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  1. 1. Genetically modified food By: Roberto Sami
  2. 2. GMFUncover the truth of transgenic food means adifficult questions for answer.The environment defensors want to ban it.The biggers multinational have bet all her future inthis technology and they say it is safe.It has been many controls and little is knownabout the effects.
  3. 3. Humans must afront the responsability of thefuture. Wellbeing Hopes Fears
  4. 4. Transgenic foodsGenetically modified food Tradicional Diferents Crops colours Apple
  5. 5. PotatoesWild Justspecies of in these fewpotatoes genes were introduced The same potatoe
  6. 6. Traditional cropsPotato contains a toxin called Glicoalcaaloic cause poisoning It is possible that these toxins are reproduced in other crops
  7. 7. Celery Contains a chemical that contact with luckforar becomes toxic. Californiacollectors were a great itchy skin caused by this toxin
  8. 8. Compared genetic engineering is much moreaccurate.Is the introduction of individual genes in plants. It isable to get something that traditional farmers hadnever achieved. Exchange genes between differentlife forms.
  9. 9. Introducing: Animal genes insect plant genes genes Fish genes
  10. 10. The current scientific theory of nature, holds thatliving things Plants Animals Insects are controlled by the DNA
  11. 11. Genes control the growth of the species.The transfer of a single gene does not alter theessence of a living.Example: A tomato with the gene of a vitamin swine is still just a tomato. Introduction of genes in a plant 1. Gun of genes Ejected aim, a plant genes
  12. 12. 2. Shot by compressed gas. a. Thousands of copies of the desired gene. b. Mix of tiny balls phosphene. c. Shot Genes carried to the leaves. d. Reproduction of plats Transgenical platsGM advocates promise that these, are moreNutritious, increaseand crops and decrease the use ofchemicals.This are the solution for hunger in the world.• Increasingly use more chemicals known and cause environmental problems.• Create jobless and marginalization.• Increase the economic dependency.• contaminate crops
  13. 13. Grown on large scales, GM will stop at: 1. Alimentos 2. Medicines 3. BiodiversityScientists have found alarming results: Allergies in farmers pollen inhalation Didn’t know the transgenics effects In humans In animals
  14. 14. Many studies confirm damage in organisms. lung kidney liver pollen Gmf contaminated by Air Insects
  15. 15. The biggers companies argue that GM can endhunger and it’s just the opposite.All the trangenic croops in the world are in hands ofthe traditional companies. controls 90% ofOnly one Monsanto sales of GM agriculture Spain is the only European country to produce GMF-scale gene.
  16. 16. Corn Farmers grow 2 products SoyPesticides fertilizer Monsanto thought they could help overcome a plague . Corn hole
  17. 17. Monsanto obtained the solution. sell corn that creates its own pesticide BT Monsanto scientists introduced t he gene for the toxin-producing bacteria in maize. CORN Now all modifiedProduce maize cells produce their owntoxins that pesticide.kill caterpillars
  18. 18. Greenpeace was revolutionized by adding GMF infood. They came to take soy in front of the homeof British Prime Minister. The farmers saw their crops weredestroyed. The company were attacked. The supermarket were forced to remove products from the shelves Broad movement for failing to consult the GMF products.
  19. 19. The European Union voted to ban not to market any till further notice GMF. GMOs go against the will of god. Can not prove they are safe. GMF most are products that are used to consume. Starlinc was built for Americans breakfast.competes withmonsanto. things did not go as expected. A corn = to anyone, but for a toxininserted. Crai-9C.
  20. 20. Bt corn is very heavy and does not go veryfar.Provides an Many less harmfulopportunity to than traditional.reduce pesticides. 8-10 times with insecti cide on the Revolution for insect plantation. control. Cotton fibers, more polluting.
  21. 21. Orchard Full- Beling.All crops Sheep used toare biological. remove weeds BTspecific 1 time a year Only Monsanto used to benefit
  22. 22. Poor farmer Farmer suffers c Sweet potato cultivation onstantly from weevils. feathery mottle virusFlorence believes that Kenyans should increaseproductivity through biotechnology.
  23. 23. Kenyan experimentNatural Trangenic1. Leaves that are damaged 1. vigorous and2. (Crop) Tiny slender 2. (Crop) Gegant