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Noise [Presentation Version]


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Noise [Presentation Version]

  1. 1. Nothing great happens if you follow the rules.
  2. 2. Disclaimer :// 1// I’ve not stuck to the brief. I’m not telling you how I got in the industry I’m not telling you how I have stayed in the industry I’m not going to bore you senselessly with stuff about adland 2// I believe there’s many types of creativity. It’s just I ‘m going to talk more about the commercial version of it 3// If you’re expecting answers, I apologise. Whilst there are principals that can help the creative process, I won’t be talking about them
  3. 3. Next Steps / Questions … I’m Not Asian. If you hadn’t noticed ...
  4. 4. How to tell if you’re a creative person …
  5. 5. It’s not how you look …
  6. 6. It’s not how you look
  7. 7. It’s not what you say …
  8. 9. It’s not about how many qualifications you have …
  9. 11. Creative people create stuff!
  10. 12. Creativity is the only legal means to change the World regardless of money, distribution or heritage.
  11. 13. The most creative place on earth? Singapore
  12. 18. Making creativity pay for itself …
  13. 19. Creativity is born from emotion.
  14. 20. Dream bigger.
  15. 21. Remember, Yoda didn’t really exist.
  16. 22. Everyone has to start from somewhere …
  17. 23. Failure makes you stronger & smarter.
  18. 24. Build a legacy, not a lifestyle.
  19. 25. Actions speak louder than words … Creativity is everywhere … it’s not about arts, it’s about life. It’s the only legal means to counter distribution, heritage and money. It’s a weapon of mass construction, it builds things … great things … things that can change the way we live, think, dream, feel and do. Creative people make things better. Creativity made Singapore better. Everyone is creative … don’t fight it, try it.
  20. 26. All pictures from Getty Images Robert Campbell Managing Partner I Creative Strategist M:// +852-9300-5481 T:// +852-2525-2843 E:// W:// HEAD OFFICE: 29/F CAMBRIDGE HOUSE, TAIKOO PLACE 979 KINGS ROAD, QUARRY BAY, HONG KONG creative intelligence