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Attracting volunteers pdf


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Attracting volunteers pdf

  1. 1. 9th UEFA Grassroots WorkshopAttracting Volunteers : April 13th 2011
  2. 2. Attracting Volunteers• What is a ‘Volunteer?’• Why do they volunteer or don’t volunteer?• Who are volunteers ?• What do we want volunteers to do?• Making it easier to be a volunteer• How to retain volunteers ?
  3. 3. What is a ‘Volunteer?’ -• Long Time Volunteer –not just ‘ event volunteer’ ( but useful tactic)• They WANT to get involved• They are not COMPELLED to do so• They may or may not be paid: Volunteer does not always mean no fee• Volunteers may need to be qualified :Case Study Examples• 90% of all of grassroots coaches in Denmark receive 500 Euros per year• All Coaches in Iceland must hold a coaching qualification to coach ANY team - 575 coaches in Iceland at 90 clubs in charge of 800 teams : NB Iceland ( population 300,000 ) with 19,000 registered players have (*) 66 players playing as professionals in other European League Qualified for the Finals of UEFA Under 21 Championship in 2011 Qualified for the UEFA Womens Euros in 2009
  4. 4. Why do they volunteer or don’t volunteer?(*) EU Study on Volunteering in the European Union 2009• Reasons For: • Reasons Against See results of work  Not enough time Passionate Interest  Don’t know how to get Meet People involved Sense of Achievement  Bureaucracy ! Feel Involved  May have knowledge, but Professional don’t have the necessary Development skills
  5. 5. Why do they volunteeror don’t volunteer?Case Study Examples•English FA : ‘ Get into Football ‘Campaign•KNVB believe the key is torecognize them ‘Give them ajacket, tracksuit with the logo oftheir FA
  6. 6. Who are volunteers ?1. Friends of existing Volunteers2. Former Referees and their friends3. Former Players and their friends4. Teachers –in their own time -and their friends5. Police/Social Workers –in their own time -and their friends6. Students - and their friends7. Family : Parents,Uncles,Aunties,Grandparents- and their friends8. Senior Citizens- and their friends9. Are there gender differences that need to be considered ?Case Study Example FFU ( Ukraine ) “ In 2011 ,over 1,000 PE teachers will be given a backpack, in which they will find a ball, an air pump, football kit, a tactics board with markers, and a book and CD on football coaching," Yevgeniy Stolitenko, head of grassroots at the Football Federation of UkraineDO YOU HAVE EXAMPLES OF OTHER GROUPS ?
  7. 7. What do we want volunteers to do?• Be clear in what is required –administrate/referee/coach• Expect Commitment and Reliability but ….be flexible• Parent Pledges : ‘contract ‘ of duties that the parent will provide when their child joins the club e.g. “ I will agree to referee/wash kit/be an assistant coach/transport players/help with administration/make refreshments/look after balls and bibs “Case Study Examples FA Ireland• “We recommend that clubs break down Volunteer roles into specific jobs of 2 hours per week and to use this approach to widen their volunteer base “• Most clubs work from within, i.e. attract new Volunteers from Ex players, family members or parents when their children start playing for the club. Miriam MaloneKNVB “ The most successful volunteer projects are those in which volunteers have a demarcated role. Not to many things but very specific.” Piet Hubers
  8. 8. Retaining Volunteers : Make it easier to be a volunteerAs teenage and adult PARTICIPANTS want a more flexible, less competitive football experience then Associations adapt and provide more flexible volunteering roles Case Study ExamplesDBU ( Denmark )• Providing 5-a-side branded ‘ street football ‘ ( teenagers) & ‘fitness football ( adults ) IN THE CLUB for club members at reduced subscription
  9. 9. Street soccer for teenagers• A new activity for teenagers• A Partner builds pitches• More flexible game• Cheaper to be a street soccer-member• Goal to gain 7.500 members
  10. 10. Retaining VolunteersThe Value of Training:• Committed Volunteers v Numbers on Courses?• Initial Training – where most effective ? Club/Association/College?• Support ‘on the job ‘• Is the priority for the volunteer knowledge or skills ?
  11. 11. Retaining Volunteers : Is the priority knowledge or skills ? What to coach or How to coach ? Knowledge is now available everywhereWebsites
  12. 12. Knowledge is everywhere and with Google Translate you can view it in any languageDFB Website ( German ) DFB website in English
  13. 13. Retaining Volunteers Donald Gillies: Background & experience as aScotland : ‘ Cash back ‘ ! Volunteer• Free coach education is provided for • Donald was a volunteer > a seasonal participants aged 16 – 24 years coach > Football Development• SFA expect an investment in Officer volunteering in projects or clubs in • Now in charge of the Cashback their own community. project• RESULTS• 2008 443 volunteers 82% retained• 2009 2,846 volunteers 30% retained• 2010 1,877 volunteers 30% retained
  14. 14. Cash back ‘Graduates’ –enrolled as students, experience as volunteers now employed by SFAStephen Gallagher Craig Joyce
  15. 15. Retaining Volunteers FA National Leadership Camps ( England)Emily Simpkins“I didn’t realise how much the FA National Young Leadership Camp would have actually impacted on my life. The progress as a young leader /coach I made and to realise the support it afforded me and my future aspirations to continue my coaching career. “
  16. 16. Retaining Volunteers : providing support ‘ on the job ‘• DBU ( Denmark) One or two parent coaches are mentored during one year to take over a team in the second year Volunteer Coach Education –modular ( 3 hours each ) at the club Coaching and Youth Consultants paid by the DBU providing 12 hours assistance per year ( 3,000 Euros )• England• Course for ‘ Volunteer Mentors ‘ : aimed at volunteers in clubs who will have a responsibility to support and mentor new volunteers.
  17. 17. Training on the Job – using Summer Football Schools to trainvolunteers
  18. 18. Retaining Volunteers RecognitionDFB ( Germany )A Simple Thank you• “We have established since English FA Local Awards the late nineties a nationwide "Thank you" campaign, where we as a national federation say "thank you" to about 3000 long time volunteers in clubs every year.• For this we have established a structure of volunteer officers in each of your 330 local districts. Their job so far is to organize the "thank you" Willi Hink
  19. 19. Recognition : Using Awards (Scotland )
  20. 20. FA National Awards : 1,800 nominations in all categories !
  21. 21. Connect Website Sell benefits of volunteering ActivateConsolidate Football Futures FA Awards JFO Recognition Leadership through football FA McDonald’s Programme Demonstrate FA CSC FA Mentoring FA RESPECT
  22. 22. How to Attract Volunteers : Summary– Be Continually PROACTIVE1. Targeted Campaigns2. Develop Volunteer SKILLS3. Ongoing Support – ‘on the job ‘ - when volunteering4. Recognise commitment5. Track and Measure Success of Campaigns
  23. 23. 9th UEFA Grassroots WorkshopAttracting Volunteers : April 13th 2011