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Hearing Aid 2016 issue one



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Hearing Aid 2016 issue one

  1. 1. 3INGHE AR AID助 听 器 issue three Editor Kate Lu Designer Kevin Lunsong
  3. 3. You must have heard “Mo Yan San Jie” before, they were definitely the leaders of China’s mainland pop music scene during the 1990s, it was a real “rock n roll generation”. In this issue of “this day in history”, we’ll bring you back to the era-defining “Mo Yan San Jie” concert in Hong Kong. The development of China’s music industry has been limited by the illegal copy right act but people are now looking forward to Apple Music changing the habit. In this issue, we look at the Apple Music user, let them tell you whether the future is bright. On “Spotlight on unexpected”, we are going to introduce you to a documentary about China’s Post-Cultural Revolution music scene in the 1980s. 3 Hearing aid is back after the long Christmas and New year holiday! The monkey year is coming, so… LET’S HAVE A FLASHBACK TO THE YEAR OF THE SHEEP AND SEE WHO WERE THE BIGGEST WINNERS AND LOSERS IN THE CHINESE MUSIC SCENE. 在经历了个漫长的圣诞和元旦假期之后,助听器终于又 跟大 家见面了!猴年即将来临,让我们看看即将过去的羊年 音乐 圈都发生了什么。 你一定听过如雷贯耳的“魔岩三杰”,这是中国90年代音 乐的代名词,一个“全民摇滚”的时代,这期“历史上 的今 天”将为大家回顾这一音乐盛况;中国大陆的音乐产业 曾经 或是现在依旧被各种非版权行为所制约发展,很多人将 希望 寄托于苹果音乐来改变大家的听歌习惯,本期,我们将 为您 带来一些苹果音乐初体验者的采访以及一些关于“音乐 如何 在中国赚钱”的思考; 本期意想不到,我们将给大家介绍一 部关于中国80年代后文革时代的音乐纪录片. INTRODUCTION 简介
  4. 4. 4 DAY INT H I S HISTORY 历 史 上 的 今 天
  5. 5. 5 It was dubbed “the new spring for Chinese music”, spearheaded by three artists from Mainland China: Dou Wei, Zhang Chu, He Yong. We all know Dou Wei because of his other identity outside of rock n roll - Wong Fei’s ex-husband. He Yong, who combined Chinese traditional music elements with punk music, has the strongest relationship with where he’s from. Zhang Chu, is a rock n roll poet from Xi An and has expressed his rebellious nature in a number of his songs. December 17th 1994, Hong Kong, three musicians and one band from Mainland China rocked Hung Hom Stadium. Mo Yan San Jie defined a new music scene, the music label started a new indie trend, and this was a remarkable and unforgettable time. After that, the Mainland music scene suffered from too many love songs, boy groups and talent shows… Magic Rock Music Label, founded in 1992, used to be very focused on discovering Mainland rock talent, apart from Mo Yan San Jie, they’ve signed a variety of rock bands like Overdrive, Wang Yong, Underground Baby, Zhou Ren etc. In Taiwan, Magic Rock made a more mature indie scene, Cheer Chen is one of the milestone indie musicians magic rock signed. MO YAN SAN J I E 魔岩三杰 THIS DAY IN HISTORY 历史上的今天
  6. 6. 1994年12月17日,香港红磡体育馆,三位来自内地的音乐人和一个乐队,让香港 第一次被来自内地的音乐震撼。 人们把那段时间称作“中国新音乐的春天”,三位来自魔岩唱片公司旗下的中国大 陆摇滚明星,窦唯,张楚,何勇。人们熟知的窦唯曾是国内知名乐队黑豹的主唱,当 然,他最被人熟知的身份莫过于天后王菲的前夫;何勇,将中国元素融入朋克音乐, 听一听他的钟鼓楼你便能够感受到音乐与地域之间强烈的联系;张楚,一位来自西安 的浪子,既是摇滚歌手,又是一位民谣诗人… 魔岩唱片成立于1992年, 曾致力于打造国内摇滚艺人,除了上述三位还有超载乐 队、王勇、地下婴儿、周韧等内地摇滚艺人,在台湾,磨岩唱片为成熟的独立音乐市 场做出了更多的努力,小清新教主“陈绮贞”就是其中最成功的例子。 魔岩三杰定义了一个中国流行音乐的摇滚时代,同时也让更多的流行音乐厂牌更加注 重独立音乐,这是一个令人怀念的新音乐春天,因为在这之后,中国大陆本土的音乐 已逐渐被各式各样的情歌,选秀和“流行天团”所取代… 6
  7. 7. 7 AT’SW H HOT 热 点 追 踪
  8. 8. 8 In the US, Apple Music will set you back $9.99 a month, or $14.99 for a family plan. In the UK, it’s the exact same figures (making it slightly more expensive) — £9.99 for standard, £14.99 for a family. In China, meanwhile, it’s going for radically less. It’ll cost just 10 RMB per month for a single membership, this is a very reasonable price for the Chinese audience. In terms of the music, Apple is trying to balance the selection between mainstream and indie, local and western. Apart from the Mandarin pop music label, there are more indie music labels who have joined Apple Music; Tracks from Da Fu (a music label owned by Douban) are now up for grabs. This is a win-win situation for both Apple and the local music label, it makes Apple more down to earth and also Chinese indie music can spread to 239 other countries, which is quite important for the development of the original music market. In short, once you try it, you’ll know it. In this issue of “what’s hot”, we’ve interviewed some Apple Music users, let them tell you whether it’s good or not. 苹果公司于6月30日推出Apple Music,目前,Apple Music在全球的付费用户量为 1000万,试用服务的用户量为850万。而在今年九月底,Apple music在中国正式上 线。个人版价格:10元/月,家庭版价格(6人):15元/月。 这是一个相对符合中国国情的价格,除此之外,在本土音乐的选择上,Apple Music 正在尽量平衡主流和独立之间的关系,除了流行华语金曲,目前一些独立厂牌也逐渐进 驻,大福唱片(隶属豆瓣全资子公司北京偏北)已经于上月上架,合作的双赢模式不仅 可以让Apple Music更加接地气,也可以把中国的本土音乐发行到239个国家,这对 于支持原创音乐来说,是很重要的一步。 但无论牛逼怎么吹,价钱多实惠,只有用过才知道。本期热点追踪,我们采访了一些 Apple Music的用户,听听大家的“初体验”究竟如何。 WHAT’S HOT 热点追踪 Apple’s music streaming service launched in China on 30th June, so far, they have 10 million paid subscribers globally. APPLE MUSIC: FORETASTE IN CHINA 苹 果音乐 中 国 “ 初 体 验”
  9. 9. 使用apple music的初体验是什么? 界面设计干净,各个板块的功能也很清晰,以欧美音乐为主。 Apple music比起其他同类型音乐流媒体来说 有什么好的地方和不足的地方? 和虾米比起来,不足之处是很少local音乐。 但对于音乐产业来说,它的好处在于鼓励购买正版。 目前还有在使用其他的流媒体网站或app吗?为什么 ? 主要是使用虾米,因为知道它比较早,而且它的音乐推荐、 专题以及一些设计细节做得还不错。 使用到现在,有考虑过在试用期过后之后继续使用吗? 你觉得这个价钱是否合理? 价钱很合理的,应该会继续使用。 你觉得apple music能不能够帮助音乐产业在中国的 版权化和正规化? 没有太仔细地考虑过这个问题,但是我觉得或多或少有推动作用, 但这个力量也显得有点微薄,因为在中国大家都太习惯于使用免费途径。 使用者: 姗姗 职业: 广告文案,自由撰稿 9 What’s your first impression about apple music? Well designed interface, the function of each part is quite clear, mainly focus on American and European music. Compare with other online streaming music software, what’s the best thing and worst thing about apple music? Compare with Xiami(, they have less local music to choose, but it’s good for the music industry, encourage people to get the legal music. What are other apps you are using for music? Why you using it? Not that much, just Xiami, I used it for a very a time, they are very good at music recommendation, feature and some design detail. So far, do you want to subscribe for a year after the 3 months trial? Do you think the price is reasonable? Yeah, the price is ok, I’m thinking about subscribe it. Do you think apple music can help china’s music industry becomes more copyright legalized? I haven’t really think about this before, but I think it might be have some minor help, because in China people get used to get music for free. User : Shan Shan Job: Copywriter
  10. 10. 使用者:汪能 工作 : 音乐人(U180 ) , 设计师 10 What’s your first impression about apple music? Very nice graphic design, good layout, easy to use. Compare with other online streaming music software, what’s the best thing and worst thing about apple music? There are a lot good songs in it, from different countries, times, genre, haven’t find anything bad about it. What are other apps you are using for music? Why you using it? I’m getting used to Xiami and Wangyi music, they are very complementary, and my hip hop group U180 is Xiami artist, so I pay attention to Xiami more, I feel like in China, the eco-system is much more important, it’s easy for people to share. So far, do you want to subscribe for a year after the 3 months trial? Do you think the price is reasonable? It’s quite reasonable. Do you think apple music can help china’s music industry becomes more copyright legalized? It helps a lot, of course we need to cultivate habits of users, Xiami and Wangyi they are doing a lot things about copyright, in terms of QQ music, I don’t know about their user’s mindset. I know this is a very ideally question, how to develop a healthier music market in China? You mean online streaming music? legal supervision, copyright structure, charging mechanism, they are helping each other, it’s not just about sign the contract and than you can download the music forever. User : Wang Neng Job: Musician (U180), Graphic Designer 使用apple music的初体验是什么? 设计感十足的页面视觉,精致的排版,简单的操作(苹果一向如此) Apple music比起其他同类型音乐流媒体来说有 什么好的地方和 不足的地方? 好的地方当然乐库丰富,各个地域,年代,风格, 不好的地方暂时 没发现 目前还有在使用其他的流媒体网站或app吗?为什么? 还在用虾米音乐和网易云音乐,习惯了吧,这两者 相互有对方没有 的音乐,并且u180是虾米音乐人,所以时常关注,总之在国内有自 己一个生态吧,分享之类的都比较方便等 使用到现在,有考虑过在试用期过后之后继续使用 吗?你觉得这个 价钱是否合理?再看吧,合理吧 你觉得apple music能不能够帮助音乐产业在中 国的版权化和正 规化? 能帮助到,当然还是要先培养用户习惯吧,虾米网 易这些都已经在 进行大量的版权工作了,至于使用qq音乐的主流人群,并不知道他 们的用户思维和习惯 这是一个比较理想化的问题,嗯,你觉得音乐产业 未来在中国应该 怎么形成良性市场? 是说流媒体和独立音乐这挂吗?良好的法务监督,版权结构,和收 费机制吧,这三者是相辅相成的吧,缺一都不可能 盈利,当然不止 是签个合同上传付费下载这么简单。
  11. 11. 11 AT’SW H NOT 今 非 昔 比
  12. 12. 12 WHAT’S NOT 今非昔比 Do you still remember the Beijing Uniqlo fitting room sex video scandal? After that, I heard a song called Uniqlo as well, I followed this Post-95s rapper: Peezy because of his undisguised lyrics. If you take a look at his Weibo, it’s all about showing off, ‘today I’m wearing this expensive watch, tomorrow I have some hot chick…’. It reminds us of the “Fu Er Dai” in China, their wealth comes from parents, but they never feel ashamed of flaunting it. What kind of culture represents hip-hop in China? Is it about the second rich generation showing off their dad’s money? No offence, I think Peezy can do a lot better in the future. Ultimately, he’s young and he probably still has more time than me and you! 当优衣库试衣间门正火的时候,我点开了一首叫优衣库的歌,这是一个名叫嫩桃 弟弟的95后说唱新 星的成名作之一,因为过于露骨的“歌词”,让人更有兴趣继续了解这位95后新星的背后故事。 点开嫩桃弟弟的微博,主要以炫富为主,我今天戴金表,我今天有妹子…这让人 不禁想起中国新贵 一族的整体现状,因为上一辈的努力而过上如今幸福生活的95后们,在肆意的用着别人的钱包装自 己,有时候也令人反思,到底hip-hop和绑匪说唱到了中国变成了什么? 这样的95后炫富说唱难 道就是未来所在吗? 不是高端黑,但我相信嫩桃弟弟还有大把的时间发现自己真正想做的,因为人家 是95后, 8 0后90 后们,早就输在起跑线了。 PEEZY嫩 桃 弟 弟
  13. 13. 13 CHS O U N D ECK 极 简 乐 评
  14. 14. 14 SO UNDCHECK 极简乐评 2015 has just passed, every music website are having their best album of the year, in this issue we’ve asked some colleagues in WKSH, let’s have a look about the WKSH best album of 2015: 2015匆匆过去,每个音乐网站和杂志都在争相总 结2015年度最佳,本期我们问了几位公司里的同 事,来看看wker心中的年度最佳专辑有哪些。 TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY- KENDRICK LAMAR selected by Leon Lin It’s pretty sad that these days hip-hop is slowly losing its power as a mass-destruction weapon of fighting bullshit and social inequality, but thank god we have Kendrick. Listening to the album, I can feel his despair and anger coming out of the lyrics like he is raging in front of me. It reminds me sometimes we have to get angry to push things forward. Hip-hop曾经是对抗假象和社会不平等的最大规模杀伤性武器,很遗憾现在已经渐渐失去了这一角色, 但是幸好我们有Kendrick,听着张专辑时,我能感受到歌词里冲出的绝望与愤怒,像是他就在我面前撒 野。这让我回想起有时候我们也曾因无法将事情向前推动而感到愤怒。 CARRIE & LOWELL- SUFJAN STEVENS selected by Will Dai Delicately layered instrumentals, sentimentally crafted lyrics, and Sufjan’s tender but honest voice all feel nostalgically familiar. He has finally returned to his genuine folk-writing self. What differs from his early-day songwriting is that this album feels extremely personal and intimate. The songs are dedicated to his parents, and the lyrics detailed his complex relationship with his late mother, who abandoned him at a young age, and his struggle with her recent passing. He has come back to a simpler approach musically and ideologically. It felt vulnerable but truthful. 丰富而精致的配器,细腻而敏感的歌词,还有Sufjan温和又诚实的嗓音,带着浓重的熟悉感扑 面而来。他终于 又变回了那个真诚的民谣歌手。这张专辑在他早期作品的基础上,又多了一层更直接,更私密的 亲近感。这些 歌都是关于他父母的。细致的歌词详述了Sufjan与从小抛弃他的母亲间的微妙关系,以及他在 母亲辞世后的复 杂心情。他勇敢地暴露自己脆弱的一面,但在音乐上,在情绪上,都让这张作品显得更真挚。 VOICES FROM THE LAKE – LIVE AT MAXXI - ‘RICHIAMI E OSCILLAZIONI’ [EDITIONS MEGO] selected by Hiro Ikematsu An ambient album from the masters that needs to be listened to back to back. This was recorded during a live set at a contemporary art center in Rome. This track (but also, the whole album) depth, texture, space and emotion. The arrangement of hard and soft/sensitive sounds makes this so tasty. Put your trust in them, close your eyes turn the speakers up and let it fly. 这是一张大师级的氛围音乐专辑,值得反复聆听。专辑录制于乐队在罗马现代艺术中心的现场表 演。这首 歌(当然,整张专辑)深邃,精致,空间感,有情绪。对于强烈和敏感的声效安排令人意犹未尽 。打开音 响,闭上双眼,相信直觉可以带你逃离。 CHINESE FOOTBALL-CHINESE FOOTBALL selected by Kate Lu If you love instrument rock and post rock, this is a good album for you, Chinese football sucks, but the band Chinese football is not. 如果你喜欢器乐摇滚和后摇,你一定也会对这张专辑爱不释手,中国足球不怎么样,但是“中国 足球” 乐队还挺牛逼的。
  15. 15. 15 ONS P O T L I G H T UNEXPECTED 意 想 不 到
  16. 16. 16 In the early 1980’s, China was just emerging from the repressive Cultural Revolution which very nearly stamped out much Chinese classical and folk music - three thousand year-old traditions. Cautiously, musicians, singers, composers and conductors were re-emerging, returning from exile and beginning to revive some of the suppressed music, all under the vigilant gaze of suspicious government officials. Into this moment of regeneration came director Jeremy Marre on a quest to capture the true musical traditions of China. In Beijing, he was able to film Wang Wen Guang, one of less than 100 Chinese who can still play the gu-qin, an ancient zither-like instrument, in a stirring, passionate performance. Later he encounters Mo Zhong, a Taoist priest, and temple drummer whose hands were broken during the Cultural Revolution in order to keep him from playing, as well as a young master of the pipa, a traditional lute, who managed to perform brilliantly despite conditions which keep him from practicing. If you haven’t watched this documentary, you might never be able to understand how talented the old Chinese are! 80年代的中国,人们刚刚从样板 戏和忠字舞的灰 暗年代挣脱出来,便迫不及待的投入缤纷绚丽的音 乐世界,这种冒着热气的精神追求单纯而赤诚。即 使白天干活累成狗,上海棉纺厂那些热爱文艺的工 人们依然热衷于奔放的交际舞、合唱要去2000年 的美好未来、给吉他插上电弹唱《花儿为什么这样 红》汇报演出时翻唱大洋彼岸无产阶级兄弟的圣歌 《老黑奴》…… 而上海棉纺十七厂,仅仅是西方世界窥视东方古国 民众精神花园的一扇窗口,影片镜头的音乐视角还 延伸到了民乐团弹《十面埋伏》的琵琶手,考入京 剧团苦练的孩子,专业交响乐团的指挥,古琴音乐 教授吴文光,道教音乐的鼓手、苏州的评弹,甚至 新疆穆斯林开着卡车的婚庆场景。 匆匆已过三十余年,那些曾经只停留于我们想象之 中的音乐时光,被外国人的镜头与胶片一一纪录。 如果不看这个纪录片,真的无法理解,我们的长 者,为何会那么的多才多艺! 1984 MUSIC IN CHINA1 9 8 4 音 乐 在 中 国 SPOTLIGHT ON UNEXPECTED 意想不到
  17. 17. 17 YOUH E A R LATER