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Just a few of my projects


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Published in: Design, Technology
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Just a few of my projects

  1. 1. Zuidas preliminary Mx design: Double Stack tunnel
  2. 2. Zuidas preliminary Mx design: Double junction
  3. 3. Zuidas Mx-based visual: Underground infrastructure visualisations by Bart Joostink –
  4. 4. Zuidas Mx-based visual: Underground public transport hub visualisations by Bart Joostink –
  5. 5. Rijksweg A5: Mx-based visuals
  6. 6. Rijksweg A5: Buiding process
  7. 7. N302 Harderwijk: Mx-design
  8. 8. N302 Harderwijk: Mx-design conversion 2x1 lane design to 2x2 lanes was done within 3 days
  9. 9. N302 Harderwijk: Mx-based visual visualisations by 4Sight –
  10. 10. Hemboog – Amsterdam Sloterdijk (first MOSS design)
  11. 11. Houtribhoogte: Site design in Mx
  12. 12. Optimized channel crossing for bicycles: Mx-based visual visualisation by Bart Joostink –