnswersQ&A sites can helpful to get relevant traffic and high quality backlinks for yourwebsite.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  12. 12. Search Engine SubmissionsThe act of supplying a URL to a search engine in an attempt to make asearch engine aware of a site or page.Article SubmissionSubmitting websites to Article Sites is very popular amongst SEO experts, asarticle submission not only gives you High Quality Back Links from relevantsites also increases online visibility.Forum PostingForum posting discussion is a way to share knowledge also it helps a websiteby collecting back links. Lots of people come to forum site to know aboutsomething or to learn.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  13. 13. Classified PostingClassified submission is very useful to promote the website as they get postedimmediately and can generate sales queries in a couple of days. Classified adsare a great resource for someone who is not in organic ranking.Blog CreationBlogs provide business with a chance to share your expertise and knowledgewith a larger audience. An opportunity to connect with a wider audience andbuild a community is a strong benefit for consultants and knowledge workers.Business ListingA good business listing to business directories or citations are important. Inthis way, people will got to see your business easily by simple doing a Googlesearch. Your business will become more searchable and easy to reach.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  14. 14. Content SharingContent Sharing is a technique that allows you to organize and view all yourdocuments and content in an online file and folder structure. You can easilyshare the content with others with a unique URL to document and can uploadthe documents of any sizes.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  15. 15. SMOCopyright © Tronic Solutions
  16. 16. What is Social Media Optimization(SMO) ?Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the use of anumber of social media outlets and communities togenerate publicity to increase the awareness of aproduct, brand or event. The main focus of SocialMedia Optimization is to drive traffic from sourcesother than search engines.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  17. 17. FacebookFacebook has found a way to make itself the link between the brand and theconsumer. Many people use facebook professionally for business networking.More and more businesses with an online presence will link users to afacebook page.TwitterTwitter is a wonderful medium for free publicity, as it creates brand awarenessand builds a relation based on trust with potential customers. An enterprisecan convey it to the people about its latest product offering and future work.Using Twitter, a business can reach out to maximum pool in minimum time,using minimal resources.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  18. 18. Linked InLinkedIn is a social networking site developed specifically for business. The sitefeatures business professionals as users who are there to market themselvesand/or their companies by building relationships and contacts. LinkedIn isuseful in the exchange of ideas, information and opportunities.Google+One of the unique future given by Google in Google + is that if you want toshare information or content on your profile then you have option how toshare that information via its special feature called Circle.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  19. 19. MyspaceUsing MySpace for business networking can be a very effective tool to add toyour marketing strategy. The beauty of using MySpace for business networkingis that it is extremely powerfully, totally customizable, and absolutely free. Youessentially are being given an opportunity to own a hosted website for free.FlickrFlickr is one of the most popular photo-sharing sites on the Internet. Ownedby Yahoo! Flickr is also an online social community, whose members sharephotos and mutual interests.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  20. 20. Slide ShareSlideshare is the business orientated Social Media platform that revolutionizedthe business world. Slides that are uploaded should only contain seriousbusiness orientated content. Slideshare has gained a solid reputation forfacilitating business success through a more dependable, professional socialmedia platform.ScribdScribd is a document-sharing website that allows users to post documents ofvarious formats, and embed them into a web page using its iPaper format.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  21. 21. Video OptimizationCreate a video that target our Audience and tell our services. Online videomarketing is the key business differentiator for web companies wanting tocommunicate effectively their product profile and benefits within the shortestpossible time.StumbleUponWebsite owners and marketers can benefit from StumbleUpon by using it as away to bring more Internet traffic to a website. More traffic either means moreexposure for a product or service, or, in some cases, more advertising revenuebased on extra traffic and ad clicks.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  22. 22. PinterestPinterest is a social photo sharing website that has also been described as anonline pin board . Every image pinned to a Board has a link back to its originalpublished source. Pinterest content is being crawled and indexed by Google,therefore it will impact your SEO rankings.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  23. 23. Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  24. 24. What is Online Reputation Management(ORM)?Online reputation management definition it is managingthe reputation of a company, but it can be for acompany of any size, whether it is a larger companywho wants to self-promote, or a just-establishedcompany which wants to get its name out there.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  25. 25. The reputation management definition can be separated into threedifferent categories :- Building – This type of reputation management has to do with building thereputation for a business that is just getting started. It includes building agood reputation to maintaining it for your business. Maintenance – Reputation management meant to just keep a company’sgood image superior in the public eye is called maintenance. This is meantfor companies that are already established, and have a good reputationalready. Recovery – If your business has gotten a bad reputation for any reason,then the recovery portion of reputation management is for you. BrickMarketing works to hide the bad reputation with good marketing and self-promotion.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  26. 26. Components of ORM Blogging – Blogs that are updated every day Directory listings – Listing a website in directories using optimized keywords Direct reviews – Hiring someone to write good reviews of the company onwebsites Online publicity – Syndicated article writing, links, and banners Social networking – Posting pages on and Facebook.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  27. 27. Understand HowAdwordsWorks……?Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  28. 28. What is Google AdWords ?Google AdWords is Googlesadvertising system in whichadvertisers bid on certainkeywords in order for theirclickable ads to appear inGoogles search results. GoogleAdWords uses CPC pricingwhich is based on each time auser clicks on the ad and isdirected to your website.
  29. 29. Google algorithm update is arules and regulations that are setby Google. To get a goodranking in the search engine it isbelieved that one should followthat updated Google algorithm.What isCopyright © Tronic Solutions
  30. 30. Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  31. 31. Google Panda Update starting from the beginning ofthe year,2011. Continuously Google is improving theirsearch result and lowering the rank of spammy site,Content farms, affiliate sites, scraper sites and siteswith too many advertisements.Google released, "Another step to reward high-qualitysites" with it’s April 24th, 2012 Penguin update.Targets of the Penguin include: Keyword Stuffing, LinkSchemes, Over Optimization of Content, SpunArticles.On 27th of September, EMD stands for exact matchdomains. It is an algorithmic update. The “EMDupdate” was aimed at removing low quality, spammy,“exact-match” domains from the SERPs.Copyright © Tronic Solutions
  32. 32. Google DanceGoogle’s Extra ActivitiesThe Google Dance refers to when Google indexes are updated. This period of timeoften results in fluctuations in the index size and some noticeable changes insearch engine result positions.Google BombingGoogle Bombing is when a group of sites such as blogs join forces to link to anunflattering page about a company such that this page rises to the top of thesearch results in Google.Google JuiceInternet slang to refer to the substance which flows between web pages via theirhyperlinks. Pages with lots of links pointing to them acquire much Google Juiceand pages which link to highly juicy pages acquire some reflected Google Juice.
  33. 33. Copyright © Tronic SolutionsBuild Your Online IdentityVisit Us: www.tronicsolutions.comMail Us: info@tronicsolutions.comCall Us: +91-8588042124Presented By: Abhishek Anand