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  1. 1. Last update: 31 Jul 2014 Desktop Traffic SimilarWeb Rank 169,564 Global Rank 54,594 In United States 2,493 Travel > Tourism edit category Monthly Visits in last 6 months Select Date Range  Feb 14 Mar 14 Apr 14 May 14 Jun 14 Jul 14 0 50K 100K 150K 200K Traffic Sources in last 3 months 26.72% 12.35% 60.35% 150K 00:02:17 3.60 43.47% 74.59% 15.71% 4.25% 4.06% 1.39% Engagement in July, 2014 Estimated Visits  Time On Site  Page Views  Bounce Rate Subdomains sso.glendale... webmail.glen... other + ADD COMPETITORS
  2. 2. Direct 12.35%  Referrals  Search 0.19%  Social 0.38% Mail 0%  Display GET MORE
  3. 3. 97.53%of total traffic in last 3 months came from: United States Geography  97.53% 0.82% 0.36% 0.23% 0.15% leading countries United States Canada India United Kingdom Ukraine GET ALL COUNTRIES IN PRO
  4. 4. 12.35%of total traffic in last 3 months came from referrals Referring Sites  Top Referring Sites Agency.governmentjobs... Webhelper.centurylink... GET ALL REFERRING SITES IN PRO  Top Destination Sites Agency.gover... Host9.evance... Glendale.pol... Library.muni... GET ALL DESTINATION SITES IN PRO 
  5. 5. 60.35%of total traffic in last 3 months is search Search Traffic  100% Organic Search Organic Keywords Glendale Public Library City Of Glendale Glendale Az Glendale Az Library Glendale Water City Of Glendale Water Search Engines Google Bing Yahoo MiscSearch Ask Other Paid Keywords NO PAID KEYWORDS
  6. 6. City Of Glendale Az Jobs Glendale Aquatic Center Glendale Library Glendale Arizona SEE ALL KEYWORDS IN PRO Google Bing Yahoo MiscSearch Ask Other
  7. 7. 0.19%of total traffic in last 3 months is social Social  Facebook 92.21% Flickr 7.79% GET ALL SOCIAL TRAFFIC IN PRO
  8. 8. NO DISPLAY ADVERTISING This website doesn’t use display advertising as part of their marketing activity. Display Advertising
  9. 9. Categories Users who visited also visited following website categories Law And Government > Government Business And Industry Travel > Tourism Adult Audience Interests  Glendale.polarisl... Tempe.polarislibr... Winweb.cleanharbo... Also visited websites Users who visited also visited the following websites GET MORE Topics Topics cloud generated from also visited websites
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