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Founder Owned Business Transactions & Transitions


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What Does the Day After Look Like for a Founder & Family? It's rare that a Founder gets to enjoy a full cash purchase or has a clear path forward. As a Founder or Advisors, you can reap the rewards of doing more earlier.

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Founder Owned Business Transactions & Transitions

  1. 1. All Rights Reserved @2016 Founder Owned Business What Does the Day After a Transaction Look Like for Founder & Family? Post Transaction Issues Seldom able to walk away at full cash price Regret or remorse often ensues Seldom has a clear path forward Terms of Sale • 100% cash purchase? Rare • Golden handcuff provisions? Common • A Note and holdback? Common Post-Merger Integration Who is divested after sale? The near and long term impact? Founder & Family • Taxes & Net Proceeds, far reaching impact • Misaligned interests • High Ambitions, Absence of purpose or execution [Menu Item Name] [Menu item description.]