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Jacob Barry Apsow

  1. 1. The Malaysian Story Jacob Barry – jbarry@levitational.com
  2. 2. We are at a Turning Point There is a newly We are a Newly Industrialised Economy, a There is a newly elected national t i t l e f o r t h o s e c o u n t ri e s t h a t a r e a n elected world leader, Prime advanced developing nation influencer, Minister Datuk Seri Barack Obama Najib Tun Razak Now is the time, to introduce a new face to the Malaysian public Today we will show you that face, it is one that encapsulates the Malaysian story
  3. 3. Our Country Malaysia is classified as one of the nine newly industrialized economies alongside Malaysia is a such countries as Thailand, Turkey and nation of two South Africa. parts separated Out of the nine countries, we are one of by the South three with a ‘high’ Human Development China Sea: Index, an index that refers to the process Peninsular of increasing a persons options and M a l a y s i a and providing greater opportunities for Malaysian education, health care, income, Borneo. employment, etc. Basically, the use of HDI is to measure a country's development. Malaysia: A Nation Eager to Take Off
  4. 4. A n e t h o s o f m o desty is upheld by the Our People Malay sian Govern ment who censorship includes sex scenes from films and banning entertainers from wearing outfits that reveal too much on Malaysian stages; bare belly Malaysia is a buttons and figure-hugging outfits are off limits. diverse nation with a population that Modest People is 50.4% Malay, “Stefani's vow of modestly came as a result of a 23.7% Chinese, charge by the 10,000-member National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students that her revealing outfits 11% indigenous, and cheeky performances clashed with traditional 7% Indian, and Islamic values.” 7.8% other. “Gwen Stefani Gets Modest for Concert in Malaysia” Diverse There is a highly complex cultural interaction among the people of Malaysia, but the easiest way to The majority of Malaysians, 60.6%, understand it is by looking at the open door policy. All are Islamic. They of Malaysia’s different communities open their doors are devoted and to members of other cultures, neighbours, and even committed tourists during religious festivals. This is a celebration of a individuals who are tradition of tolerance and understanding that has required to pray 5 times a day. formed the basis of Malaysia’s progress. Strict on Modesty but Understanding of Cultures An Islamic Nation Devoted and Pointed in One Direction Silverman, S. People Magazine. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20052749,00.html
  5. 5. Doing it Our Way Malaysia is a developing country which is sticking to its Islamic roots. Our Country Our People Malaysia: A Nation Eager to Take Off Devoted and Pointed in One Direction Malaysia: Taking Flight We are creating a story the Malaysian people can relate to…
  6. 6. The Columbidae The pigeon was chosen because The Columbidae is a large of its modest colour, grey, much bird family, which l i k e t h e M a l a y s i a n m i n d s e t, includes the sub family whereas a colourful bird allures Columbinae (pigeons & unnecessary attention. doves). The Columbidae A Modest Bird family of birds was chosen for its diversity, much like Pigeons are amongst the strongest the diverse people found fliers of all birds, they are also highly in Malaysia manoeuvrable in flight. Diverse A Strong Yet Manoeuvrable Bird It is a bird that people are Our flag depicts homing familiar with as it is found pigeons, a bird that knows its in all walks of life: way home - Malaysian’s spiritual fountains, top of buildings, parks, cities, etc - places home is Mecca. that unite people. Guided Everyday Occurrence
  7. 7. In Islam, doves and the pigeon are “As soon as the fugitives entered the cave, a spider respected because they are believed to wove a cobweb at the have protected Muhammad, the prophet entrance and a pair of pigeons of Islam, in distracting his enemies outside built their nest at the mouth of the cave of Thaw'r in the great Hijra. the very cave in the darkness of the night and laid eggs at once. It was that cobweb and the nest with the eggs that made the blood-thirsty enemies believe that Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) could not be in that cave; otherwise, the cobweb would have been destroyed and the nest and the eggs broken!” http://www.al-islam.org/lifeprophet/11.htm
  8. 8. The Story There are 2 birds, which shows the The birds are atop of unity of peninsular a concrete roof (solid Malaysia and grounding), which Malaysian Borneo represents ordinary Unity people achieving great heights With the concrete Achievers representing solid earth, and the sky in the background, the The birds are two birds form the perched , just how shape of a sunrise – birds are before the birth of a new taking flight. day, the beginning Taking Flight of a new story. The Sun is Rising This is our story…
  9. 9. Malaysia: Taking Flight This is The Malaysian Story The National Flag