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What makes a great employee - Career Advice by


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Do you want to step up your career game? Get back to the foundation and let yourself be influenced by the attributes of a great employee. Collected by the PresentationsPanda and downloadable at

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What makes a great employee - Career Advice by

  1. 1. what makes a
  2. 2. A great employee will always want to improve and will have big goals
  3. 3. A great employee will have the ability to work by themselves
  4. 4. A great employee will stay grounded and not get too arrogant H U M B L E
  5. 5. A great employee has an incredible amount of passion for what they are doing P A S S I O N
  6. 6. Take Risks Confidence
  7. 7. The One who asks unexpected questions CREATIVE
  8. 8. The one you can always count on RELIABLE
  10. 10. POSITIVE Having a positive attitude, especially when times are tough
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