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In a slow down and even more in a competitive economical context
your company needs more than ever to establi...
           1   WHAT
               THE F**K IS A
               SOCIAL NETWORK?             p.4

Social Network, Social Media, Blogs, Community, Buzz, viral
be connected with them.                 one of the largest information           conversation between the brand

Is social networks a FAD or is it the biggest shift since the                                                A REVOLUTION ...
According to the Nielsen                                has grown over the last three                       Furthermore, t...
People care more about how their social               WHY BRANDS SHOULD CARE?                development of brands they li...
Figure 4 : Involvment of the 100 biggest firms                                                               From an advert...
                     THE NEW PRINCIPLE
                     BROUGHT BY SOCIAL

                                                      Social media is like word of mouth on steroids, people are always
                                                           Your audience is more than just an      managing a brand is a...
BRANDED UTILITY IN THE                     you have to respect and some
step offering many useful tools like   3.Be engaged – Don’t be afraid
that enriches their lives in a            So you can and you must measure       HOW TO COMMIT A SOCIAL
tangible way. Shari...
We are in 2008, just after banks made the corporate world look even
less trustworthy, ...
   Companies will require unprecedented innovations to try to stay in
  place. Social networks are part of thes...
BRANDDIGITAL, by Allen Adamson
                                        WEB 2.0 and the Enterprise – a



Brands & Social Networks 2010
Brands & Social Networks 2010
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Brands & Social Networks 2010


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Brands & Social Networks 2010

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION In a slow down and even more in a competitive economical context your company needs more than ever to establish something that differentiates your brands from others in a relevant way. In the same time, the advent of the web 2.0 era has deeply changed BUZZ the dealing way, putting your brand in an amazing interactive SOCIAL NETWORKS UGC environment, magnifying the power of customers by allowing them to COMMUNITY amplify and share their opinions. In another way, Digital technology enables you to see very clearly what the competition is up to, how and WEB 2.0 BRANDS why consumers compare one brand to another and how your brands stand up. The purpose of this report is to try to identify and clarify how to monitor your brand through social networks. Try to understand how social tools can help you gaining significant insight, delivering brand promises and create engaging and creative branded experiences. “ A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder
  4. 4. Social Network, Social Media, Blogs, Community, Buzz, viral marketing, App, Tagg, Wiki… for those who aren’t savvy with this whole Web 2.0 ecosystem, those terms can appear as a wild world. Even for some marketing managers. As this report is about Brands & as an outlet for broadcasting, while a social network is a tool and a Social Networks and in order to be utility for connecting each other. SOCIAL NETWORK sure that the concept develop in Social media, as its name "Individuals or groups linked by some common bond, shared social status, this essay will be well understood, indicates, is a place to transmit similar or shared functions, or geographic or cultural connection. Social we will start by trying to “clarify” information and offers for anyone networks form and discontinue on an ad hoc basis depending on specific the two following essentials the opportunity to create or/and need and interest." notions: Social Network and Social disseminate the information while Source: Barker, 1999 Media*! social networking refers to people with common characteristics The initial question is: Is there a sharing together. Social networks difference between Social Media sites are the interface this and Social Networks websites? happens. Let’s consider specific SOCIAL MEDIA Some of us might be likely to say examples to support these Media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using yes, others no, or even it depends. definitions. The following famous highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media uses In fact, there is no evident answer, services are classified regarding Internet and web-based technologies to transform broadcast media many use these two terms their initial functions. monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It interchangeably, Social Networks supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming Social Networks: sometimes to change for Social people from content consumers into content producers. Andreas Kaplan Media after. But even if the Facebook & Myspace: The initial and Michael Haenlein define social media as "a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web difference between both may purpose of Facebook and 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content seem small, it remains a real one. Myspace is to connect people, find (UGC)". This difference is not just about friends, keep in touch with and Source: Wikipedia semantics, but in the features and meet new people. functions put into these websites which dictate the way they are to LinkedIn: Is a professional social be used. Let’s see a definition of networking tool, allowing people to these two terms in order to clarify network in a professional area it (cf beside). online. So in other words, social media Twitter: Connecting to others for can be defined as a strategy and whatever reasons you want *We are talking in this report of social networks and social media as Internet services. 5
  5. 5. be connected with them. one of the largest information conversation between the brand media in the world. When Youtube and its customers, these websites Social Media: became the second largest search will be used as social networking Youtube/Hulu: They are televisions engine in the world but still allows platforms. But to manage, to on the web with plenty channels people to follow other people’s communicate to the brands allowing people to be, actor, feeds and so being, in a kind of audience these websites will be producer and broadcaster in the point of view, a social network… used as Social media, as a way to same time on a common place. target customers like TV, radio or In fact, we can consider the fact magazine. But that’s theoretical! Reality is that the growing importance of the more complicated. audience of sites initially labeled as So, to sum things up, for brands a Facebook, through its amazing social networks is the main reason social network is both, a complex success became the favorite of the confusion between these issue and an amazing opportunity. media to broadcast videos, two terms. I think this is the main It’s not just about Twitter and pictures or buzz information reason that explains why social Facebook. It’s not just about shifting to its initial networking networks sites and social media technologies or channels. utility into a social network & media are closer than ever and more and more reversible. It’s how people engage, create, services. Myspace became the participate, and share online… meeting place number one for What does it means for brands? famous and anonymous singers My point of view is, no matter the Social is not just about advertising. but also became the preferred semantic used, be it social media for brands that want to build It’s about People! networks or social media, the entertainment-marketing difference is the way brands use It’s about marketing! operations. Twitter due to its these sites. To meet customers, to powerful connection tool became build a relationship, to establish a It’s about conversations! It’s about CRM! THE CHALLENGE FOR BRANDS IS TO BUY ENGAGEMENT. EARN LOYALTY. 6
  7. 7. Is social networks a FAD or is it the biggest shift since the A REVOLUTION IN CONSUMER BEHAVIOR industrial revolution? Few times ago this question was relevant in the mind of many marketers, and maybe it is still the case today in The advent of Web 2.0 and more In 2009, two-thirds of the world’s the mind of few of them. But regarding the following facts there is globally the advent of the Internet Internet population has visited a no doubts, we are living a new revolution, the social media industry has substantially changed social network or blogging sites revolution. our behaviors. People want to and the sector now accounts for consume novelties and far more almost 10% of all Internet time quickly. It’s the everywhere at any spent. This increasing amount of GENERAL FACTS & FIGURES time era (80% of twitter usage is time that we are spending on on mobile devices). In this fast social networks is drastically Numbers don’t lie and the facts ands figures following are the proof of a moving era Social Networking altering the way we are sharing, real movement, an evident shift in a social era. appears as the global consumer interacting and communicating in 100,000,000 phenomenon of the last 3 years. our daily lives. 200,000,000 5,000,000,000 videos uploaded on YouTube. YouTube Is the actual numbers of blogs became the second largest search engine in the world minutes spent on Facebook each day 375,000,000 Hulu has grown from 65 million total 1billion 55% streams from April 2008 to 375 million More than 1 billion tweets on Twitter in April 2009 of Internet users who have uploaded 13,000,000 If Facebook was a 273,1 mins and shared photos 346,000,000 country it would be time on average spent watching online articles available on Wikipedia video each month the world’s fourth largest number of people globally who read 300,000,000 Is the number of users of the Chinese QQ, Qzone CHINA 54% blogs of the Bloggers post contents or 200,000,000 INDIA tweet daily USA There is almost 200,000,000 people on Facebook each month FACEBOOK 3X INDONESIA Time spent on social network and 3,600,000,000 blogging sites growing at over 3x the BRAZIL rate of overall Internet growth photos archieved on Flickr Source : Global Faces and Networked Places - A Nielsen report on Social Networking’s New Global Footprint Source : Global Faces and Networked Places - A Nielsen report on Social Networking’s New Global 8 March 2009 Footprint March 2009
  8. 8. According to the Nielsen has grown over the last three Furthermore, the Figure 3 : The audience composition of Company, global consumers spent years. Globally, social networks social network Member Community websites is shifting from more than five and half hours on and blogs became the most audience is becoming the young to the old social networking sites like popular online category when broader shifting from Facebook and Twitter in December ranked by average time spent in a younger initial target 9 % 7 % 2009, an 82% increase from the December. With 206.9 million to a global audience 6 % 4 % same period. In the US, time spent unique visitors, Facebook was the where older are 2 % 3 % on Facebook reach 700 % and No. 1 global social networking accounting for more time spent on twitter aims 3712%. destination in December 2009 and and more of the 0 % In addition, the overall traffic of 67% of global social media users audience. -3 % -1 % social networking sites visited the site during the month. -6 % -9 % Figure 1 : Global Web Traffic to Social Networking Sites -9 % -12 % 6 5,35 2-17 18-34 35-49 50-64 65+ 4 3,03 Change in Unique Audience Composition 2,1 2 0 Dec 2007 Dec 2008 Dec 2009 2010 96% Time Per Person (H,M) by 2010 Gen Y will outnumber baby boomers Figure 2 : Member Community growth twice that of any of the Gen Y audience has already of the other five most popular actors joigned a social network Rank Sector Global Active Reach Global Active Reach % Point Increase in Active Reach 70% Dec 08 Dec 07 of 18 to 34 years old have watched TV on web in 2009 1 Search 85.9% 84.0% 1.9% 2 3 General Interest Portals & Communities Software Manufacturers 85.2% 73.4% 83.4% 72.0% 1.9% 1.4% 55-65 the fastest growing segment on 4 Member Communities 66.8% 61.4% 5.4% Facebook is the 55-65 years olds females 5 E-mail 65.1% 62.5% 2.7% Source : Global Faces and Networked Places - A Nielsen report on Social Networking’s New Global Footprint Source : Global Faces and Networked Places - A Nielsen report on Social Networking’s New Global 9 March 2009 Footprint March 2009
  9. 9. People care more about how their social WHY BRANDS SHOULD CARE? development of brands they like 78% graphs rank products and services than how Google ranks them. Because, this new dealing way • Share their experiences of consumers trust peer directly impact the way people • Give and receive advice and recommendations when only 14% perceive brands, creating new 34% learn from others trust advertisements attempts in the consumers-brands • Be the first to know and receive of Bloggers post opinions about relationship. The consumer have exclusive offers and privileges products and brands taken the power, we enter in a participatory democracy era where • Search more information about consumers have the right of life or the brand (how to use, etc.) FROM SOCIAL NETWORKS TO SOCIAL MEDIA death on the brand. There are no more observers but actors. • Meet and belong to a community “When you look at raw data, the trends become clear. Social Media Sites of people with similar interests are squeezing out traditional media in terms of time, advertising and Jacques Seguela said, “Internet audience”, said Magid Abraham co-founder and CEO of ComScore. Social users are now co-owner of the Media are pressuring traditional media in a faster way never seen before! brand”. Hence the importance for ARE BRANDS THERE AT THE brands to create a permanent and “RENDEZ-VOUS”? close link with their consumers! Rather conservative initially, RADIO We estimate at 93 percent the number of social media users who companies are now investing massively on social networks. They 38 years to reach 50 millions users believe that a company should could not ignore the phenomenon have a presence in social media, any longer. According to a study TV and 85 percent believe that a company should not only be conducted by the consultancy agency Burson Marsteller, 79 of 13 years to reach 50 millions users INTERNET present but also interact with its the 100 largest international consumers. Consumers want companies (according to the 4 years to reach 50 millions users companies to solve their problems, "Fortune" ranking) use at least one solicit feedbacks on products and social network. The most services and develop new ways to commonly used sites are in order: interact. They don’t just WANT it to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, happen, they EXPECT it. They even more frequently than aren't afraid to let it be known if business blogs. On average, FACEBOOK they don't approve of the branded activity online. companies sent 27 "tweets" per week and 3.6 "posts" over added 100 million users in less than 9 Facebook, they broadcast 10 month They want to: videos per month on YouTube and • Be involved in the future write 7 "posts" on their blog. Source : Global Faces and Networked Places - A Nielsen report on Social Networking’s New Global Footprint 10 March 2009
  10. 10. Figure 4 : Involvment of the 100 biggest firms From an advertising point of view Brands seem to gradually in social networks social networks are also popular become familiar with social among brands. The economic networks and the importance 65 have a Twitter account 54 have a business crisis has partly accelerated the and the opportunities offered page on Facebook 50 have a Youtube “redesign” of the global advertising by this new “tool”, for targeting channel 33 have a landscape. Internet is, since the all demographic groups, reach business blog beginning of 2010, the third media old customers, gain new ones in term of advertising market share and build or maintain credibility (according to Carat). The crisis and reputation among Cinema also pushes marketers to consumers seem to be quit 1 % streamline their online investment well understood. Moreover this Radio Print 7 % 6 % (interactive marketers have to social phenomenon doesn’t Magazines justify their budget spending by seem to be done, the Figure 5 : Global advertising 10 % delivering measurable results). In progressive advent of the web TV spending - Media distribution 46 % this context, marketers opt more 3.0 and the massive use of forcasts for 2011 Internet and more for social marketing Smartphone devices are likely 11 % because this media allows to accentuate it. measurable metrics. However, those facts and Newspapers 19 % In France for instance, Facebook figures, don’t tell us how well has become an advertising brands using these social Figure 6 : US social media marketing professionals who believe medium of choice in less than a networks. Because being social marketing is an effective branding strategy. year. The famous social network involved in social media tools site captures about 10% of banner is only a half of the story, the Very Somewhat Not ads and is the leading online most important and difficult effective effective effective advertising media, according to part is, make social networks Influence brand reputation 39 % 53 % 8 % comScore Ad Metrix and media right? measurement. In the US, sites like Increase brand awareness 37 % 54 % 9 % Facebook and Myspace account Improve search engine rankings 38 % 49 % 13 % for more than 20 percent of all the online advertising investments. increase Website traffic 33 % 55 % 13 % These data show us, if it was Generate leads 17 % 48 % 35 % still necessary to be done, the Improve internal communications 17 % 39 % 45 % growing importance of social networks in the global media increase online sales 13 % 41 % 46 % landscape. Sources : Figure 4, Burson-Mersteller study, conduct between Nov 09 & Jan 10; Figure 5, Carat; Figure 6, 11 MarketingSherpa - April 09
  12. 12. “ Social media is like word of mouth on steroids, people are always talking about your brand, everywhere in the same time and whether you want it or not. So shouldn’t you influence the buzz, Social networks eliminates the middlemen,  and make it positive? The F**king question is, how do it well? providing brands with the unique opportunity  THE NEW PRINCIPLE an obligation. Manage your brand to have a direct relationship with their  BROUGTH BY SOCIAL through social networks CANNOT customers.”  NETWORKS be treated just like an old Bryan Wiener, CEO of 360i traditional way of brand awareness As we developed earlier, promotion. It’s not another “ “campaign” that you will launch companies were, at the beginning, through a new “channel” to a little bit hesitant to get in social promote your brand value. You networks. The first explanations must stop thinking campaign or that come to mind are: It is new! channel and start thinking People don’t believe what you tell  Or, marketers were afraid of social communication, conversation. them. They rarely believe what you  networks and social media show them. They often believe what  because they misunderstood Social media offer a new way for them! In fact both are true but the businesses to interact with their friends tell them. They always  most relevant explanation that we consumers and also a source of believe what they tell themselves.” can bring is: Marketers were afraid networking and communication by social networks because social between people. These are two Seth Godin networks meant the end of the ways of communication where you vertical communication. have to learn how to talk and listen at the same time. You need to This is the reality: social networks understand that customers now are “The” new very big deal for want to hear other customer’s brands; this is a new dealing way advices. So you need to treat them for marketing. With social as collaborative partners and stop networks there is no more talking about “content” that you middlemen, brands have now the will push to increase their brand unique opportunity to have a direct experiences. DIALOGUE relationship with their customers. But this also means that you need This shift in the consumer’s status to rethink your branded strategies. is one of the main new principles Being disruptive in your brand brought by social networks that approach is no more an option, is you must keep in mind. 13
  13. 13. “ Your audience is more than just an managing a brand is an intense aggregate of consumers with process and social media, in one common interests, the consumer way, making it a bit more complex. is now a user-generated content But these new tools also create (UGC), who is involved in an fantastic opportunities for brands. Technology is shifting the power away from the  environment built around Social networks are rapidly making editors, the publishers, the establishment, the  conversations and interactions the Web more human, thereby bringing the one-to-one word of attracting an ever-larger portion of media elite. Now it’s the people who are in  mouth at a level never achieved all human communications online. control.”  before. Social media accelerate For your brand it is an opportunity “ volatility because when people to develop useful personal Rupert Murdoch talk, ideas change and lead to experiences for a large number of action, and digital conversations people and associate your brand happen faster than ever. When you with user-generated utilities. Social talk, people expect you to listen. networks allow you to foster Your most unhappy  And if you start listening, you'll be advocacy, earn stronger brand customers are your greatest  “ tempted to talk. It's a full-duplex equity and inspire loyalty due to source of learning” relationship that you should try to the direct relationship. understand and manage. Bill Gates You must leave your traditional SOCIAL approach and take the risk to “let BRAND The purpose of a business is to create a customer”  go” and give some control back to Peter Drucker the consumer. Embrace the social LOYALTY! media conversation means you will “The purpose of a business is to create a  learn from your customers by You can’t wait any more. It’s now listening. If today consumers can customer who creates customers” easily avoid advertising messages time for you to plan how you will they deem intrusive, annoying, or get involve in this social medium irrelevant, then the central way to space. But you can’t move with engage them is to engage with the eyes masked. You should them. Listen to them. Respond to initially ask the good questions!? them. Take care of their ideas seriously. Change in response to their interests. We all know that building and 14
  14. 14. BRANDED UTILITY IN THE you have to respect and some SOCIAL NETWORK ERA – HOW steps you should follow if you want DOING SOCIAL RIGHT !? to do it right. Question like, why Figure 7 : Social brand strategy model customers want to interact with Most brands still think that you? Or, what kind of added value monitoring their brand awareness could you bring them through your 1. Strategy : listening, planning... 2. Tactics through social networks can just social network activity? Need to be be resumed as putting up a asked before starting. Facebook page dedicated to your brand, creating a corporate twitter We can consider that there are account or launching a viral video. four essential rules that you must It’s definitely not enough and even always keep in mind to manage if in some case you succeed and your brand awareness through create a Buzz it will still be “tactics” social networks: and the results you will get will still apply only in a short time. Most UDERSTAND, BE REAL, BE brands still choose a tool before ENGAGED, MEASURE defining their strategy. Tactics 1.Understand (Facebook, Myspace campaigns, Figure 8 : Always make your community core twitter account, blogs, Youtube • «Listen» to what your customers channels…) should come after tell about you building a solid foundation of brand image, personality, and Listening. Is the first and maybe engagement online. There are the most important principle. You currently thousand of social must consider every person as a platforms, but all of them are not potential influencer. Not Your Brand Your Community often good for your brand. underestimate anyone. You must Moreover, you mustn’t be on these be attentive on what influencers social tools because they exist or are telling about your brand. You Your Community need to ask if communities Your Brand because your competitors are already there. In some case, your evolving around your brand do presence not even makes sense exist. If yes, what are their needs? for your business or for some of Should you support, energize, or your customers. embrace them? If not, should you create one? Before embracing the social digital world there are some rules that Web 2.0 allows you to achieve this Sources : Figure 7, Social Media Basics For Executives by Tim Ho ; Figure 8, Social Influence Marketing 15 Trends presentation 2008, By Razorfish
  15. 15. step offering many useful tools like 3.Be engaged – Don’t be afraid Google Alerts, TweetDeck, to over-share SocialMentions, RSS for instance. Figure 9 : Four key rules for a good social strategy Your engagement must be well • Understand who you are, what thought. you get and what you need Contribute, participate, converse You need to match and define your You need to find ways to ignite goals to project objectives. You conversation and engage your need to identify and understand audience. Participate in your internal community. What is conversations that generate your corporate culture? Who is 1 discussions. You might create a allowed to talk on behalf of the LISTEN pilot program with core influencers, brand now? What tools could you renegades and evangelists who create? lead the discussions about your brand. Encourage member’s 2.Don’t lie, don’t pretend, Be interactions. Drive exploration. Real, Be transparent! Develop community activities. 4 2 UGC makes your brand promise Transparency (without becoming genuine and utterly convincing. MEASURE BE REAL “hyper-transparent”) and honesty Make them engage, share, are essential elements if you want personalize, don’t be afraid to put to create a sustainable link the power in their hands… and between user-generated content before you know they will become and brand and avoid social media brand ambassadors. Guide them suicide. 3 BE through non-stop interactions from With the power of word of mouth interest into action. An ongoing ENGAGED conversation leads to a brought by social networks, you can no longer over-promise/ be relationship and a relationship fake. Lies can get caught and be leads to affinity. Qualify & follow-up spread hundred times faster their needs. online. Your brand will ever give a Generate content better image by being transparent and show to its audience what Build a content calendar and give your brand really is. access to your audience to unique relevant content or applications 16
  16. 16. that enriches their lives in a So you can and you must measure HOW TO COMMIT A SOCIAL tangible way. Sharing everything (your audience engagement, MEDIA SUICIDE may interest your targets, such as loyalty, influence, your action) and pictures, videos or live tweets and then report, share, and improve by By following the advices given streaming during an event for learning what works and what before you clearly minimize the risk instance. Transforming branding doesn’t. of failure. But the digital social from professional irritant to useful world is a fast moving space precious by giving access to a In terms of “vehicles” that your where you are not immune to a valuable content about your brand. brand can use in aim to monitor its bad buzz that would undermines brand image, you have three your brand image. Always stay Be involved continuously options alert. Negative comments are, as well as positive ones, inevitable. Brand communication is The three possible vehicles are: Do not make the mistake of surpassing the boundaries of time 1.First one, you choose to ignoring them. Criticisms of & space. Brand conversations are advertise on social networks such sources of learning so try to taking place at anytime involving as Facebook in aim to target a understand them and respond people from anyplace around the relevant audience. politely. Then, social mediums are world. Make your brand 2.You embed your brand in the based on conversations, so don’t ubiquitous. be deaf and dumb. Be proactive existing social networks like 4.Measure but not as only promoting your Myspace. own content. Be real. 3.You build your own social Last but not least, you need to network platform. As other branding tools, social measure the impact and the effects of your social networking networks have some advantages These vehicles can be used activity. The effects are traditionally and risks and there are no best individually or two or three in the not easy to measure as it occurs practices. Every project is a same time, it depends on your over a long period of time, happen custom fit. You learn as you go. needs and objectives. For in many disparate locations and What are the best practices for a example, you can choose to build can be attributed to many factors. conversation? What about for a your own social network tool and But one of the advantages of relationship? In fact it all comes advertise on social networks to social networks platforms is that back to who you are and who they drive traffic to your social network they make this step easier are. And the better way to platform. Or use the ads on social providing a vast array of tools that understand its potential power is networks to drive traffic on your allows you to measure trends in to try it. brand’s social network page. Etc conversations. 17
  17. 17. 3 SUCCESSFUL CASE STUDIES EXAMPLES STARBUCKS - FROM NATURAL TOUCH POINT TO A SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL STRATEGY OBAMA - MARKETER OF THE YEAR 2008 Objective: This dedicated Facebook page allows, Starbucks generating Even if Obama is not a “brand” I’ve choose to put the light on this Maintain and develop the content and customers, sharing example because I think, in one way, that the success of its social relationship built with customers their enthusiasm for the brand, media strategy during the US presidential campaign has largely on natural touch point by going talking about their love for the contributed to the expansion of the use of social networks by brands. through social networks. product and experience. Later Tools: Starbucks launched a twitter Objective: •The Obama/Biden Youtube account channel turned Youtube into a The first channel Starbucks and uses it as an “in the moment” Win the election! controlled media outlet. launched was channel delivering timely Tools:, where customer support and spread Results: people submit, comment on, and word about the latest breaking The Obama communication vote for their favorite ideas. But Obama won the US presidential news and contests. campaign team set up a nearly rather than just put up the election, largely due to its social media strategy provided technology, Starbucks set out to Results: consistent and cohesive real time campaign information at ensure the departments impacted branding, and the way he Despite a small social media team people’s fingertips, simple ways by the site had a representative encouraged and embraced the with only six people the Starbucks to volunteer and join the who was responsible for being creativity of is audience. social strategy is a success. By conversation, and an the liaison with customers. unprecedented amount of involving customers and •During the campaign Obama employees Starbucks well monetary support as well. Turning The success of was the most followed person on understood how to do social clicks into cash kept the entire help twitter. networking right. campaign going. Starbucks manager to •5,000,000 was the number of active Barack Obama supporters understand that each channel is To make it successful they On the across 15 social networks. different and required developing launched several complementary person in charge of innovation in •14,200,000 was the number of different facets of the relationship tools : the department concerned views Obama’s famous “Yes We with their audience. develops ideas that appear • beats the Can” video got on YouTube. relevant. So in 2008 they launched a 24-hour media cycle with •$6,500,000 The amount of Starbucks Facebook page dynamic updates and offered money 3 Million online donors At the time, the Starbucks and tools to get involved. contributed to the 2008 Obama Facebook pages had about 6 846 approached and took over the •Obama’s iPhone app provided campaign. 369 fans when its twitter account ownership of user-created tools to mobilize and inform is followed by 842,417 people. communities to monitoring the supports on the go. page. •@BarackObama twitter account. To follow the campaign updates in real time. 18
  18. 18. FORD - REINVENTING PUBLIC RELATIONS We are in 2008, just after banks made the corporate world look even less trustworthy, enter the automotive crisis. Ford, like others members of the Big 3, was pegged as another big faceless corporation. Consumers don’t trust in corporation anymore. They trust people like them, with a face, a name. Objective: Next step, getting other Ford employees up and running on Find a solution to turn this bad many others Twitter accounts. situation into a brand defining moment? Results: Launch a social media strategy to humanize the Ford brand and put Ford effectively changed the consumers in touch with Ford conversation around the employees. automotive bailout to position themselves in a different light than Tools: the others. One tweet from Scott Monty reaches 15000 people and Ford recruited Scott Monty, a guy then gets retweeted a hundred who worked for a successful times spreading far beyond his digital agency, as head of social social circle. They can measure media. For this date Scott as the the amount of incoming traffic to corporate online (mainly on their videos and sites from Twitter. Twitter) face of Ford Motor They can also monitor the amount Company, a legal liaison and lay of blog articles written about them interpreter, and friend to an active in a positive light before and now enthusiast community. The after Scott Monty became part of strategy adopt by Scott Monty is the company. to tweet on behalf of Ford and to harmonize all of Ford accounts on Twitter; i.e., every account starts with @Ford. This strategy allows Ford to keeping up with the many people who are passionate about Ford vehicles and educating people who might not be aware of all of the Ford products and progress. 19
  19. 19. CONCLUSION Companies will require unprecedented innovations to try to stay in place. Social networks are part of these innovations. For your brand, resistance to social medium is futile. Millions people are creating content for the social Web. Your customers have been there for a long time. Maybe your competitors are already there. So if your business isn't putting itself out there, it ought to be. Moreover, this social phenomenon will continue in the next months and years with the increasing use of mobile phones and other widgets and applications. Your brand is now one click away from Youtube or a twitter feed. You must be aware about that and be part of it. Social networks can really help you to build a strong brand awareness, so stop allocating the monitoring of social tools to interns and juniors, engage community managers, set up a team dedicated to social media issues and start thinking social networking strategy as an independent element of your brand strategy. It’s time for your brand to embrace the digital social world, because it won’t wait for you! BE INVOLVED AT 100% OR
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