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Roberto rincon


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Roberto rincon

  1. 1. The beautyof Fashion Roberto Rincon
  2. 2. What is fashion?It’s whatdesignerscreate for aselectpopulationwhich laterbecomes atrend.
  3. 3. Why People Wear Clothes?• Traditionally clothes primarily worn for protection from the environment, for privacy and to enhance beauty.
  4. 4. Why People Wear Clothes? Physical Needs •Protection •safety Psychological Why Needs Social Clothing? Needs •Identity •Affiliation/ •Adornment fitting in•Cultural identity •standards
  5. 5. Good fashion= Good designA combination of:• Line• Shape• Color• Texture• Pattern
  6. 6. Cycle of fashion lasted decades• In early traditional cultures, styling of clothes did not change or if it changed stayed for a long period.
  7. 7. Travel changed this• From Baghdad to Moorish Spain; Turkey to Middle East and Central Asia.
  8. 8. Paris: Where fashion began• Paris, France from 1600s became center of fashion, where French royalty and affluent used designers to outfit them.
  9. 9. Haute culture• Started after the French Revolution (1789), haute couture design firms grew. French for “Fine Tailoring” High- fashion, individually designed, original, handmade garments for the elite, $2K-$40K.