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SUOMI - Web software that guide users of a spa in the best possible journey using IoT


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SUOMI is a web software that guide users of a spa in the best possible journey using IoT. SUOMI is a software that guide users of a wellness center in the best possible journey using IoT.
Developed by Federico Guidi, Roberto Falconi and Chiara Navarra for Pervasive Systems course by Prof. Ioannis Chatzigiannakis and later improved for Human-Computer Interaction course by Prof. Tiziana Catarci and Mobile Applications and Cloud Computing course by Prof. Roberto Beraldi of MSc in Engineering in Computer Science at Sapienza, University of Rome.

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  • John Buffi is a retired police offer who lost his home to Superstorm Sandy. He now uses the "Demolisher" system to help take care of his 91-year-old father and children. John says: "My only statement is "WOW"...I thought your other systems were special but this is going to turn out to be the " Holy Grail" of all MLB systems, no doubt! ◆◆◆
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SUOMI - Web software that guide users of a spa in the best possible journey using IoT

  1. 1. AY 2017/18 Roberto Falconi Federico Guidi Chiara Navarra MSc in Engineering in Computer Science Sapienza University of Rome SUOMI HCI, IoT & Mobile project
  2. 2. SUMMARY ➢Introduction Idea and purposes explanation ➢Requirements gathering and analysis Competitors, development process, surveys and user evaluation ➢Circuit STM32 Nucleo-F401RE and Pulse Sensor SEN-11574 ➢Prototyping Mockups and prototypes making and evaluating ➢Architecture Software architecture and frameworks ➢Final product Screenshots of the final product
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Idea and purposes explanation
  4. 4. PROBLEM AND SOLUTION • 7 people die from stress every 2 seconds. What do anxiety, panic attacks, depression, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, fears, phobias, irritable bowel, fibromyalgia, ulcers, self-destructive habits like overeating, and others all have in common? • They are all either caused by or made worse by STRESS! Our idea is to reduce stress level. What is the best way to do this if not with a spa?
  5. 5. HEALTHY • According to Bruce Becker, MD, immersing yourself in water in general up to your neck gives you a cardiac workout • Hot water promotes relaxation which helps you sleep • Mayo Clinic researcher Thomas Allison PhD, did a study that shows that sitting in a spa bath can lower your blood pressure
  6. 6. SUOMI POWERED • Many people in the spas and wellness centers do wrong journey and are afraid to use some room • SUOMI lets a spa owner to turn a spa into a smart one for BETTER results, thanks to microcontrollers connected to a machine learning software that will help spa’s users to make for them decisions about wellness journey • In order to understand that SUOMI was what people wanted, we made a lot of questions to users
  7. 7. REQUIREMENTS GATHERING AND ANALYSIS Competitors analysis, development process, surveys and user evaluation
  8. 8. EXISTING SOLUTIONS AND COMPETITORS Competitors Reliability Competence Availability in spa Non invasiveness Spa staffers ✘ ✘ ✓ ✘ Medical doctors ✓ ✓ ✘ ✘ Wellness advisors ✘ ✓ ✓ ✘ Practice ✓ ✘ ✓ ✓ SUOMI ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  9. 9. DEVELOPMENT PROCESS • Skype meetings • Dropbox file organization • Google Form surveys • Brackets coding • GitHub version control • Microsoft Office presentation • myBalsamiq Mockups • diagrams • LinkedIn, SlideShare and YouTube sharing
  11. 11. USERS THOUGHT ABOUT SPORT AND ENTERTAINMENT Badminton Tennis Football or soccer American Football Rugby Basketball Volleyball Baseball Swimming Cycling Boxing Water polo Polo Gym Dance Floor work Taekwondo Climbing Fencing Hockey Gym equipment Fitness area Swimming pool Relax area spa Cowork space Tea area Library Video games
  13. 13. INTERVIEWS TO REAL USERS We asked to friends, family members and others what do they think about a “smart guide” that will help a spa customers to maximize its benefit and to avoid dangerous practices Giulia: “I think it is an awesome idea. When I go to a spa I never know what to do and in what order, so I get annoyed by these decision, while what I would like to do is simply relax”. Chiara: “What scares me about the wellness centers is facing paths or journeys that could be harmful to my health. I think someone should improve spas from this point of view”. Tina: “I never saw spa staffers helping customers with their experience from the start to the end. They usually do a briefing to everyone at the entrance, but after that they don’t say to anybody what is recommended to do after some experience”.
  14. 14. SURVEYS RESULTS SUOMI IDEAL USERS… • Want spa and relax area services • Don’t use often smart devices in a spa • Want a guide that will help them to maximize the spa experience and to avoid bad practices SUOMI SHOULD OFFER… • Spa and relax area services • Usability for those who don’t use smartphone in a spa • A smart and “hidden” guide that help customers to enjoy the spa and to avoid a dangerous experience
  15. 15. CIRCUIT STM32 Nucleo-F401RE and Pulse Sensor SEN-11574
  16. 16. CIRCUIT: STM32 NUCLEO-F401RE AND PULSE SENSOR SEN-11574 Nucleo-F401RE gathers heartbeat information via SEN-11574
  17. 17. CIRCUIT: STM32 NUCLEO-F401RE AND PULSE SENSOR SEN-11574 Red led is switched on: measurement is completed
  18. 18. HEART BEAT MEASUREMENT STM32 Nucleo-F401RE gathers heartbeat information via Pulse Sensor SEN-11574 and makes a calculation on the average BPM Later, BPM will be used by SUOMI to give spa suggestions to users to avoid bad practices and maximize the experience
  19. 19. PROTOTYPING Mockups and prototypes making and evaluating
  20. 20. MOCKUPS A mockup provides part of the functionality of a system and enables testing of a design Here’s shown how to login, insert your data, book for a service and enjoy the spa
  22. 22. PROTOTYPE: NO TACHYCARDIA AND NORMAL WEIGHT In normal conditions, SUOMI will let the user to book for all services
  23. 23. PROTOTYPE: TACHYCARDIA AND OVERWEIGHT In bad conditions, SUOMI shows only recommended suggestions
  24. 24. ARCHITECTURE Software architecture and frameworks
  25. 25. SOFTWARE FRAMEWORKS Powered by Microsoft .NET
  27. 27. MBED OS Mbed is a platform and operating system for internet-connected devices based on 32-bit ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers Such devices are also known as Internet of Things devices
  28. 28. SUOMI RUNS STM32 NUCLEO USING ASP.NET See it working in the live demo
  29. 29. LIVE DEMO Or run it by yourself!
  30. 30. Sign up and home pages
  31. 31. Profile settings, menu and services booking
  32. 32. SUOMI We are working hard to make the world feeling less blue
  33. 33. Useful links Check for more amazing projects by Roberto Falconi, Federico Guidi and Chiara Navarra • LinkedIn: • SlideShare: • GitHub: THANK YOU!