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How To Deliver A Memorable Online Demo


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A small set of simple guidelines that can transform those often boring and dull online presentations that most companies deliver when they introduce their newest software releases, into memorable demos that your customers or students will not easily forget.

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How To Deliver A Memorable Online Demo

  1. 1. How to Deliver a Memorable Online Demo
  2. 2. The Online Demo User Experience is
  3. 3. ...often boring, sometimes too much
  4. 4. What Is It That Doesn’t Work?
  5. 5. Typical Things That Do Not Work
  6. 6. a) Technology
  7. 7. b) Time
  8. 8. c) Customer
  9. 9. d) Format Not a born performer Difficult to deliver How to engage? Little reaction from customers Pre-packaged approach one style for everyone Institutional flavor
  10. 10. What Can You Do To Deliver A Memorable Demo?
  11. 11. 1) Hold no hostages! Send All Product and Institutional Info Beforehand
  12. 12. 2) Listen! Understand what your customer really wants to know
  13. 13. 3) Ask Stop running your tape
  14. 14. 4) Compare Show differences with competitors
  15. 15. 5) Illustrate Make Yourself Understood
  16. 16. 6) Be Open Listen In For Ideas & Suggestions
  17. 17. 7) Take Good Note Every feedback is an opportunity for making it better
  18. 18. 8) Feed-back! Show That You Have Taken Good Note
  19. 19. 9) Create Something Useful Avoid creating fake, useless examples
  20. 20. 10) Leave Something Memorable Something so good they will not easily forget
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