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Ops Terms And Graphics


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Military Operations Terms and Graphics cheat sheet

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Ops Terms And Graphics

  1. 1. Type Friendly Hostile Type Friendly Hostile Air Defense Infantry Armor Airborne Infantry Amphibious Armor Motorized Infantry Rotary Wing Mechanized Infantry Fixed Wing Artillery Recon Motor Transportation Mechanized Recon Engineers
  2. 2. PL NAME PL NAME Type Graphic 15 th MEU / MAGTF Team Squad Section Platoon/Detachment Company/Battery/Troop Battalion/Squadron Regiment/Group X Brigade XX Division/Wing XXX Corps XXXX Army XXXXX 15 MEU 1 MEF Type Graphic FLOT Assembly Area/Drop Zone/Landing Zone/Area LP/OP Forward Observer Friendly Axis of Advance Hostile Axis of Advance NAI/TAI Phase Line AA/DZ/LZ/Area NAME NAI/TAI NUMBER