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What the Post Transaction Can Look Like


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In 12 to 36 months, Founder, family and their trusted advisor can have clarity, consensus and choice of direction with a clear path forward either with or without their business.

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What the Post Transaction Can Look Like

  1. 1. All Rights Reserved@2016 Founder Owned Business What the Day After Can Look Like for Founder & Family What CAN the day after look like for Founder & Family? B Pre- Transaction Due Diligence and human issues are addressed Agreed Outcomes, Reverse engineered Clear Founder & Family Expectations Business Related  Tangible and intangible assets translate into value drivers  Risk drivers are identified, measured, managed or mitigated  Scaling company size Putting These Together  “GRRK” provides the strategy, the metrics and the actions  “Real” alpha often 2x, 5x or more, measuring tangible and intangible assets Founder & Family Related  Alignments- Founder, Family, Staff and Advisors  Liquidity vs legacy  Getting from here to there Happier outcomes & a clear path forward both individually & as a family collective