GIesseGI 2012 equiment&material


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a short presentation about my activitiy

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GIesseGI 2012 equiment&material

  1. 1. twin pack Gampack srl IRPLAST S.p.A. CON SOCIO UNICOTwin Pack srl Via Pertini 13/19 S. P. Val d’Elsa Z. I. TerrafinoVia Pertini 1/3 29027 Podenzano (PC) - Italy I-50053 Empoli ( FI )29027 Podenzano (PC) - Italy Ph. +39-0523 554012 Tel +39 05719701 - Fax +39Ph. +39-0523 554020 – Fax +39-0523 554004 0571970255 Fax +39-0523 554728 www.irplast.itwww.twinpack.com25/01/2012 1
  2. 2. GIesseGI sas GIesseGI company, has been founded in order to focuse in a unique commercial organization, the promotion and the sale of Twin Pack and Gampack range of machines, as well the related consumer goods. The main aims are: •supply a complete service to customers; •Optimize the technical and economical performances; •guarantee a perfect and an efficient combination between machine/materials.Equipment Materials Handle applicator machines i Primary labels : roll fed – shrink sleeves – cut & stack - autoadhesive Multipackaging machines using: adhesive bundle/shrink film/cluster Adhesive film for Twin Pack multipack system - “LINERLESS” labels Trays/box former with pik&place group Materiali per multiconfezione: Film adesivo /cluster/pe shrink Pallettizer LDPE film shrink neutral or printed for multipack or logistic packaging Pre-laminated handle tape – neutral handle tape Shrink film wrapping machine – trays/boxes former wrap around – Single and multi-layer film for food packaging Combi machines Cardoboard boxes - clusters Linerless labellers machine 25/01/2012 2
  3. 3. GIesseGI: the Twin Pack machines rangeHandle applicator machine forPet bottles, brik packCardboard boxesBig bottles-TanksBox erector/tray former with a PICK & PLACE station loader(our planning and production) Pallettizer25/01/2012 3
  4. 4. GIesseGI: TWIN PACK machinery rangeMulti packaging system for PET bottles, briks, card board boxes, pasta flow packs with adhesive film: with shrink film : with carton cluster : 25/01/2012 4
  5. 5. GIesseGI: the in-lineShrink film wrapping machine with 90° or Gampack machines rangeIin-feed - equipped with a system to insertone or more vertical interleave or cardboardcell/honeycomb dividers to protect the productduring pallettizing operationWrap around trays - boxesCOMBI System machine: pad/tray + film & only film with singleor double in-feed 25/01/2012 5
  6. 6. GIesseGI s.a.s: material range GIesseGI is able to offer mainly of the materials required for the effective running of production lines both in “LIQUIDS” and FOOD sector : Primary roll fed labels and wet glue Pre-glued roll fed label and shrink roll fed Shrink Sleeve Printed and transparent unprintedadhesive film for multi pack purpose Printed and transparent unprinted LDPE shrink Film for single pack or multi pack purpose PRE-LAMINATED handle tape also with foam (SOFT-TOUCH handle) 25/01/2012 6
  7. 7. GIesseGI sas: focus on MULTI PACKNew MULTI PACK machine Twin Pack mod. MFE/HS –with adhesive film technology for PET and BRIKS multi packs both single line layout(2x1 – 3x1) or double line layout (2x2 – 3x2):more than an UP-GRADE of year 1996 prior machine model, this is an actually new machinary with below listed characteristics :• up to 120 packs/minute performance in 2 x 1 layout• Option to work in single line (2x1/3x1 layout) or in double line ( 2x2, 3x2 in quinconce layout for round shaped bin)• Both pre-glued reels (completely or partial coated) on operator side,• Reels up to 600mm ext.-diameter for a greater long-range,• dryer set in order to reduce condensation,• modular frame for optional add of Handle applicator machine,• Total electronic control of both working steps and different size changes. 25/01/2012 7
  8. 8. GIesseGI sas: the latest Twin Pack news...The “mini-wrapping” multipack machine TP80:The new Twinpack Multipack machine suitable for productsof little dimensions, such as:• Briks 200/250/500 ml• Little glass/pe/pet bottles 250/330/500 ml• Boxes of detergent, stand-up packs of pasta, coffee…..• Glass pots, cans of preserved food/productsThe possible configurations are the following:2 x 1, 3 x 3, 2 x 2 or 3 x 2.It is importatnt to underline that the configuration depends mainlyon the kind of product or container, and on the speed required.However this machineis suitable for standardproduction rangeat high speeds, instead ofthe expensive,usual sleeve or film solution.The pack is realized through the use of a low thicknessshrink film, (neutral orprinted), at cheap costs.25/01/2012 8
  9. 9. GIesseGI sas: the latest Twin pack news...Box erector “PICK&PLACE” for no-regolar shape products: for all the products that, becauseof their irregular shape, need of a manipulation, for a correct and rational packaging.Machine equipped with: Box erector group or tray former group PICK&PLACE group to pick/handling/place the product Closing/covering group for boxes/trays25/01/2012 9
  10. 10. GIESSEGI sas: the latest Twin pack newsThe new tray- box machine with a PICK&PLACE loader groupTo pack in tray or box, small/mediom dimension products as for exemple:•Tub o thermo-formed packed products (cheese, butter…)•Flow pack, packed products•Cardboard boxes•Cluster•Pasta packs•Coffè packTo be fit in trays / cartons / boxes, in single-layer or stacked. 25/01/2012 10
  11. 11. GIesseGI sas: the latest Twin Pack newsThe new Twin Pack CLUSTER machine:Based on the "Pick & Place“concept, is structured with a robotic arm equipped station that takes the product fromthe main in-fed line and moves on a parallel transport on which hung clusters arrive. A series ofsimple guides ensure the wrapping and the cluster closure, with points of glue applied by a Nordson group. Theextreme machine simplicity places it at the TOP of the market as regards management, maintenance and flexibilityin use. Equipped with different ”PICK” systems according with the type of products to cluster, has beentested with:•Tub• yoghurt.•Brik till to 500 ml 25/01/2012 11
  12. 12. GiesseGI sas: the latest Gampack newsWrap Around Tray former and loader till half-pallet dimensionEelectronic Wrapping machine – high efficency shrink tunnel – really small dimension – equipped wihtinsertosysytem for vertical carton interleave – modular frame to add a tray former/wrap around boxstation: 25/01/2012 12
  13. 13. “after-sale” service Twin Pack and Gampack twin pack Spare Parts:• All machines are supplied with a kit (optional) of "recommended spare parts" for most parts subject to wear.• Twin Pack and Gampack , both are organized with a Spare Parts Office, which manages a warehouse of spare parts "ready" constantly monitored and replenished.• The special components “on design“ are produced by an internal group company (Twin Service)• The shipment of any pieces the customer needs, must be made within 24 hours from request25/01/2012 13
  14. 14. GIesseGI : “Beverage materials” partnersroll fed labels – roll fed shrink labels – shrink sleeves: IRPLAST SpA – Empoli (FI)- Italy ISO 9001/2000 Certified - Two different print tecnologies :• ROTOGRAVURE up to 10 colours - it is possible to print in back side till 3 colours• FLEXOGRAPHY up to 8 colori (in both tecnology,is possible to print in the back side, promotial pin code or sentences in random way) Furthermore:• WELDING SLEEVE machine to produce welded tube sleeves• LAMINATIG machine for double lawyer labels .• Well equipped laboratory for every kind of material, quality control.Flexible packaging printed film (single or laminated BOPP film for food and tissue, LDPE printed shrink filmfor pet bottles/brik) PLASTYLENIA SpA - Campi Bisenzio (FI) – Italy( ISO 9001 Certified - Equipped with 5 flexographic new machines up to 10 colours and and 1 rotogravure machine up to 8 colours. Efficent graphic service inside - Strength of the Company has the flexibility and the relationship / customer service, experienced as a real partnership - not making closures for holidays throughout the year. 25/01/2012 14
  15. 15. GIesseGI : “Beverage materials”partnersADHESIVE TAPE reels for handle purposes on water/ drink/ milk packs : ALIMAC – Gerenzano (VA) -Italy Leader Company in this market, with 2 production sites, one in Italy and one in Germany, is well known for its product range and renewing skills. Handle tapes range includes :• Spooled handle adhesive tapes available in standard length of – 5.000 linear meters - 6.500 linear meters - 10.000 linear meters (for this length the machine needs an appropriate reel support)• PRE-LAMINATED handle tape : avoids any complication caused by double feeding of the handle applicator machine (adhesive tape + carton/paper/plastics). Pre-laminated tapes are also available with: – Carton – paper –plastic film – NEUTRAL without print or PRINTED• Printed SOFT TOUCH pre-laminated handle tape: the handling area in this special handle is obtained by laminating a PE soft foam that can be either neutral (white or selected colours) or printed. With foam pre-laminated handles can be processed on several handle applicator machines without any particularly technical settings.Neutral Polyethylene shrinkable film : DI.RI.PLAST - Trissino (VI) – Italy- Quite newly established Company that already benefits a very good position in the neutral shrinkable film market. Quality and Service are its main topics. Its PE film product range includes:• SHRINKABLE AND NOCOLLANT FILM• COVERPAL STANDARD E NOCOLLANT FOR PACKAGING LINES 25/01/2012 15
  16. 16. Customers…..• Procter & Gamble • Barilla• Unilever • SEM – Nocera Umbra• Coca Cola Company • Sidel• Hellenic Bottl. • Tetra Pak • Krones• Pepsi Cola Spain • Gea Procomac• Pepsi Cola Italy •Sterilgarda• San Benedetto • Parmalat• San Pellegrino • Leche Pascual Spain• Nestlè • Puleva Spain •Colebega (Coca Cola)• Danone • Etc….
  17. 17. twin pack Gampack srl IRPLAST S.p.A. CON SOCIO UNICOTwin Pack srl Via Pertini 13/19 S. P. Val d’Elsa Z. I. TerrafinoVia Pertini 1/3 29027 Podenzano (PC) - Italy I-50053 Empoli ( FI )29027 Podenzano (PC) - Italy Ph. +39-0523 554012 Tel +39 05719701 - Fax +39Ph. +39-0523 554020 – Fax +39-0523 554004 0571970255 Fax +39-0523 554728 www.irplast.itwww.twinpack.com25/01/2012 17