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Spelling bee


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Spelling bee

Published in: Education
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Spelling bee

  1. 1. A building where scientist can watch the stars, the wather, etc. Using special instruments. Observatory
  2. 2. Lived or stayed in a place Dwelled
  3. 3. A piece of rock from space that hits the earth’s surface Meteorite
  4. 4. To measure how heavy someone or something is using a machine to have or show a certain weight Weight
  5. 5. Things that trucks, ships, trains and airplanes carry from one places to another Freight
  6. 6. A person who studies or knows a lot about the sun, moon, planets an stars Astronomer
  7. 7. Toward or close to the center Inner
  8. 8. The outside far from the center Outer
  9. 9. To travel around a new place to learn about it Explore
  10. 10. A person who has arrogance thinks that he or she is better and more important than other people Arrogance
  11. 11. Not knowing about something Ignorant
  12. 12. A nice smell Fragance
  13. 13. A person who studies the past by looking at objects or parts of buil- dings that are found in the ground Archeologist
  14. 14. A poor person who lives in the country and works on a small piece of land Peasant
  15. 15. A clear paint with no color, which you put on something to make it shine Varnish
  16. 16. A box that a dead person’s body is put in Coffin
  17. 17. How far it is from one place to another place Distance
  18. 18. The central part of an object Core
  19. 19. A collection of gold, silver, jewelry or other things that are worth a lot of money Treasure
  20. 20. A person who draws cartoons Cartoonist
  21. 21. A type of rock formed from sand, stones, mud, etc. That settles at the bottom of lakes or other bodies of water Sedementary Rock
  22. 22. To dig in the ground to look for ld objects or buildings that have been buried for a long time Excavate
  23. 23. The good feeling you have when you are no longer worried or in pain Relief
  24. 24. The daughter of your brother or sister Niece
  25. 25. A person who steals something Thief
  26. 26. To bring together things that are in different places Gather
  27. 27. To persuade someone to do something by talking to them in a calm and gentle way Coax
  28. 28. To take the sking off a fruit or vegetable Peel
  29. 29. To tell an audience the name of the person who is going to speak, perform, entertaint, etc. To make somebody begin to learn about something or do something for first time Introduce