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Project "Madeira" preview

Project "Madeira" preview

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Project "Madeira" preview

  1. 1. Roberto Stefanetti, MVP Business Solutions
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Project "Madeira" is based on the Microsoft NAV platform and several other Microsoft services. Capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics GP, such as the All in One Viewer, have also been brought in. With Project “Madeira” Microsoft reinvents business productivity. Project “Madeira” Windows iOS Android
  4. 4. Dynamics NAV in the Cloud On-premises is more secure Data is used for things like advertising It’s not compliant with industry regulations Control of data in the cloud is lost Built to provide a level of security that exceeds most customers’ on-premises infrastructure and scale. The first to comply with ISO/IEC 27018, which prohibits the use of personal data for advertising and marketing. Compliant with HIPAA, FISMA and many other industry- specific and government regulations. Designed to give you complete control of your data. You own it; Microsoft manages it for you. COMMON MYTHS ABOUT THE CLOUD THE MICROSOFT CLOUD IS…
  5. 5. Iaas and Paas IaaS PaaS Customer gets Custom solution SaaS Single / multi tenant Single tenant Multi-tenant Deployed using Azure Portal Management Portal Operated by Partner / Customer IT Microsoft Supported by Partner / Microsoft Partner / Microsoft Code Customization Individual Customer Repeatable solution Application Extension NAV Apps NAV Apps Time frame Available since 2013 R2 Available with 2016
  6. 6. “Madeira” SaaS public preview Running your business has never been easier Project “Madeira” gives you easy control over business processes. Run your business directly from Outlook, with fewer clicks, more control and supporting your business aspirations. Get started free Solutions Tour Find a Partner SupportProject “Madeira”
  7. 7. Project “Madeira” features
  8. 8. Customer1 Customer2 Customer3 Customer4 Customer5 Customer6 Customern SaaS Extension B Extension A Extension B Extension B
  9. 9. “Madeira” preview - functionality
  10. 10. Project “Madeira” Links
  11. 11. Roberto Stefanetti, MVP Business Solutions

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    Jul. 17, 2016
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Project "Madeira" preview


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