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Would you like a "do it all for you Property Investment services? Watch this!

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  • We spend our lives in a groove which we accept as normal – 40 hours per week 48 weeks per year exchanging time for moneyThere is another way – where we put our money to work and achieve the point where we create an asset that pays us whether we work or notThis point is the point where we become financially free. There are various ways of creating an extra revenue stream – business, investments (equities, property, venture capital), royalty income (music, art, photography, literature) Tonight we are going to look at becoming financially free through property – where we can become released from exchanging time at work for time doing what we want to do.
  • This graph shows the history of UK property market recorded by Nationwide building society – we have only to look back over the last 40 years to see how the market moves in one direction – ask yourself – how much did you pay for your house – how much did your parents pay for theirs?
  • This map taken from the Times at the end of June this year shows the %age of equity remaining in people’s homes is different in different areas. Our investment strategy is to buy in the following areas – Newquay, Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol, Cheltenham, The Cotswolds, Winchester and London.
  • We all know what is happening to the UK economy at the moment with job losses and cost cutting happening everywhere making the risk of households not being able to make their obligations going forward. This map was taken from The spectator magazine with data taken from Experien the credit checking agency. It is worth being aware of the differences across the nation when selecting a property investment. The lower the risk the higher the demand for housing and the more reliable the rental
  • Midas Quick Overview

    1. 1. • When is the right time to buy?Population growth forecast:63.5 million by 2013, 65.6 million by 2018 , 67.8 million, 69.8 million by 2026, 71.6 million by 2033Rented sector – provides to 4.3 million housesThat figure is expected to grow by 20% in next 5 yearsLow interest ratesVery motivated vendors – therefore best pricesVery high rents
    2. 2. Put your money to work 1000 2000 3000 5000 6000 7000 4000 0Jan-10Aug-10Mar-11Oct-11May-12Dec-12 Jul-13Feb-14Sep-14Apr-15Nov-15Jun-16Jan-17Aug-17Mar-18 Exchange time for moneyOct-18May-19Dec-19 Jul-20 Financial Freedom Income Expenses
    3. 3. r 100,000 140,000 160,000 180,000 200,000 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 120,000 0 Q4 1952 Q2 19541972=£6,008 Q4 19551952 = £1,8911992=£52,1871982=£24,1772002=£103,501 Q2 1957 Q4 1958 Q2 1960 Q4 1961 Q2 1963 Q4 1964 Q2 1966 Q4 1967 Q2 1969 Q4 1970 Q2 1972 Q4 1973 Q2 1975 Q4 1976 Q2 1978 Q4 1979 Q2 1981 Q4 1982 Q2 1984 Why Property? Q4 1985 Q2 1987 Q4 1988 Q2 1990 2011=£166,764 Q4 1991 Q2 1993 Q4 1994 Source: http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/historical.htm Q2 1996 Q4 1997 Q2 1999 Q4 2000 Q2 2002 Q4 2003 Q2 2005 Q4 2006 Q2 2008 Q4 2009 Q2 2011
    4. 4. Current Financial Choices• National Debt – Inflation• Savings Who do you turn to?
    5. 5. I Think back and ask the question…. •How much did you pay for your first house? •What is it worth today? •Could you have saved this money any other way?
    6. 6. Why do people always rush to buy their first house and then stop? 4 main reasons:• Fear• Lack of knowledge• Hassle• Lack of free time
    7. 7. How does Midas Estates work? All under one roof Sourcing Legal Negotiation Management Finance Tax-THIS LEAVES YOU TO GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE -
    8. 8. I GETTING STARTED Free Appraisal & Regular Reviews Recommendation Tenant Find & Instruction & Purchase Manage
    9. 9. r Doing research – equity heat map Source: The Times: Savills
    10. 10. r Doing research – economic risk map Source Experian
    11. 11. I Newquay, Cornwall
    12. 12. I Newquay, Cornwall
    13. 13. r Source: www.home.co.uk Jan 2011
    14. 14. London,Wapping,MulberryHouse
    15. 15. Stratford,London
    16. 16. Source: www.home.co.uk Jan 2011
    17. 17. r Rissington, The Cotswolds
    18. 18. r
    19. 19. I David Wilson Show Home - The Winstone, Wyndham Park, Yeovil Fully Furnished Show Home, 4 Bed with Parking Market Price £359,950 Midas Discounted Price £345,000 Rental Guaranteed at £2512 per month for 3 Years Mortgage Payments only £873 pm, Yearly Profit = £19,668
    20. 20. I What is the lowest entry point with Midas?
    21. 21. I Lets talk about “Overseas”
    22. 22. a How do you manage your properties? Go Multi Agent for “find” only Negotiate Fees down Midas Manage at no extra cost
    23. 23. a How do you manage your properties? Take control of referencing & inventory process Rent Guarantee Policy & Legal Dispute service
    24. 24. a How do you manage your properties? Never allow contract to expire in a dead time Rent review & 2 month’s notice period with no re-sign fees
    25. 25. a How do you manage your properties? Single Point of Contact Enables diversified portfolios Nationwide Maintenance Easy book-keeping
    26. 26. So what do you do while your money works for you?- Spend more time with your loved ones - Design a life of choice