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MDI Gurgaon_Contourists_Coca-Cola Showcase

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MDI Gurgaon_Contourists_Coca-Cola Showcase

  1. 1. The ‘Band Of Happiness’ Sashank CV Tushar Sharma Tejas Shah Robin Bansal Team Name: Contourists  The contour bottle has 'The Band of Happiness' on which is attached to the cap of the bottle  This band depicts the journey of Coca-Cola over the past 100 years in the Indian context  Each sip of Coke will be signified by different events in time  After the user finishes the coke, the user can detach the band just by pulling it from the bottom of the bottle  Since Coke is all about sharing, Share your Coke with your near and dear ones  Take the Band of Happiness off the bottle and tie it on your hand showing that you have shared your Coke and helped spread the happiness  Click a selfie with your friends and win personalised Coca-Cola goodies  This way Coca-Cola depicts that it continues to spread happiness for many more years to come Consumer Insight: People don’t finish the entire bottle of coca cola in one go and they hold the bottle for around 10-15 sec between each sip Idea: Indulge the consumer while he is holding the bottle by printing facts on the bottle Consumer Insight: People like to share a coke with a friend or when they are in a group Idea: Indulge the group/couple by giving them wrist bands to tie each other along with the Coca Cola bottle The Band: When on the bottle it depicts the timeline of Coca-Cola and its history in India When detached from the bottle, it acts like a wrist band which shows Coca-Cola elegantly written on it This band can be designed for all types of bottle Material: Fibre/Plastic
  2. 2. Campaign • TV Ad • Shows major events in the past 100 years featuring famous personalities in sports, politics, movies etc. • The campaign speaks about how coke has been sharing happiness throughout these 100 years • The ad will also show how one must wear the band on sharing a coke with some one else • The consumer is shown clicking a selfie with the person whom he has shared the coke with and winning Coca-Cola goodies • Point of Sale • Posters and standees with the Band of Happiness • Each level in the band is explained in the poster • The new Coke bottles with the ‘Band of Happiness’ will be at the forefront of the retail stores • Facebook and Twitter links are displayed on the posters and the standees Team Name: Contourists • Newspapers • Advertisements in national and regional newspapers • Speaks about the ‘Band of Happiness’ and the completion of 100 years of the Coca-Cola contour bottle • Each level in the band is explained in the ad • Message – Share a Coke, Click a Selfie, Upload and Win up to a 100 Coke goodies • Ad features the Facebook and twitter links on which the social media campaign will be running • Radio • Coca-Cola ads broadcasted on radio • Ads talking about the Band of Happiness campaign and celebration of 100 years of the contour bottle • Broadcasts on radio stations in metro cities • Broadcast on All India Radio • Run contests on these radio stations • Coca-Cola goodies as prizes for those sharing their Band of Happiness story 1 34 2 Sashank CV Tushar Sharma Tejas Shah Robin Bansal
  3. 3. Social Media • Initiation of Coca-Cola ‘Band of Happiness’ campaign on Facebook and Twitter • Awareness through social media about the significance of the contour bottle of Coca-Cola • How Coke has been spreading happiness from the time of birth of the contour bottle • People are encouraged to • On 10 such selfies uploaded, Personalised Coca-Cola goodies will be given • This ensures that the people are interested in the campaign and the campaign goes viral Team Name: Contourists 1. Share a bottle of Coca-Cola and sport the Band of Happiness on their wrist 2. Upload selfies sporting the Band of Happiness on Facebook 3. Tweet about your sharing experience #BandofHappiness Sashank CV Tushar Sharma Tejas Shah Robin Bansal