Jim crow laws


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Teacher look in the personal opinion, it is in the last page.
Is important

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Jim crow laws

  1. 1. Roberto Sami
  2. 2. No person orcorporation willrequire any whitefemale nurse tonurse in rooms ,inhospitals, eitherpublic or private, inwhich negro men areplaced.
  3. 3. It is unlawful in arestaurant to serve food,at which white andcolored people areserved in the sameroom, unless such whiteand colored persons areeffectually separated bya solid partition
  4. 4. Every employer of whiteor negro males shallprovide for such white ornegro males reasonablyaccessible and separatetoilet facilities.
  5. 5. The marriage of a personof Caucasian blood witha Negro, Mongolian,Malay, or Hindu will benull and void. Arizona
  6. 6. All marriages between awhite person and anegro, or between awhite person and aperson of negro descentto the fourth generationinclusive, are foreverprohibited.
  7. 7. Any negro man and whitewoman, or any white manand negro woman, who arenot married to each other,who live in and occupy in thenighttime the same room willeach be punished byimprisonment not exceedingtwelve (12) months, orbyfine not exceeding fivehundred ($500.00) dollars.
  8. 8. The schools for whitechildren and the schoolsfor negro children will beconducted separately.
  9. 9. No colored barber shallserve as a barber [to]white women or girls.
  10. 10. The officer in chargeshall not bury, or allowto be buried, any coloredpersons upon groundused for the burial ofwhite persons.
  11. 11. It shall be unlawful forcolored people to frequentany park owned ormaintained by the city for thebenefit, use and enjoymentof white persons...andunlawful for any whiteperson to frequent any parkowned or maintained by thecity for the use andbenefit of colored persons.
  12. 12. All persons licensed toconduct the business ofselling beer orwine...shallserve either white peopleexclusively or coloredpeople exclusively andshall not sell to the tworaces within the sameroom at any time.
  13. 13. Any person...who willbe guilty of printing,publishing or circulatingprinted, written materialpresenting l information,arguments or suggestionsinfavor of social equality or ofintermarriage betweenwhites and negroes, willbeguilty and fined orimprisoned
  14. 14. Books shall not beinterchangeable betweenthe white and coloredschools, but shallcontinue to be used bythe race first using them.
  15. 15. The bathsand lockers for thenegroes shall beseparate from the whiterace, but may be in thesame building.
  16. 16. It shall be unlawful forany amateur whitebaseball team to playbaseball on any lot orbaseball diamond withintwo blocks of aplayground devoted tothe Negro race
  17. 17. I didn’t like this topic, offends me.Ana you realize what do you make me rite?Other black people could denounce the highSchool for this youngs laws.If my mother see this powerpoint is able tochange me high school.First that which kukusclan, after the blackSlaves and now this.The past is past so people of my race try toforget the tragic evil they did to our ancestors.That’s all so good night and sleep good.Att: MRT Sami.