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Growing a SQL Query


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Growing a SQL Query

Published in: Software
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Growing a SQL Query

  1. 1. Growing a SQL Query RobertoVitillo, Data PlatformTeam Mozilla London All Hands
  2. 2. Raw data (think JSON) Columnar storage (think Parquet) Database engine (think Presto)
  3. 3. A lot has changed since SQL 92
  4. 4. Data should be used to answer questions Let’s try to answer one…
  5. 5. DEMO
  6. 6. SQL dialects support complex nested data structures FACT #1
  7. 7. SQL has variables
 (aka common table expressions) FACT #2
  8. 8. SQL has for each loops
 (aka lateral joins) FACT #3
  9. 9. Window functions! FACT #4