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Proposed Presentation by Robin Russell for the Cal South Coaches; February 26th 2012

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Cal south 2012

  1. 1. Cal South Soccer Nation Expo February 26th 2012 The LMA School of Football Management ‘ Evaluating Performance ‘For coaches who want to differentiate themselves and their programs as taking evaluation seriously
  2. 2. What is the LMA ?• Founded in 1992 ,The League Managers Association is the collective, representative voice of all managers from the Barclays Premier League and the Coca- Cola Football League• The LMA has additional constitutional associations which includes The Professional Coaches Association (PFCA) with over 400 coaches working professionally in English clubs below the level of the First Team Manager & abroad• The LMA is also a member of AEFCA - the Alliance of European Football Coaches Associations• Howard Wilkinson is the LMA Chairman .The Executive Committee includes current Managers : Sir Alex Ferguson, David Moyes & Sam Allardyce LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  3. 3. LMA & Education LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  4. 4. Robin Russell:• UEFA Football Education Consultant• Co-developer of the LMA School of Football Management• CEO Sports Path Ltd• Former FA Technical Coordinator, & Head of FA Learning Ltd. LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  5. 5. Developing your evaluationstrategy and skills1. WHY Evaluate your players in match performance?2. WHAT do you evaluate in the match performance of your team and players?3. HOW do you do this ?4. HOW do you use Data and Information gathered ? LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  6. 6. Evaluating the Performance ofplayers and teams- developing anEvaluation Strategy • Evaluating Performance -not results • Evaluating Performance in games mostly in reference to 11 v 11 ( so not performance in practice ) • For players and teams committed to improvement so focused on 13 years of age and above to include Youth Soccer Travel ,Elite ,Academy ,High School, College , Professional and Semi – Pro LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  7. 7. 1.Why evaluate ? Coaches have plans for aspects such as games, training, talent identification and scouting. Are these based on evaluation of match performance? Could you rank these 10 reasons in priority ? What would be your top 3? A. Assists Decision Making B. Basis of Training Program C. Provides Meaningful feedback for the team and/or the players D. Provides basis for increased understanding on the player’s role in the team E. Focus for Goal Setting and Player Action Planning F. Measures player progress G. Assists Selection H. Provides Bench Marks for Talent Identification Strategy I. Value Added benefit to promote our program ! J. Maximizes and focuses contact time with players – we can evaluate and provide feedback without impinging on practice time K. Assists in Evaluating me the coach and our program L. Evidence to parents and stakeholders of Transparent Quality Control How you want to use evaluation will shape who, what, when and how you evaluate LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  8. 8. P.S. What is the value of games in player development ifthere is no evaluation ? Entertainment ? Showcasing ? Illusion of progress and development ? Practice ? LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  9. 9. 2. What to evaluate in team performance ? • Do you know how goals are scored and conceded in the competition in which you play ? • Do you know the requirements in the competition in which you play to win it ? e.g. Number of points, goals, wins, clean sheets etc. required ? • Can you develop realistic objectives for your team based on this data ? • How do you want your team to play to achieve these objectives ? • Can you break this style of play down into measurable Key Performance Indicators ? Our suggested format to develop KPI’s 1. In possession in Open Play e.g. shots,crosses,entries into penalty area,passes,pass completion,possession 1. Out of Possession in Open Play 2. When we lose/gain the ball from turnovers 3. Attacking from Set Plays 4. Defending from Set Plays If you agree what KPI’s could you record and why ? LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  10. 10. 3. What to evaluate in individualperformance ? • Can do develop a Job Description for each position in your team outlining physical, physiological ,psychological ,technical and decision making requirements?...and then rate the player against this job description • Can you collect data as to the player’s contribution to the overall team KPI’s ? • How would you evaluate the following  Movement off the ball ?  Decision Making?  Ball control, dribbling and turning ?  Psychological aspects e.g. attitude, composure? LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  11. 11. 4. How to evaluate teams and players? Objectively • Pencil and Paper • Use Assistants • Video and Code • Apps • Audio Tape Recorder Subjectively • Overall Rating 1-10 on how you think the player played • Check List against general criteria • Can you rate the player against the job description for that position • Can you involve the player in Evaluation ? + Mixing Objective and Subjective tools to develop your Performance Indexes NB Clarity,Simplicity,Consistency, Continuity + Large Sample of Games > Trends Which methods do you use ? LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  12. 12. 5. HOW do you USE Data and Information to makesense of it all ?• Gathering and organizing data in order to recognize patterns and detect trends• Developing Bench Marks for the team as a whole and for individual players• How to most effectively provide feedback of evaluation to players• How to shape practice as a result of evaluation• How to evaluate the performance of forthcoming opponents• How to evaluate the performance of potential players you may recruit for your team• How to develop an Evaluation Action Plan to reflect your Evaluation Strategy• How to evaluate your training programme, your performance as a coach and provide reports of evaluation to those who employ you! LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  13. 13. The LMA School of Football Management Course 2:Evaluating Performance - in conjunction with Prozone LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  14. 14. Video interviewsPast and Present Members of the LMA• Sam Allardyce,Manager of West Ham Utd.FC• Dario Gradi, Crewe Alexander FC• Roy Hodgson, Manager of West Bromwich Albion FC• Hope Powell, Head Coach England Women’s Team• Les Reed, Head of Southampton FC Football Development and Support Centre• Gareth Southgate, Head of Elite Development at the English FA and former Manager of Middlesbrough FC• Howard Wilkinson, LMA ChairmanAnalysts• Chris Carling, Analyst for OSC Lille, Ligue 1,France ( winners of the French League and Cup Double in 2011) Co-author Handbook for Soccer Match Analysis• Gavin Fleig: Head of Performance Analysis, Manchester City FC and former Head of Performance Analysis at Bolton Wanderers FC and Newcastle United• Barry McNeil: Managing Director, Prozone Sports Ltd• Kim Stafford: Senior Analyst Prozone SportsDirectors of Youth Academies, Youth Coaches, International Coaches and Consultants• John Bilton, Head of Fernabache Youth Academy, Istanbul Turkey• Marcel van der Net, Sparta Rotterdam Youth Academy, Holland• Erich Rutemoeller, former Chief Coaches Instructor of the German FA (DFB) and former coach of 1 FC Cologne, Hansa Rostock & the German Under 20 LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services International Team
  15. 15. WHAT ARE OTHER COURSE BENEFITS?• The course will take at least 15 hours to complete but learners can go in and out of the course for any length of time• Access to exclusive Prozone data from Top Professional, Youth Academy, and US College Soccer including team and positional bench marks• A Comprehensive Research Archive on all aspects relating to Performance Evaluation in Association Football-articles, links, research papers etc.• Over 60 Downloadable Data Factsheets• 6 months access to the course and ongoing access to the Course Graduates section of the website on successful completion of the Course• LMA School of Football Management Certificate on successful completion of the Course- recognized by UEFA and several Associations for the retention of UEFA awards LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  16. 16. HOW IS THE COURSE DELIVERED?• Through 30 Modules with over 300 Video Interview clips from 15 respected experts including LMA Managers, International Managers, Directors of Coaching Directors of European Youth Academies and respected Performance Analysts from leading UEFA Champions League Clubs (see list below)• Individual Assignments and Collaborative Activities• Two 60 minute Webinars• Interactive Tasks which include the following:• Analyzing a team• Analyzing specific players• Constructing a Positional Profile• Scouting a Player• Scouting opposing teams• Evaluating Training Sessions LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services
  17. 17. The LMA School of Football Management Course 2:Evaluating Performance - in conjunction with Prozone LMA Technical & Commercial Review Services