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Haiti Earthquake Details_

  1. 1. Haiti Earthquake DetailsHaiti EarthquakeOn Tuesday, The month of january 12, 2010 at 21:53:10 UTC a 7. Magnitude earthquake struck Haitiin a depth of 8.1 miles. The epicenter was situated 15 miles WSW of Port-Au-Prince. Since that timethere has been 59 aftershocks to date. Several of these somewhat strong aftershocks. Theaftershocks have ranged from 4.two to five.9 magnitude in strength.Haiti Earthquake EpicenterThe precise epicenter from the Earthquake in Haiti was situated at: 18.443N, 72.571WYou will see this on the Google Map, Haiti Earthquake Epicenter.Satellite image thanks to GeoEye.2010 Haiti Earthquake DetailsThese Haiti Earthquake Details were put together soon after the earthquake. See below for anynewer update towards the earthquake details.• It was a 7. Magnitude earthquake.• The USGS states it was the most powerful earthquake hitting the region thats now referred to as Haiti since 1770.• 61 reported dead and 180 people unaccounted for, mostly Haitian national staff based on Not amounts. (I believe the dpi is much lacking.)• Porte-au-Princes human population is 2,000,000• The Haitian government estimations 200,000 have left consequently of the sad incident. 1/21/10• 2,000,000 individuals have been left destitute.• 3,000,000 people may need emergency aid.• The month of january 20, 2010 - 5.9 magnitude aftershock that did little damage.• $195 million dollars in aid continues to be received to date with another $112 million dollars pledged based on one report.• Another states that $575 million continues to be collected via agencies such as the World Food Program and UNICEF.• The U.S. Government has to date given $171 million in humanitarian help to the Haiti earthquake relief efforts by 1/21/10.• The USAIDs Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance share is $82 million.• The USAIDs Office of Food for Peace contribution comes down to $68 million.• USAID Dominican Republic medical assistance totals $a million.• 3 million foods happen to be shipped to 200,000 people. This really is far lacking the three,000,000 people thought to possess been effected with this quake.• Not allotted $40 million for money for work programs to use Haitians to assist obvious away all of the boulders.• 9,000 peace owners in Haiti with another 3,500 to become sent there soon.
  2. 2. • By The month of january 20th the united states military has 2,000 troops on the floor aiding with another 2,000 airborne personal in route there. One more 9,500 personal are afloat waiting nearby.• The United States has flown 136 air missions getting 2,400 a lot of food and supplies and 1,900 people into Haiti.• The Toussaint LOuverture Airport Terminal is open 24/7 with 153 plane tickets scheduled for The month of january 21st. Of individuals 38 were US support plane tickets.• On The month of january the 19th 165,000 bottles water and 152,000 liters of bulk water were distributed.• The United States Navys Nimitz class USS Carl Vinson is creating 100,000 gallons of drinkable water daily.• Water tanks are now being built-in various areas of the town.• 38.5 a lot of water, or 62,880 bottles water happen to be written by the U.S. Coast Guard up to now.• 14,500 MREs, Foods Prepared to Eat, and 15,000 liters water are scheduled to become air dropped via C-17 on The month of january the 21st.• To date you will find 4 water and food distribution modems. These 4 modems distribute the supplies to 190 distribution points that achieve 96,000 people• Mexico intends to send doctors, infrastructure damage experts and check and resue dogs aid.• China will help with $a million.• Ireland: Digicel, an Irish telecommunications company, is giving $5 million straight to relief agencies supplying help with Haiti. Since the organization is really a prominent cell-phone company within the Caribbean, theyll also send specialists to assistance with repairing broken phone systems.• France Has committed 65 clearing specialists, 6 sniffer dogs, 2 doctors and a pair of nurses.• Holland will give you $2.9 million.• The country has pledged $4.3 million to relief efforts.• Italia is while delivering a C-130 cargo plane thats outfitted having a emergency medical personal along with a mobile area hospital.• Haitis human population is about 9 million people.• Haiti may be the weakest Western Hemisphere country.• Haiti is one of the same size as Maryland.• Port-au-Prince may be the capital of Haiti.• Of Haitis 14 international airports only 4 have fashion runways which are paved.While a lot of aid happen to be shipped to Haiti to date, it is not nearly enough thinking about that 3million people there need water and food. I suspect when the new air tower is erected in the airportterminal so when they could reopen in the port that this allows help to easier reach individuals whorequire it. At this time the airport terminal is really a major bottleneck to get water and food to folks.Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez is declaring the U.S. Used a tectonic weapon to result in theearthquake that struck Haiti. He states this weapon might be part of HAARP. Many people declarethat HAARP is a component of some secret U.S. Government project designed to control theelements and perhaps utilize it like a weapon. Lots of people in the united states consider Hugo
  3. 3. Chavez to become a whack job freak to place it nicely.Why on the planet would the U.S. Do this type of factor when we did have this type of weapon?Thinking about how poor Haiti is exactly what would there be to achieve out of this? Besides I believeits reliable advice the U.S. Government and it is people have contributed and led more to relief effortsthan every other country. Otherwise probably the most, were presents itself their list.Satellite image courtesy ofGeoEye.How do i find Buddies and Family in Haiti?To discover a lot of buddies and family have a trip to some web site the U.S. Condition Departmenthas setup to function as a reference of knowledge. It features a Haiti Person Finder tool thatll behelpful to a lot of.People in america attempting to discover a lot of family and buddies in Haiti may refer to this asCondition Department Procedures telephone number: 1-888-407-4747. When call volume is highsome phone callers may obtain a recording.How Do I Assist The Individuals Haiti?Leader Obama has requested former Presidents Rose bush and Clinton to supervise matchingprivate the help of the general public. The site thats been setup where you possibly can make adonation is situated at world wide web.ClintonBushHaitiFund.org.You may even text "QUAKE" to 20222 to give $10 towards the Clinton Rose bush Haiti Fund. This$10 donation is going to be billed for your mobile phone bill.Should you prefer you possibly can make a donation in the Red-colored Mix. Or else you may donate$10 towards the American Red-colored Mix by texting "HAITI" to 90999. Charges is going to becharged for your monthly mobile phone bill.It is advisable to donate money rather than materials because the logistics involved with reallydelivering physical goods to date away is simply too complex and costly.Up-to-date Haiti Earthquake Details• It had been believed that 45,000 US People were in Haiti prior to the earthquake.• 16,700 US People and family people were evacuated.• 103 US People are generally considered to be, reported or presumed dead• A lot more than 800 orphans are dealing with the entire process of being adopted.• There has been 59 major aftershocks calculating 4.5 or greater around the Richter scale.• Its believed as much as 300,000 were hurt making the Haiti Earthquake among the most harmful disasters in modern history.• The Haitian government has believed the dying toll to range from 100,000 and 270,00 consider many were hidden in keeping graves the real number may not be known.• It might take around $14 billion to rebuild the broken areas.• 300,000 houses were destroyed.• Left 1,600,000 destitute.2010 Haiti Earthquake Final Dying TollThe Haitian government puts the ultimate dying toll at 316,000.
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